The Psychedelics Lab With DJK - Sunshine Trips & Heavy Hits

From 3:00PM to 6:00PM Saturday August 6, 2016, tune into WMUC as DJK fills in for Dominick of Electric Candle.

If you dig a mind-blowing, mind-expanding mix, DJK is not to be missed.

For this show DJK will host The Psychedelics Lab - Sunshine Trips & Heavy Hits featuring mind-bending / melt-your-face-off psychedelia. All crazed productions, fuzzed out wig flippers, freak-beat amp toppling mod madness and pure acid meltdown.

If you miss any of the broadcasts you may download it from the "Show Archive MP3" page.

So tune to 88.1FM or listen online beginning at 3:00 PM!

"Turn on, tune in, and let us groove."

Here are the essential links:

Click here to listen Live: WMUC 88.1 FM

Audio Archives:
Sunshine Trips & Heavy Hits

DJK Psychedelics Lab
Facebook: Psychedelics Lab

Tribute to Bernie Worrell on Uncle Jam 6/30

Tune in to Uncle Jam on June 30 from 6-8 for a tribute to the late, great Bernie Worrell.

DAVE'S RECORD COLLECTION presents... The Annual FATHER'S DAY Tribute 6-18-2016 6-10 PM

Join Dave Sisson of "Dave's Record Collection"
Saturday June 18th, 2016 6-10 PM
for the annual tribute to
Exclusively songs about our favorite Dad's and how they affect our lives.
Requests are welcome at 301-314-8800

As always lovingly dedicated to Dave Sr. and my 3 sons.

DAVE'S RECORD COLLECTION presents... BOB DYLAN's 75th BIRTHDAY! 5-28-2016 6-10 PM

Join Dave Sisson of DAVE'S RECORD COLLECTION on Saturday May 28th from 6:00 to 10:00 PM for the annual tribute to Bob Dylan who turned 75 on May 24th. We will explore Bob's 50+ year career featuring covers, co writes, and many other gems. Requests are welcomed and encouraged! 301-314-8800
This show is dedicated to the memory of longtime listener JD.

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"Turn on, tune in and let us groove."

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All You Mother's Check This Out!

From 3:00PM to 10:00PM May 8, 2016, join Dominick of Electric Candle Radio and Dave of Dave's Record Collection for the annual Mother's Day Show.

This is not your grandmother's radio show. It's the Mother's Day Show for those of you "Mothers" who may or may not have children.

If you miss any of the broadcasts you may download it from the "Show Archive MP3" page.

So tune to 88.1FM or listen online beginning at 3:00 PM!

"Turn on, tune in, and let us groove."

Here are the essential links:

Click here to listen Live: WMUC 88.1 FM

The Playlist: Mother's Day 2016

Audio Archives:
Mother's Day Show Part 1 of 2

Mother's Day Show Part 2 of 2

Electric Candle Radio Show
"Hippie Music Ad Infinitum"
WMUC Radio - Saturdays 3:00 PM Eastern US Time -
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AOL: electricandle
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Dave's Record Collection
"An Eclectic Blend To Please Your Aural Pallet"
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We Have a great show for this week! Want to see some new videos and other stuff? Peep it all here

Paperboy Prince's new track "Pattii Labelle is out now! Stream it and download here

We are looking to add members to our team models, actors, web designers, and everything in between!

Having a showcase this thursday email to perform! Its gonna be lit! All fun!


We are looking for talented people to join the HipHop Yoga Live team! Email us for info! HIPHOPYOGALIVE@GMAIL.COM

WMUC's own Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs was Highlighted by the Washington Post! Read about it here!

ALSO Paperboy Prince's SUBTRAP Is Out right now so make sure to check that out.

Thanks so much for supporting us! We are having a showcase to spread love! ITS OURRRR TIMEEEEE

MEOW!!! The Irrelevant Show Presents - Feline Special #5 - Sunnday April 17, 2016

The Irrelevant Show presents Feline Special #5, THIS Sunday April 17, 2016.
All songs by, for or about cats. 3-6pm.

On April 17, 2016 at 3:00PM until 6:00PM Eastern. Click here to listen live: The Irrelevant Show

A Music From The Film Production

Jason A. Mullinax To Program The April 3, 2016 Edition Of The Irrelevant Show

Jason A. Mullinax (formerly Pilesar, briefly Sugarflop and a percussion instructor) is releasing a new 18-track album and he is airing it on The Irrelevant Show on the day it is released to the public. It’s called “System Restore: Home World Misremembered” and consists of remixes of his most recent release titled “Home World” by some of his favorite contemporary musicians and collaborators. The album will get played in its entirety along with material that inspired Jason. Listen in live on Sunday April 3, 2016 between the hours of 3 and 6 pm EST.

On April 3, 2016 at 3:00PM click here to listen live: The Irrelevant Show

Alfredo Rodríguez on Hot Jazz today

Tune in to Hot Jazz on FM today, 1-3, for an interview with composer and pianist Alfredo Rodriguez before his performance at the Kogod Theater tonight in the Clarice.