Drop the Pop Sneak Preview: Interview with Kim Petras

By Eric Harkleroad and Sabrina Li

image via Byron Spencer

Kim Petras, the German-born singer behind hyper-pop hits “Heart to Break” and “I Don’t Want It at All,” is coming to the DMV on Nov. 20. We sat down with her and talked pop music, dream collaborations and memorable tour moments. To hear our fun-filled interview with her in full, be sure to tune in to Drop the Pop tonight at 5:20 p.m.

You’ve said before that you’ve always been obsessed with pop music. What is it about pop music that you enjoy so much?

KP: “I think just as a kid and as a teenager, when I really started my obsession with music, it just allowed me to forget about my problems in life.”

How does it feel to become one of those pop artists that you used to look up to when you were younger?

KP: “I feel honored, I feel really honored that people look up to me and that I’m in that position where people forget about their problems for a couple minutes listening to my songs. I feel honored and really amazing about it. It’s sick.”

Who are some of your favorite pop singers right now?

KP: “I mean, I love Ariana Grande so much, she’s one of the best vocalists we have, I’m still really obsessed with Madonna. I think one of my favorite lyricists ever is Lana del Rey, like, I love her. I [also] live for Nicki Minaj, I’m a barb for life.”

Image via Clare Gillen and Alexandre Moors

Your fans are awaiting your arrival in the DMV at the Fillmore Silver Spring. We know you can’t give away all the surprises, but what can fans expect at your show?

KP: "Well, this tour in general is like the first like legit tour that I’ve done. It feels like a legit show. I hope they can just expect to hear their favorite songs and party with me. I think at the core of it, it is a party, but I don’t want to give too much away."

What has been the most memorable thing to happen at one of your shows?

KP: "Well, I’ve gotten a lot of bras thrown at me, I’ve been offered a lot of poppers while I was on stage, so that was really lit. I think the most memorable thing is really just my fans, but also [the times] when I’ve really beefed it and had embarrassing falls. I love that shit, I love YouTube-ing artists falling, so I’ve definitely had a bunch of epic falls on stage."

You recently released the second half to your Halloween-themed mixtape, “Turn Off The Light.” How did you get the idea to create an album based on Halloween?

KP: “[My friends and I] were in the studio and we were like, ‘Why are there like a million Christmas albums and no Halloween ones?,’ and then we just kinda made our minds up and were like ‘Okay, let’s make it.’ My whole team was like, ‘Who is going to listen to that?,’ and people did.”

If you could perform with any artist in the world, who would it be?

KP: “Oh my God, that is such a tough question. Probably Madonna, Madonna’s my favorite pop star ever, or Freddie Mercury.”

If you weren’t Kim Petras, the pop star, what do you think you would be doing instead of music?

KP: “I don’t know, that’s the thing, like, I’m really just not good at anything else. Like, I can’t cook, I’m horrible at drawing or painting. Like, I’m honestly just useless except that I can write pop songs. So I really don’t know.”

In addition to your own work, you also have written songs for other artists as well. What is the best line you’ve written in a song?

KP: “Probably ‘I want all my clothes designer, I want someone else to buy them,’ and also honorable mention, ‘Woo-ah,’ that lyric hits hard every time. I really did something there.”

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