Bitter Lake Recordings Adam Abou-Heif on Mirrors in the Morning 8/24 9am est

Mirrors in the Morning welcomes Adam Abou-Heif on the show this Saturday. Adam runs the Brooklyn based Bitter Lake Recordings which specalizes in Japanese underground releases from such notables like Dendö Marionette , C.Memi, Kyosanto, and more. We'll be discussing his history of running labels, why it's important, and how he finds these undiscovered gems from Japan. Tune in 9 AM est 

Win a pair of tickets for Sonic Youth: 30 Years of Daydream Nation movie screening at 9:30 club on Mirrors in the Morning

Mirrors in the Morning will be giving away a pair of tickets to see a screening of Sonic Youth: 30 Years of Daydream Nation at the 9:30 Club August 16th. Tune in this Saturday August 10th at 9 AM - 12 PM Est for a chance to win!


Join Dave Sisson host of
Dave's Record Collection
for a 79th Birthday tribute to
Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia
8-1-1942 to 8-9-1995

Saturday July 31st,2021
6 to 10 PM

One of great musicians of the 20th Century, we will journey through Jerry's illustrious career with Grateful Dead, solo, session work, covers, etc.
Requests are welcome and encouraged 301-314-8800


Interviews with Cherubs and Mini Mansions this week on Mirrors in the Morning 7/27 9 AM est

This week on Mirrors in the Morning we have an interview with Cherubs and later in the show an interview with Mini Mansions (members of Queens of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Wires On Fore and more). Both bands have new albums out 7/26. We'll be playing new cuts off of both records. Tune in 9 am est 7/27!

Multicult's Nick Skrobisz and Rebecca Burchette on Mirrors in the Morning this Saturday July 13th 9 am

Join Mirrors in the morning this Saturday as we welcome Nick Skrobisz and Rebecca Burchette of Multicult in the studio. He will be debuting new tracks from the forthcomming LP, "Simultaneity Now", as well as playing some other stuff. Tune in, Saturday July 13th 9 am est.

Mirrors in the Morning w/ David Hopkins (Public Bath Press) this Saturday 9am est

Tune in to Mirrors in the Morning July 6th 9 am est as we welcome David Hopkins translator of "Free Jazz In Japan: A Personal History" written by Soejima Teruto, and published by Hopkins' Public Bath Press. Hopkins will be calling in from Japan and discussing the book along with his involvement in left-field/experimental and other genres of Japanese music. We will also be playing a selections of songs highlighted in the book as well. 

DAVE'S RECORD COLLECTION presents... A FATHER'S DAY Tribute 6-15-2019 6-10 PM

Join Dave Sisson of "Dave's Record Collection"
Saturday June 15th, 2019 6-10 PM
for the annual tribute to
Songs to honor men and fatherhood.
Requests are welcome at 301-314-8800

Lovingly dedicated to the memory of Dave Sr. (10-13-1936 to 8-9-2018)
And in honor of my three sons.

Support WMUC - Free Form College Radio- An Endagered Species

Frank Zappa says, "Support Freeform Radio!" WMUC needs your support.

Donate to WMUC, the *only* freeform radio station in the Washington DC / Baltimore area and one of the few remaining freeform college radio stations in the United States. No donation is too small!

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All You Mother's Check This Out

From 3:00PM to 10:00PM May 11, 2019, join Dominick of Electric Candle Radio and Dave of Dave's Record Collection for the annual Mother's Day Show.

This is not your grandmother's radio show. It's the Mother's Day Show for all you "Mothers" who may or may not have children.

If you miss any of the broadcasts you may download it from the "Show Archive MP3" page.

So tune to 88.1FM or listen online beginning at 3:00 PM!

"Turn on, tune in, and let us groove."

Here are the essential links:

Click here to listen Live: WMUC 88.1 FM

The Playlist: Mother's Day 2018

Audio Archives:
Mother's Day Show Part 1 of 2

Mother's Day Show Part 2 of 2

Electric Candle Radio Show
"Hippie Music Ad Infinitum"
WMUC Radio - Saturdays 3:00 PM Eastern US Time
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Dave's Record Collection
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Radio Prom 2019

Radio Prom is coming! Mark your calendars for May 4th at 7PM and come out for a night of fun and dance at Terrapin's Turf! Tickets are $20, but prices go up on May 1st. The ticket form is linked down below, and more information is available in the WMUC Current Staff/DJs Facebook page. This is one event you won't want to miss!

Sign up for Radio Prom 2019!