thanks to adam winer for the announcement. like the man said, 7:30 p.m. tonight at the station, above south campus dining hall. bring a playlist and a positive attitude, and you too could change your life on the airwaves.

here are some ideas for what the station is looking for:

- no experience is necessary. you're here to learn, and we're here to teach you.
- we're looking for: DJs (both on the air and for live events), promo people to spread the word, radio engineers to keep our station running, studio engineers for live music and recording, computer nerds who can help us with our website, music fans who want to dig through our vinyl mine...basically friendly faces and creative brains to keep us at the utmost level of awesome.


Want to be a DJ? An engineer?

Want to express your love for music by playing whatever you want live on the air?

Come to WMUC's open house! Get information on how to get involved with the last college radio station in the area that still broadcasts on the air, and get an interview to be a DJ this semester!

TODAY TODAY TODAY! (Tuesday) at 7:30 above the South Campus Dining Hall.

You don't wanna miss it, because college radio is GREAT radio.

WMUC 88.1 FM

Interviews on DNA in the DNA - New York Dolls, Times New Viking

DNA in the DNA, Friday evenings 6-8 PM, will be featuring two exciting interviews in the next two weeks. This week: an interview with Adam Elliott of Times New Viking at 7 PM. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Times New Viking have released three LPs of noisy, lo-fi punk, their most recent, Rip It Off, their Matador Records debut.

February 15: an exclusive interview with Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls, proto-punk legends coming to Baltimore on February 12.

Oh yes we're back! WMUC's Spring Semester is here!

Classes started this week and as such, it's time once again for another great season of college radio! With a Spring schedule full of the freeform anything-goes programming that you've come to know us for, WMUC has something for everybody! We've got shows for jazz, punk, ska, indie, folk, metal, hip-hop, psych, dance, garage, oldies, classical, and... heck, some just leave me at a loss for words. Regardless, from great talk to live music, WMUC has what you need to hear! College Radio is GREAT Radio!

Remember that all of our shows are available for seven days after they air as 128k MP3s, through the Show Archive.

Thanks for tuning in! It's time once again to get listenin', kids!

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute - Saturday Jan. 19

Join Dave Sisson of "Dave's Record Collection" on Saturday, January 19th, 2008 from 12:00 to 3:00 PM & 6:00 to 9:00 PM for a special two part tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the history of civil rights in America.

This unique show features a blend of songs and speeches about a historical figure, and an emotional look back into the history of our country and key changes over the last 50 years. If you miss any part of the show it is available on show archive for one week after the broadcast.

Application for Winter shows online!

DJ application for Winter 2007-08 shows

Here it is, the application for winter shows. The first show of the new semester is midnight to 2 AM on December 20, and goes until 10 PM to midnight on January 27.

The due date is Friday, December 14, after which the winter schedule will be finalized. So tear yourselves away from Scrabulous for 5 minutes and fill it out as soon as possible!

Send completed applications to

Contest this Sunday (12/9) on DNA in the DNA (6-9 AM)

Here at DNA in the DNA we have been wondering lately what in the hell
is "indie rock," and we want you to explain it to us!
In 200 words or less, explain to us what "indie rock" is and you'll
win: a $50 gift card to INSOUND.COM (indie rock superstore),
Celebration 12" (indie rockers from baltimore...they opened up for
Billy I mean Smashing Pumpkins), and an MIA poster. Email by Saturday night (9pm). We will also be giving
away a $25 insound gift card on the show. We will be playing stuff
from our top ten LPs of the year.

Pre-Finals Ya-Yas Fest: Friday, Dec. 7, 8pm

Why:Get out your pre-finals ya-yas!
When:Friday, Dec. 7, 8pm
Joel Sephy Gleiser
Kinda Panda

Third Rail: Sunday, Dec. 2, 6-9pm


The Flying Eyes

The Talkie Walkies

Jimi Hendrix' 65th Birthday - Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007

Join Dominick of Electric Candle and Dave of Dave's Record Collection on Saturday, December 1, for a six hour celebration of what would have been Jimi Hendrix's 65th birthday. Tune in to hear Jimi's musicianship at its finest, from the popular to the rare and obscure, as well as interviews and masterful covers by a number of artists influenced by Hendrix's work.

It's sure to be a sonic "experience" as only Jimi himself can dish out, so tune to 88.1FM or listen online beginning at 3:00 PM! "Turn on, tune in, and let us groove."