WMUC Presents...RELEASE.

Hello again. It’s us, and you guessed it, “we’re still kickin’.”

I want to take a second to humble brag. Only, by the time you finish reading this, you will realize the brag is not humble at all.

We took a zine, a zine that had laid dormant for nearly 25 years, never having been revived since, and turned it into one of the best damn collections of art I have ever seen. (Don’t say I’m biased, because I know).

Some of the best artists, writers, photographers, poets, and musicians, blessed us with their creations to come together and create a cohesive masterpiece that has now been consistently published on a bi-monthly scale. 4 editions in, and yet we still don’t know how to avoid zine hell week.

We at WMUC want to thank everyone who has submitted their pieces for our publishing. Our zine would be nothing without you. (Literally, there would be no content).

We also want to thank every copyeditor and layout editor, from the hours we’ve hunched over computers editing to perfection, to the Zooms that went well into the early hours of the next morning to make sure we got it right. Your effort does not go unseen, and is greatly appreciated.
And of course, we want to thank everyone who takes the time to view and read our carefully crafted zines. We hope you have enjoyed them so far, and especially enjoy our final publication of the 2020-2021 academic year, RELEASE. See you in the fall.

View RELEASE here.