Preview: Phoenix takes The Anthem stage again

by Shaun Walters

Phoenix is an alternative pop band which formed in the late ‘90s in the suburbs of Paris. The band consists of four members and is led by frontman Thomas Mar. The band first saw success with their 2000s hits “If I Ever Feel Better” and “Too Young.” But Phoenix’s first time experiencing truly widespread success was with their fourth album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” which featured their two biggest hits, “Lisztomania” and “1901.” The album secured Phoenix’s place among the stars and won them the Best Alternative Music Album at the 2009 Grammy Awards. This in turn led to Phoenix performing at scale they’ve never had before, performing at various music festivals and prestigious venues. Phoenix has since released two more albums and several singles, including their newest single “Alpha Zulu,” all to much critical acclaim.

Phoenix will be coming to DC on Friday, September 16th to perform at The Anthem as part of their Alpha Zulu Tour. This won’t be the band’s first time at The Anthem as performed there in 2017 as part of their Ti Amo Tour. That show made it clear that Phoenix is a band that puts great effort into creating an engaging show. The set alone had great detail and was built with screens on the floor and a massive mirror at angle to stage, creating the illusion that a copy of the band was performing on the back wall of the stage.

Opening for Phoenix is the New York based band, Porches. The band is a project of Aaron Maine and allows him to explore a wide range of production techniques and collaborations. Porches has seen the most success with their 2016 song “Mood” and their most recent album, Ricky Music.

Tickets to see Phoenix and Porches are still available on The Anthem’s website. With two great bands and such a wonderful venue, the show is certain to excite.