WMUC Reads STAR WARS, Friday 3/31 at 2PM

For the 40th anniversary of Star Wars WMUC DJs will give a lively reading of the screenplay live on-air -- Hear Camie, Fixer, Woman, and all of your favorite characters voiced by WMUC DJs live in the South Campus Diner!

Directed by Michael Levy

Featuring the voice talents of

Adam Raeder as Luke Skywalker
Kyra Kevin as Princess Leia
Tom Hart as Ben Kenobi
Blaise Brennan as Han Solo
Kevin Schechter as Darth Vader
Colin Wick as C3PO
Adam Kellner as Grand Moff Tarkin and Greedo
Jane Lyons as Aunt Beru, and every Stormtrooper
Andrew Lazara as Biggs, Uncle Owen and more!