All The Ways We Are Together: Dreamer Boy’s New Album is here to remind us that Love is Real

By Zainab Kazaure & Joy Lee

“Live, laugh love” is probably the most simplistic way we can describe the personality of Dreamer Boy, or Zach Taylor. Welcoming each question with warm smiles and hello’s, the “Falling for the Wrong One” singer’s personality shined through in 1080k. On the 22nd of April, just in time for Earth Day, Dreamer Boy dropped his new album All the Ways We Are Together. Taylor shared his gratitude for the luck he had in finishing the album’s lyrics right before the COVID-19 pandemic began shutting things down. He described to us his journey of self-discovery while navigating this new world throughout the album’s production process.

All the Ways We Are Together is named after Dreamer Boy’s second Instagram account, @allthewayswearetogethert, @ the account here?. He uses it to connect with fans on a more personal level and advocate for the environment. With it, Taylor has succeeded in creating a community of love and support. The album, containing two tracks that have already hit one million streams on Spotify, is meant to invoke feelings of love as well. In particular, these shared emotions are aimed at unifying listeners of Dreamer Boy who have matured alongside the singer throughout his journey. Songs such as “Bike” are mellow and rhythmic, letting their slides on the guitar radiate love and an appreciation for the present. Others, like “Crybaby”, use the same elements of synths and harmony to illustrate an outpour of emotion- the result of an emotionally monumental moment of self-acceptance in Taylor’s life. The singer’s willingness to be vulnerable with his fan base over social media and his music truly makes the title of the album live up to its name.

Dreamer Boy feels love for a lot of things, especially the bedroom pop community and the growing diversity in the indie music scene. When asked how he deals with praise that compares his sound to Phoebe Bridgers and MGMT, Dreamer Boy showed his appreciation for both artists, taking such praise as “encouragement to keep going”. He’s inspired by all kinds of music, from The 1975 to James Taylor. Ultimately, All The Ways We Are Together is meant to (and effectively!) connect Dreamer Boy and his audience through the implication of true love, both platonically and romantically.

With the music also comes the visual elements, and we were able to learn a little about his own personal style and how it all ties into his art. Favorite shoes: Nike Cortezes, which always make an appearance until they wear out and he gets a new pair. One of his goals stylistically is to reach a point where most of what he buys is vintage and he’ll once in a while splurge on one thing. His point to clarify that his emphasis on being a conscious consumer and buying mostly vintage was not about being on a high-horse was refreshing in our current age of depop sellers looking to make a profit and a deep need amongst many to be, “different.” His normcore aesthetic (think 90s to 2000s, All-American small-town wholesomeness) tied in with his environmental consciousness regarding fashion and awareness about its influence on art and storytelling truly shows just how suited he is to be one of the faces of Tommy Jeans Spring 2021 Music Takes us Further campaign.

All things considered, Taylor’s stage name does him justice. Rarely had I ever gotten such good vibes through a zoom window. It was clear how big of a role community, self-acceptance, and love play in Dreamer Boy’s life and why it influences his music so much. His sentiment about he felt that he didn’t start making genuine strides in his music until he searched for self-love and acceptance is something that we can all learn from and apply in our own lives. All the Ways We Are Together reminds us that love is real, it’s everywhere, and as Dreamer Boy hopes, it will keep on expanding on itself.