Preview: Lauren Sanderson

by Andrea Moreland

Lauren Sanderson will be taking the 9:30 Club by storm during the D.C. stop of her The Death of a Fantasy Tour at 6 p.m. on May 14. Finally able to perform songs from her 2020 debut album “Midwest Kids Can Make It Big” and recent popular singles, she’ll be entertaining crowds across the country with her high-energy sound that blends pop, R&B, and hip-hop. Sanderson has opened for Chase Atlantic and FINNEAS, becoming the topic of multiple featured articles on popular music blog Her album track “But I Like It'' and recently released single “Hi.” amassed an impressive 4 million Spotify streams. Her single “Hi.” is how I first discovered Sanderson.

The Indiana-born singer started off by posting covers on YouTube and Soundcloud, and independently released her debut EP, “Center of Expression,” in 2016. Sanderson loves the freedom of being an independent artist, despite briefly signing to record labels Epic Records and Young Forever. Her creative variety of musical styles draws in more fans with each release.

Sanderson’s album “Midwest Kids Can Make It Big” introduces listeners to her origin story and journey as a musician. It highlights challenges she faced due to her small-town midwest upbringing, especially since she identifies as a lesbian. She is a relatively well-known figure in the world of LGBT+ musicians who never shies away from using she/her pronouns in songs about relationships. Sanderson cares deeply about ensuring her shows are judgment-free zones, and tweeted a tour announcement in April that expressed: “these shows are a safe space. An open invitation to be exactly who you are.” As a part of the community myself, her dedication is very admirable and the crowds should be unapologetically expressive.

Sanderson has collaborated with various artists including FRENSHEP, G Flip, and Miki Ratsula. Ratsula will be joining her on tour as an opener alongside fellow up-and-coming artist, JORDY. Ratsula, who recently came out as trans and non-binary, just released their debut album “i owe it to myself” in March. It tackles their journey of self-discovery and growth. JORDY released his debut album “Mind Games” last year, with multiple tracks receiving over a million streams. With so many new albums, The Death of a Fantasy Tour is set to be an explosive celebration of individuality and unique musical talent. I, for one, can't wait to be in the crowd experiencing it. Be sure to grab tickets here, you don’t want to miss this!