WMUC and College Perk Events

WMUC will be DJing as usual this Wednesday, the 12th of April from 9pm-midnight. DJ Less Than Three (think about it) aka Erik Westlund brings the jams all night long.

Then, on the 22nd of April, that's a Saturday, WMUC hosts The Perkulator. 9pm-2am DANCE PARTY at The College Perk. $4 at the door includes a free cup of coffee for that last minute booty shaking. WMUC DJs Rohan, Anna Scho and Erik Westlund will be spinning all night.

College Perk is located at 9078 Baltimore Avenue and is easily accessible from campus by taking the Blue Line to the University View and walking North on Rte. 1. Parking is also available. Events are all ages but you must be 21 to drink.

Remember, tell your friends it's time for the Perkulator.