Mae Muller writes music for her 15-year-old self

By: Quinn Dang

Photo source: TotalNtertainment

Mae Muller is all smiles as she leans into the camera on a Zoom press conference hosted by the °1824 division at Universal Music Group, her hoop earrings glinting in the light.

“Everyone’s so pretty on this chat, wow,” she gushes with a flash of her signature acrylics.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter hails from North London, and her music, a distinctive mix of humor and brutal honesty, is an anthem to bad bitches everywhere.

“I want people to listen to my music and feel empowered,” she said.

Muller started writing songs as a 19-year-old working in a bar, still trying to figure out who she was. Her bold, no-holds-barred lyrics captured the energy of a modern generation all about women’s empowerment, and she rose quickly in the pop music scene.

Now, her songs have been streamed over 100 million times across the world, and in 2019 Muller opened for British pop group Little Mix on the UK leg of their LM5 tour.

“I write music that I wish I could’ve listened to when I was 15. I used to let people walk all over me,” Muller admitted.

That old Mae is long gone.

Songs like “Therapist” (You don’t need a girlfriend / You just need a therapist), “I Don’t Want Your Money” (Why would I want your money when / I’ve been making so much more than you), or “Anticlimax” (And I've only just realized / That I'm actually / So far out your league) show that today’s Mae is outspoken and unashamed, and her unshakeable sense of self-worth radiates from her every word.

Muller isn’t always tearing into bad exes in her songs, though.

“She's not cold all the time, she has a heart,” Muller jokes.

Her lyrics range from the cutting (Happy f--king birthday / I hope it is the worst day of the year) to the intimate (Come a little closer, pull me in / Need you to hold me, forgive my sins).

But above all, her honesty is undeniable.

“It’s all about being honest,” Muller said. “With this new wave of powerful, independent, amazing, strong women, sometimes you feel like you have to be like that all the time. But sometimes we have our off days, and it's good to show a more vulnerable side.”

Her new EP, 'no one else, not even you,' showcases that range of emotion perfectly—whether confident, vengeful, or hopeless in love.

“This is me, authentically,” Muller said.

And we wouldn’t expect any less from her.

Muller’s EP, 'no one else, not even you' is out today on all streaming platforms.