Preview: Better Than Ezra

by Katarina Hein

Baton Rouge formed band Better Than Ezra will be lighting up the Lincoln Theater on October 28th at 8:00 pm.

The 1990 revolution of alternative rock came with major slipping and cessation of the limelight. Breaking out of the epidemic of one-hit wonders and mediocre albums, Better Than Ezra worked to prove they were more than an overnight sensation. Their claim to fame was “Deluxe,” their first nationally-distributed album which carried their #1 Billboard hit “Good.” The album, originally created using ragged recording techniques in a home studio, stayed true to the band's heavy guitar-driven melodies and introduced their standard style of emotional conveyance. Through increased word of mouth and touring exposure, Better Than Ezra gained power through the people.

Years later in 1995, the band signed with Elektra records and re-released “Deluxe” which pushed album sales to over half a million copies. Since then, the band has released six new collections, leaving us with eight eye-opening, heart-wrenching albums.

Better Than Ezra does not simply perform, they create connections. Throughout their tours, they committed to welding with their audience to become one. Expect a show filled with stories, jokes, and fun.

Accompanying Better Than Ezra on October 28th is Bones Owens, an experienced guitarist and solo artist. Owens, originally from rural Missouri, was raised on country and gospel music and has converted his style to eclectic alternative music. The artist started developing a name for himself when he toured with performers such as Bon Jovi, Mikky Ekko, and Yelawolf. In 2004, nine years after his introduction to the scene, he released his very first EP, “Hurt No One.” From that moment on his career only got better and in 2019 his single “Keep It close” reached over a million streams.

Better Than Ezra and Bones Owens will make an unstoppable team, their range within rock will undoubtedly breed a legendary show, and one you certainly don't want to miss.

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