Cautious Clay Treats Me Right

Subject to Change
By Madeline Redding


I’ve never heard anything from Cautious Clay before finding his new single, Erase, on my Spotify radar, so here’s how I feel after deep-diving through all his music…

His 2018 album, Blood Type, is a stand out album for me in mood and execution. “Stolen Moments” is the track that immediately stole my attention. The distant backing voices have an angelic effect in combination with the light, comforting moments of the saxophone. I would recommend listening to this song if you are sad and in love (or just pretend you are, that works too). Two minutes and eighteen seconds of this song is not enough.

As his sound evolves more with each release, the elements that make up his signature style stay true throughout. Mesmerizing harmonies make you want to just melt into his arms. A soundscape that urges you to push further into the experience. Most interesting to me, however, is what he conveys in his lyrics.

As I focused on the lyrics, I found myself thinking about my life and my choices. Clay gives us the environment for self-reflection, particularly in tracks such as “REASONS,” (from the EP Table of Context) and “Cold War.” He bounces around topics such as friendship, relationship troubles, and social expectations.

Since I mentioned Table of Context, it would be a crime not to give a shoutout to this beautiful EP. Give a listen to “SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS,” which features R&B artist UMI. Her alluring honey-dipped voice adds an irresistible element to Clay’s already angelic sound. Definitely a soon-to-be-favorite of mine.

I would recommend binging his discography on a particularly existential Monday night, reflect on your life, and let Clay whisper some warming saxophone and sexy vocals in your ear.