Tumblr ate up these albums in 2013, but I’m still obsessed

By Emily Williams
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Image via NME

Picture this: it’s 2013 and you’re browsing Tumblr with a cup of earl grey tea in hand. You hear Ezra Koenig’s voice scratchily sing as the music comes from your Crosley Record player. Later, you’ll upload a picture to your blog of the grey autumn sky that contrasts the red and orange leaves on the tree while you’re walking home from the school bus stop. Now that we’re in 2019, I want to talk about the amazing music that came out six years ago.

Listen, I know you all saw the posts on Tumblr with lyrics from “Do I Wanna Know? by the Arctic Monkeys and some of you may be upset that I am even bringing this up. However, I need to talk about some very important albums from 2013 because one, they just fit the fall and winter mood and two, they undoubtedly smack. These albums are “AM” by the Arctic Monkeys, “Modern Vampires of the City” by Vampire Weekend and “The 1975” by The 1975 (they could have come up with a better title for that one, but I digress).

There is something about listening to “Arabella” and “Fireside” when it’s a bit cold outside. Alex Turner’s deep, warm vocals and the strong guitar riffs throughout this album make it perfect. This marked a turning point for the Arctic Monkeys, but in a good way; their sound was sleeker and more mature. I wish they had maintained this sound with their most recent album, instead of making glorified elevator music (sorry).

Image via Brooklyn Vegan

“Modern Vampires of the City” is so hauntingly beautiful, and whenever I listen to it, I’m in a mansion in New York, there’s an organ playing, and probably a phantom lurking around the corner. “Step” captures this feeling perfectly with lyrics like “The gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out /What you on about? /I feel it in my bones.” Only Vampire Weekend could write lyrics like the ones in this song and not only have the originality to come up with it but execute it flawlessly. “Hannah Hunt” is also one of my favorite songs.

Finally, we have arrived at the self-titled album by The 1975. “Robbers” and “Heart Out” take the cake for me. This album is just such a strong debut for the band. “Heart Out” features a familiar 80s sound that stays strong throughout their albums, and “Robbers” has a bit of a darker, more emotional tone. While this is not their most polished album, it still feels very honest and vulnerable for them and makes me nostalgic.

These albums, despite their age, are perfect for autumn, so trust me and add them to your queue.