Chapel’s Got Soul

By Emily Williams
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Paving the way for modern alternative music, the band Chapel has created a fusion of sleek synthpop and heavy instrumentals. They’ve made a sound that everyone can listen to-as long as you’re willing to dance. I first saw them open for Waterparks at Baltimore Soundstage in 2017, and immediately liked them. They were vibrant and energetic, despite it only being two people on the stage. After that, I listened to their entire discography and I’m excited that they’re finally releasing an album soon.

Chapel is an indie-pop rock band from Atlanta, Georgia that consists of Carter Hardin who does vocals and plays guitar, as well as Kortney Grinwis who plays drums. Interestingly, their background in music stems from being in metalcore bands. However, they’ve said that their origin story starts hungover, at a Waffle House in 2016, listening to Prince when they decided to make a band. Since then, they’ve signed to Rise Records and released their first EP in 2017 called “Sunday Brunch” that was self-produced. Finally, they’re back with their newest single, “Friends.”

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My favorite songs are “Cindy White” and “We’ve Got Soul.” In general, they use these light and upbeat instrumentals that pair well with very relatable and catchy lyrics like “I hope I’m figured out by the time I’m thirty/ I’m tired of waking up to ramen in the early.” Again, they are very easy and smooth to listen to, and for a newer band their music comes across as confident and polished.

One of the most complex songs by them is “See You Again.” The lyrics tackle grief and death, something that really contrasts their other songs. It's slower, substituting drums, guitar solos and synth for piano and a saxophone solo. It still has the same feeling that makes Chapel unique though, and I’m interested in seeing more songs like this one on their upcoming album.
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