Golf Special Report

This Saturday, WMUC Radio will be broadcasting a special look at the non-profit Golf organization The First Tee, which provides free golf lessons and life lessons to kids across the country. The story, presented by Terp Weekly Edition's Laura Callahan, will precede the Maryland vs. Virginia football this weekend. The pre-game show begins at 7:30 on, 88.1-FM in College Park, and will feature the story.

Third Rail: Sunday, Oct. 21, 6-9pm

The New Flesh: Baltimore Hardcore
Red Ink: DC Soul/Rock

Third Rail: Sunday, Oct. 14, 6-9pm

Music for Animals: Indie/Pop from California!

Paperhouse: Rock

American Riot: Punk

Third Rail: Sunday, Oct. 7, 6-9pm

Come down this Sunday to see/hear:

The Lampshades - (WMUC's Jaren Love on Vox and Guits)


Human Host - Crunkish?

Caverns - Post-Punk

Third Rail: Sunday, Sept. 30, 6-9pm

It's a packed show this week, teeming with promise!

Come down to hear Odd Girl Out, The Perfect Poor and The Hallmonitors!

Third Rail: Sunday, Sept. 23, 6-9pm

After you repent, stuff yer face with this week's Third Rail Radio, featuring Ra Ra Rasputin, Dead Beats, and Private Sea!


Interested in joining WMUC RADIO? Think you can DJ? Interested in music recording, electrical engineering, or just a big music fan?

Come to our OPEN HOUSE on September 19th and 20th at 6pm at the station, located above the South Campus Dining Hall. Come prepared with a sample playlist and show concept/personality as we recruit for new members.

Also: the song "Hey There Delilah" is BANNED BANNED BANNED


Listen to WMUC tonight at 8pm-10pm for your chance to win tickets to the National show on Thursday night at the 930 Club!

9/5 - Tay Zonday interview at 5 PM

Tuesday at 5 PM, us at the "Untitled Radio Show About The Future" (your name suggestions are welcomed!) will be interviewing Tay Zonday, Youtube sensation.

If you aren't familiar with Mr. Zonday and his body of work, check out the music videos for "Chocolate Rain" and "Internet Dream". We'll be discussing the meaning behind his lyrics, his favorite parodies of his songs, the Creative Commons License and its implications for the future of music licensing, and a bunch of other stuff.