All The Ways We Are Together: Dreamer Boy’s New Album is here to remind us that Love is Real

By Zainab Kazaure & Joy Lee

DRC's Annual Bob Dylan Tribute BOB TURNS 80!!! 5-22-21

Join Dave Sisson of DAVE'S RECORD COLLECTION today, Saturday May 22nd from 6:00 to 10:00 PM for the annual tribute to Bob Dylan who turns 80 on May 24th. We will explore Bob's 50+ year career featuring covers, co writes, and many other gems. Requests are welcomed and encouraged!

This show is dedicated to the memory of longtime listener JD.

“I’m gonna be me, and it’s gonna work”: Kat Cunning is carving out queer spaces

By Kyle Russo

Actor, dancer, Broadway star and alternative pop artist Kat Cunning learned a lot from their time at college. As part of an intense dance conservatory that had them in the studio for eight hours at a time, they became familiar with giving their life to their art and exploring new outlets of creativity.

But the most important lesson they learned was much more simple.

All You Mother's Check This Out

From 2:00PM to 10:00PM May 8, 2021, join Dominick of Electric Candle Radio and Dave of Dave's Record Collection for the annual Mother's Day Show.

This is not your grandmother's radio show. It's the Mother's Day Show for all you "Mothers" who may or may not have children.

If you miss any of the broadcasts you may download it from the "Show Archive MP3" page.

So tune to 88.1FM or listen online beginning at 3:00 PM!

"Turn on, tune in, and let us groove."

Here are the essential links:

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The Playlist: Mother's Day 2021

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Mother's Day Show Part 1 of 2

Mother's Day Show Part 2 of 2

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Finally listening to Fine Line

By Gem Miller
I have never been impressed by Harry Styles. I was never a Directioner, and I thought his self-titled debut was classic rock music for people who have never heard classic rock before. But many of my friends and acquaintances are in love with him. What about him is so appealing? Is it his vocals? Is it his sound? Is it his looks? Fine Line, his most recent album, has been out for well over a year and I never listened to it completely. It has become one of the most beloved albums of the past few years. Is it worthy? I know I’m late to the game, but I have decided to give it a try and state my opinion of every single song.

A Look Inside stef’s Virtual Reality

by Marlia Nash

The Quarantunes of WMUC

by WMUC Staff, DJs, and writers

After a year of pandemic madness, we at WMUC decided to reflect on the music of spring 2020 that got us through early quarantine and lockdowns. Whether it be new releases, or old favorites that came out of the gallows to comfort us through a difficult time, here are the songs that were on repeat while we were locked in.

GUITAR SHOW!!! Dave's Record Collection April 17th, 2021 6-10 PM

April is International Guitar Month.
In honor of this, "Dave's Record Collection" will feature songs about guitars and some of the greatest achievers of the instrument.
APRIL 17th, 2021 6:00 to 10 PM
Tune in for an incredible journey related to the guitar! Thanks for your continued support of free form radio!

almost monday wants you to live forever in the present

By Kyle Russo

almost monday might have begun their musical odyssey doing shows out of various garages in San Diego, but this fall, Dawson Daugherty, Cole Clisby and Luke Fabry are taking the cross-country journey to Manchester, Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. They’ll be playing alongside the likes of Lizzo, Tame Impala and Tyler, The Creator, an opportunity they’re still working to comprehend.

Is All Music Really Good Music?

By Joy Lee

Yes, and no.

It’s a question we ask ourselves quite often, but rarely sit down to truly think about.
Artists we consider to have indisputably impacted music culture include The Beatles, Whitney Houston, Eminem, Michael Jackson, and more. Not only can we collectively agree on this because our parents loved them, but also because many artists we look up to today idolized them as well.