Presenting... CLIPPED!

Dear reader,

Who uses calendars anymore, right?

Well, we do. Specifically, Top Shirtless Taylor Lautner Photos Through The Months 2008 Edition.

And we noticed that… Earth Day and Mother’s Day are only two weeks apart! We’re not sure if that’s on purpose, but we’re choosing to believe it is. Earth is the mother of all mothers, after all. She’s given us everything we have, and we love her for it.

If you’re noticing anything different, that’s because it is! We’ve decided to do away with our ‘Re-’ naming scheme and bring a new phase of our Zine into the world. We are pleased to introduce to you… the debut zine issue of CLIPPED! (get it? cause u clip audio but u also clip paper hahaha)

In this semester’s issue of CLIPPED, WMUC’s lovely staff and contributors decided to commemorate Mother Earth the best we could, given the impending climate crisis looming over us. Yay :) That’s why we aimed for a moodier, overgrown theme this time around. That being said, the “Love Your Mother” edition celebrates the Earth and our mothers as our caretakers in all their guts and glory. It represents the complex relationship we’ve cultivated with them both as we grapple to coexist — the good, the bad, the barren and the breathtaking.

Join us for a collection of Spotify playlists, art, photo collages, album reviews, and also an illustration of a clown wedding, because why not.

We proudly present to you … CLIPPED: The Love Your Mother Edition.

WMUC Zine team

View CLIPPED here!