Ahleuchatistas, the Summer We Went West, Kinda Panda - live at Third Rail

Third Rail Live Show this Wednesday April 19, 2006

Ahleuchatistas, The Summer We Went West, and Kinda Panda?.

Doors at 8pm Show at 8:30. It's free, but donations are welcome to
support the touring band.

Check 'em out:
The Summer We Went West
Kinda Panda?

Directions to WMUC (welikemusic.org)

What some people have said about Ahleuchatistas:
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"An Ahleuchatistas performance can be likened to a fireworks display:
it's flashy, colorful, and every thirty seconds or so you'll find
yourself with your mouth wide open, mumbling 'whoooooooa'."
- Punk International

"Math-rock as exciting and powerful as this deserves
recognition… Ahleuchatistas could be the next big thing… very rarely
with you get to hear instrumental math-rock done this well."

"The interplay ranges from ridiculously tight, turn-on-a-pinhead
careening to barely controlled chaos, and all points between. Just
when you think they've lost the plot completely, they hit you with a
fistful of razor blades and march lockstep over your corpse with
odd-metered, pants-soiling grooves."
-Joe Tangari, Pitchfork Media.

College Park's own The Summer We Went West and Kinda Panda? play as well. The Summer We Went West evoke 90's Midwestern emo legends drowning in cheap whiskey. Kinda Panda? will bring the time signatures, guitars, and keys, as long as you bring your dancin' shoes.