You Need To Shake Ya Ass To Some Jojo Siwa

by Victoria Stavish

I started listening to JoJo Siwa’s music last summer. At the time, I was babysitting a lot, which meant participating in numerous dance parties. The Youtube auto-play feature introduced us to the song “High Top Shoes” by JoJo Siwa, and that was all it took to turn me to a stan.

In all seriousness, I don’t think JoJo Siwa gets enough credit for her sound. In a time when people, especially college students, are leaning on their childhood entertainment for comfort, JoJo Siwa represents a new generation of the innocent, pop star sound that we loved from Big Time Rush and the iCarly theme song. I guess Nickelodeon really knows how to pick ‘em. Anyways, please, let me help you give Jojo a chance.

I am going to walk you through each of my favorite Jojo Siwa songs and tell you why they deserve a spot on your playlist. This list is in no particular order, because when each and every song is pure queen shit, there’s no need to rank them.

#1 “This Is My Story” - This is the song that made me realize that JoJo Siwa is the baddest bitch. All she does on this song is make fun of herself for the crazy fast way she talks and explain how much she loves her life. My favorite line is:

“I’m just Jojo everyday.”

Like…lyrics do not get more wholesome than that. Her whole ‘giant toddler’ thing isn’t an act. This is the real her and she doesn’t give a fuck what you have to say about it. Period queen!

#2 “Boomerang” - This is the ultimate mood booster. Turn this one up if you every need to remind yourself that you’re a boss ass bitch who takes no shit. It makes me feel like I’m in an alternate universe where I work at this really harsh law firm, but I don’t fit in because I wear sparkles and glitter and talk about the Trolls movie too much, and then my boss tries to convince me to take some weird immoral bribe but I don’t take it because I’m better than that, so he fires me because I refuse to be gross and mean like everyone else who works there, and then I listen to this song as I strut out of the building after standing my ground and I’m singing along like:

“I don’t really care about what they say, imma come back like a boomerang.”


#3 "Kid In a Candy Store" - This is a bad bitch anthem. Period. This world is ours for the taking and Jojo wants us to know it! She lowkey be dropping mad rhymes on this jaunt and I really feel like someone should make up some choreography to this because it will go viral on Tik Tok. Candy queen Jojo’s best line in this song is:

“I never sugarcoat it, I’m my own kinda girl”

Yesssss! Own it, candy queen!

#4 "BOP" - Okay, so I have created a dance to this song because it is literally so iconic. This song is the next generation of all those fun Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock songs. It’s self literally is a pure bop and I have to stan.

#5 "High Top Shoes" - If you know any of Jojo Siwa's songs, this is probably the one. It is by far her most popular, and for good reason. This song is just fun. It makes me want to dance around my room like I did when I first heard “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. Also, I can’t lie, I feel like this would be a good song to listen to when you’re getting ready to go out and go hard on a Friday night. One of the best lines is:

“We always dressin’ up, it’s better with some glitter on it.”

Period, Jojo! Let me put on my sparkly eye shadow real quick, babe.

#6 "Nonstop" - When I first heard this song, it was one of those situations where you get so obsessed with a song that you listen to it on repeat for literally an entire night and all your friends on Spotify text you like ‘um are you okay you’ve been listening to the same Jojo Siwa song for literally hours’ and you’re literally out of breath and sweaty from jumping around to it all night and you respond like ‘Yeah, I’m actually doing amazing right now thank you for asking’. Basically, if you like the High School Musical soundtrack this is like an essential addition to your playlist.

#7 "Everyday Popstars"-The electric guitar in this? Badass. The lyrics? BADASS. I’m not kidding, I literally think that if Megan Thee Stallion remixed this with a little more bass and basically all the same lyrics, it would be on the top of allllll the charts. This song is for bad bitches only. You’ve been warned.

#8 "Only Getting Better" - I want to sing this while driving a convertible down a fun, winding road in the summer after spending the day at the lake with my friends. This song is for all the positivity queens. If you’re feelin a lil’ down, it’ll pick you right back up. Also, the little oooouuuaaoooo’s are SO FUN to sing like stop it I love her.

#9 "Hold The Drama" - I feel obligated to include this one. Is it my favorite? No. But would I shake my ass to this if it came on in the club? Yes bitch. And everyone else would too. This shit somehow goes awfff while also being wholesome level 100. It’s a delicate balance that only Jojo can pull off this well.

“They just gonna say it say it say it just to hear their own voices, but I keep slayin slayin slayin cooking up my good choices”

Like yes, excuse me for a moment while I shake my ass to my role model queen!

I hope you listen to a few of Jojo Siwa’s songs. She’s a wholesome popstar queen that deserves utmost respect.