By Alquan Brooks
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Miss Mulatto, 20-year-old inaugural hip-hop competition The Rap Game winner, has been thriving and making a difference in the hip-hop community with her various album releases and singles. One of my favorite songs she released is Baddies. This song the perfect anthem for recent graduates and young professionals everywhere, because this song confidently illuminates the 9-5 work-life hustle we’re all inevitably going to be living very soon.

“Shout out my bosses my movers and shakers
I'm just a baddie trying to get this paper
Baddies, Baddies, Baddies
Work 9 to 5 puttin in overtime
Dancing at night selling that hay on the side ay”

This song is a whole mood because she raps about the various materialistic items we all want, Mercedes Benz, 60 in TV’s and money, and stresses how important it is to keep your hustle no matter what type of work you're doing. I love how Miss Mulatto talks about non-traditional work such as Instagram models, hairstylists, scammers and girls from Atlanta because it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing to make a living, but it’s about being confident in your hustle and making your money.

I want the world to listen to this song because society condemns us to live in these boxes which dictates how we live our lives. Many people crack under the pressures of society and its time we start living our lives authentically. Miss Mulatto isn’t preaching to us to rob a bank, but she’s saying it’s acceptable and valid to have a different hustle than the standard 9-5 office job. There’s something beautiful about being a complete Baddie in yourself and your hustle because that’s what makes our world culturally unique.

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