Pretty Sick is Performing at DC9 Nightclub

By Johanna Colmer

The alternative rock band Pretty Sick is coming to DC9 Nightclub, a popular live music venue located in Washington D.C.

The band is currently touring the U.S. for the first time on “The Makes Me Sick Tour," appropriately named after their recently released debut album,. The band will make their stop at DC9 on November 18th, with the group Mitsubishi Suicide as the opening musical performance.

Pretty Sick was formed in 2014 by Sabrina Fuentes, the band’s lead vocalist and bassist. The band was originally founded in New York City, but has since relocated to London. Current members include Fuentes, Eva Kaufman on drums, and Orazio Argentero on guitar.

Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile may be the band’s debut album, but their previously released EPs Pretty Sick, Deep Divine, and Come Down are no small feats. I’m sure we’ll hear some of their classics off Deep Divine such as “Superstar" and “Telephone," as well as “She” and “Physical” off of Come Down.

Pretty Sick’s sound is heavily inspired by the spirit of 90’s grunge and alternative rock. The lyrical composition of their songs provide a personal and meaningful experience for listeners. “Self Fulfilling Prophecy" paints the incredibly relatable and painful feeling of finally attaining something you’ve been striving for, only to find that it doesn’t make you feel as fulfilled/happy as you thought it would. The track also does a fantastic job of blending orchestral and rock influenced instrumentals. Their song “Angel Landing” accurately depicts the effects of miscommunication and the desire to be seen/heard, and conveys these feelings over the track’s rock instrumentals.

Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the band’s previous works, and culminates into a beautifully raw and emotional perspective on growing up and navigating life as a young adult. To catch the band’s live performance of Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile, be sure to purchase tickets here.