Saint Agnes brings Horror, Fright, and Rock to your Halloweekend

By Madeline Redding
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If you don’t have anything by Saint Agnes on your Halloweekend playlist, you’re making a disastrous mistake. Here’s why…

Saint Agnes is a punk/rock band from London who is putting out banger after banger. This May they released their debut album Welcome to Silvertown, an album which acts as a conglomerate of stories from the band members’ lives with a twisted and symbolic spin on them. Characters include angels, devils, ghosts, western heroes, and other characters that pull emotional imagery. The result is an experience that fires you up while still allowing you to take a step into their world.

The beauty of Saint Agnes’s sound is that the strong riffs and repetition of vocals bring the energy up and they hype you up on a surface level. Afterwards, you can listen to the lyrics and realize there is much to unfold and appreciate. Until then you can dance, jump, and yell along with these songs and feel perfectly at home in the untamed world Saint Agnes creates for you.

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Listening through Welcome to Silvertown is emotionally similar to walking through a dark house at night as a kid. I feel some kind of familiarity with the house during the day, but this is much different. My heart is beating out of my chest and an irrational voice in my head tells me I’m not going to make it to see morning.

My personal favorite from this album is “Why Do You Refuse To Die?”. This song sits near the end of the album and emits more chaotic energy than the rest. The beginning is calm, but eventually every element builds to a culmination and then collapses into a mad diminuendo before all instruments fade.

While on tour for their debut album, they wrote the single “Brother,” which was just released this fall. The lyrics touch on sibling rivalry, “I never had a friend like you, brother / Never had an enemy like you.” Crowds loved it immediately. The music video released earlier this month and exudes the energy of a child’s fever dream the night before Halloween. I loved every moment of it.

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All I’m saying is that your playlist this weekend better have the tracks “Brother” and “Welcome to Silvertown” somewhere in there. If so, I promise your weekend will be filled with fright in the best kind of way.

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