AG switching up positions with her deluxe drop

By Bri Corley

Ariana Grande is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. Ever since her sixth album positions came out on October 30th 2020, Ari has blessed us with her Netflix concert documentary "excuse me i love you", the "34+35" remix, music video with artists Doja Cat and Megan thee Stallion, and has teased four additional tracks that would appear on the deluxe version of the album.

The songs on the original release of the album all have a strong emphasis on romantic and sexual connection, especially the latter. With songs like "nasty", "obvious", "my hair", and the clear innuendo that is "34+35", Ariana, as comedian Demetrius Harmon put it “put her coochie in the booth and let that muthafucka sing”. And with positions deluxe edition, she sure ain’t stopping now.

Side note- I’m only going to be talking about the songs that were unreleased prior to the deluxe edition drop. Since the "34+35" remix came out as a single prior to the deluxe edition even being announced, it won’t be included in the list.

someone like u (interlude)

-Baby, this time, please don't be too good to be true-
-I've been waiting for someone like you-

Ari’s short and sweet interludes have been a signature of her recent style. someone like u has an almost late 90s/early 2000s r&b vibe with the synth that has become a staple of her current era. One can’t help but remember Grande’s highly-publicized love life as Ari begs the heavens to let her current engagement with realtor Dalton Gomez end happily as opposed to her engagement with SNL actor Pete Davidson in 2018. This track's reverbed harmonies echo the simplistic lyrics in a way that feels angelic and makes you want the minute-long song to last far longer as you drive home from a perfect date and can’t seem to wipe the smile off your face.

test drive

-No, I don't feel the need to test drive nothin', test drive nothin'-
-Baby, I'm sold on you, so I don't ever gotta-

"test drive" has an upbeat funk that blends layers upon layers of Ari’s breathy vocals with a synth piano opening that reminds me of 90’s love songs. The lyrics really embody the overall message of the album, with many sexual euphemisms (“I'm thinkin' 'bout the way I feel on you, If you want, say, ‘I do’") alongside lyrics that show a desire for a long term and loyal relationship (“Don’t you know you got a ride or die?”). Her continuous car metaphor shows how eager she is to lock down this person. Ari doesn’t need dates or “test drives” to know they are the one for her. These vibes are immaculate for a stay at home wine night and impromptu dance party.

worst behavior

No phone, no pics, no postin' us-
-This love just ain't disposable-

"worst behavior" gives any Grande fan a look into her change of character with her most recent relationship. As opposed to her previous and very public relationships with Pete Davidson and Mac Miller, Ari has rarely posted pictures or videos of fiancé Dalton Gomez to her millions of social media followers. This slow jam emphasizes how her difference of behavior isn’t due to any negative changes. Instead, she just stopped caring and enjoys this newfound freedom (“But I kind of like the way I feel when I just don’t give a fuck”). Her breathy spoken chorus sounds like a secret lover divulging their feelings to you, and wraps in and around your head. Personally, I think the song is too short, though with an additional minute or so, it could have been a powerhouse on the original release. This song would definitely be part of the soundtrack to a steamy backseat make-out in a parking lot somewhere.

main thing

-Yeah, you never keep me waitin', waitin'-
-Got me trippin', I adore you-
-I adore you, boy (Boy)-

This song is... a masterpiece. She, as the kids say, popped off. Ariana has been open about wanting to put this song on the original release of positions and frankly I would have been 100% here for it. This is the fastest two minutes of my life and if I had one wish in my life, it would be to add another minute and a half to this song. With a melody that combines styles like that of SZA and sweetener-era Ari, this song manages to encapsulate the warm fuzzy feeling in your heart when you realize someone is going to change your life for the better. The lyrics fan the ego of her lover and she says how she has never met anyone as sweet and amazing as them. Every note of this song makes its way from your ears to your hips as you can’t help but start to sway and snap to the beat. This song would be playing as you are in a beautiful hotel room with a phenomenal view, drinking expensive rosé with a person you are falling hard for.

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