Being bad at things with Alexander 23

by Victoria Stavish

Photo Credit to Crowdsurfer Magazine.

In a conference hosted by the °1824 division at Universal Music Group, Alexander Glantz, better known as Alexander 23, talked about the message behind his sophomore EP “Oh No, Not Again!”, his journey to the top of the charts, and why he likes being bad at stuff.

WMUC’s Broken Hearts Club: A Valentine’s Day Special

Dear Cupid, all respect to you, your craft, and your round-the-year work, but please if we have to play “Nobody” by Mitski on repeat and view our latest heartbreak as if it’s the season finale to the worst teen drama ever to metaphorically find closure... we will LOSE it.

Anyways, since you ‘love love’ or whatever, here’s a couple songs and stories from moments where we could’ve used a lil more (but, we know, we know.. we’ll take that up with HR). We hope you enjoy (even though God knows we didn’t). Love, WMUC

THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM (wmuc about) #CHROMATICA (oreos): a chromatica oreo taste test

Yes, we are a college radio station. Yes, we stan Chromatica. Of course we had to taste test Lady Gaga and Oreo’s latest (and first??) collaboration. THIS… is WMUC on Chromatica Oreos!!!

Gem Miller (World's Biggest Little Monster), No Boys Allowed

On January 19th, 2021 I got a text from my friend. "i need you to come to my home. it is urgent. i have something for you."

Hawkwind Special and Alan Davey Interview PUNK PUNK GOOSE Saturday 1-30-21 10 AM

For this week’s edition of Punk Punk Goose, we start the morning with tunes from the legendary space rock band Hawkwind! For the most part, we showcase tracks that have lemmy-understudy Alan Davey. We also sat down and discussed various projects that Alan Davey has been involved with!

Q&A with Music Photographer Amanda Johnson

By Natalie Leinbach

Amanda Johnson, a photographer and videographer from Austin, TX, works on the front lines in the music industry. After her brief education as an art photography major at Syracuse University, she dropped out to pursue art on her own. After I saw Amanda in the field shooting on tour with Saint Motel last year, I knew I had to sit down with her to find out more.

Stream Chaz Cardigan’s New EP Hologram To Grant You Immunity In The Pending Zombie Apocalypse

By Victoria Stavish

Photo credit: 360 Magazine

The 1824 division of Universal Music Group hosted media outlets from across the country over Zoom to promote Nashville-based alt-pop artist Chaz Cardigan’s newest EP, Hologram, which released on October 22nd. Cardigan’s music typically concentrates on themes of relationships, self-esteem, sexuality, nostalgia, and changing perspectives.

The Hysterics Bring Community Back to Virtual Performance

By Madeline Redding

“I realized I was gay like a good edible, I felt it a little bit and then I was like, ‘oh shit’” - Maggie Letvin

Comedy shows invoke a certain amount of fear in me. I sit near the back so the comedian can’t see me, I avoid perception at all costs. So you can imagine my fear when president of The Hysterics, Ambi Narula, asked all the Zoom participants to keep their camera and mics on during their comedy show Friday night.

WMUC’s OH NO! (One Hundred-and-fifty, New & Original)

By WMUC DJs and Staff

In a year characterized by continuous demise, at least we can say the music was good. Here’s a non-definitive, un-ranked list of our top songs. We weren’t sure if some of these would make it onto other lists—so we took the liberty of making one ourselves! From our Spotify accounts to yours, read on for one-hundred-and-fifty of our favorites.


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WMUC Presents Revival

For the past 70+ years, WMUC has covered music, news, sports, and more for the College Park community. Welcome to our first revived edition of our zine! We’ve been through a lot since our last zine in 1996, and we’re glad you’re here with us now.