Tank and the Bangas make friends everywhere they go

Quinn Dang

Photo source: NPR

Halfway through the press conference hosted by the °1824 division at Universal Music Group, Tarriona Ball, or the “Tank” in Tank and the Bangas, learns that her jacket is inside out.

“It is?” she exclaims, looking down at herself.

“The funny part is, she buttoned it somehow,” says drummer Joshua Johnson.

Duncan Laurence will never let go of his inner “Small Town Boy”

By: Sabrina Li

Photo credit: Eurovision.tv

At 26, Duncan Laurence has already travelled halfway across the globe and back, gone viral on TikTok, and won the 2019 Eurovision Contest.

Mae Muller writes music for her 15-year-old self

By: Quinn Dang

Photo source: TotalNtertainment

Mae Muller is all smiles as she leans into the camera on a Zoom press conference hosted by the °1824 division at Universal Music Group, her hoop earrings glinting in the light.

“Everyone’s so pretty on this chat, wow,” she gushes with a flash of her signature acrylics.

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Yung Gravy is the funniest artist you know

By: Sabrina Li

Matthew Raymond Hauri, stage name Yung Gravy, tunes into a virtual press conference from his mom’s basement in Minnesota.


On this week’s Weekly Roundup: Learn more about a new P.G. county bill against sugary drinks, an improv group on campus, and how you can safely celebrate Halloween at UMD.

On this week’s Drop the Pop: Get the latest on Ariana Grande’s new album, 21 Savage’s sequel to Savage Mode, and Megan Thee Stallion’s New York Times op-ed.

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Duckwrth’s 'SuperGood' is like audio-medicine

By: Taneen Momeni

Photo courtesy of grammy.com
The 1824 division of Universal Music Group hosted media outlets from across the country over Zoom to promote Hip-Hop artist, Duckwrth’s now-released album SuperGood.

The album, which was finished in January, follows the story of a young couple and their love through a blend of soul, jazz, gospel and punk music.

Still Woozy makes music so we don’t have to

By Sabrina Li

Image courtesy of NME

Halfway through answering questions from youth-centered media outlets all across the country, Sven Gamsky’s (stage name: Still Woozy) muted-calico cat jumps onto his chest and lies there the rest of the call.

Last Tuesday, WMUC had the pleasure of being in a Zoom press conference, hosted by the 1824 division at Universal Music Group, to promote Still Woozy’s then-upcoming, now-released single, “BS”.