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05/29/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins05/24/06 21:02:14
05/25/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers05/24/06 19:54:05
05/25/06EquilibriumDian Squire05/23/06 12:52:57
05/25/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell05/21/06 23:57:30
05/25/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE05/25/06 00:14:37
05/24/06Identity CrisisJason Heat05/24/06 18:01:05
05/23/06Mr. PopularLES05/24/06 01:37:05
05/22/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin05/15/06 03:56:46
05/21/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Adam Levin05/21/06 17:54:00
05/21/06Third Rail RadioLilly B.05/21/06 20:34:09
05/21/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem05/14/06 11:16:21
05/20/06Electric CandleDominick05/21/06 00:53:57
05/20/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson05/20/06 23:59:54
05/19/06Innovation In InstrumentationNick Burka05/19/06 17:21:07
05/19/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan05/19/06 14:12:45
05/19/06The Two-Headed MonsterDanielle Leikach05/19/06 12:07:49
05/19/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin05/19/06 08:18:16
05/18/06We Eat CarsJeremy Spekman05/18/06 22:13:31
05/18/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski05/18/06 18:23:17
05/18/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers05/18/06 18:02:53
05/18/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht05/18/06 16:07:39
05/18/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker05/18/06 13:46:25
05/18/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna05/18/06 11:58:23
05/18/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan05/18/06 09:57:16
05/18/06EquilibriumDian Squire05/18/06 08:00:17
05/18/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell05/18/06 03:59:26
05/17/06The Lonestar StateJstone +Tayne= <305/17/06 19:21:03
05/17/06Identity CrisisJason Heat05/17/06 18:08:14
05/17/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim05/17/06 15:55:21
05/16/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew05/16/06 21:42:09
05/16/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman05/16/06 20:06:27
05/16/06Mr. PopularLES05/16/06 17:57:27
05/16/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak05/16/06 14:00:03
05/16/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens05/16/06 01:52:24
05/15/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue05/15/06 23:56:24
05/15/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro05/15/06 22:02:26
05/15/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova05/15/06 19:36:59
05/15/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins05/15/06 17:16:05
05/15/06Hardly Art, Hardly StarvingJackie05/15/06 15:58:16
05/15/06The League: Radio EditColm Atkins05/15/06 13:37:47
05/15/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman05/15/06 10:31:01
05/15/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin05/08/06 03:14:01
05/14/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt05/15/06 00:43:41
05/14/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry05/14/06 17:35:06
05/14/06Memory MachineDan Doggett05/14/06 14:00:20
05/14/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem05/07/06 13:03:55
05/14/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez05/14/06 07:55:18
05/13/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora05/13/06 23:59:28
05/13/06Royal JellyKiri Lee05/13/06 21:18:07
05/13/06A Delightful Evening with Noreen and ArshanNoreen and Arshan05/13/06 20:02:49
05/13/06Electric CandleDominick05/13/06 18:02:16
05/13/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson05/13/06 15:12:47
05/13/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank05/13/06 10:01:19
05/13/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan05/13/06 01:55:18
05/12/06Innovation In InstrumentationMandy Fraser05/12/06 16:00:21
05/12/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan05/12/06 13:58:38
05/12/06The Two-Headed MonsterDanielle Leikach05/12/06 12:01:42
05/12/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin05/12/06 09:53:21
05/12/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine05/12/06 02:24:45
05/12/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine05/12/06 03:59:35
05/11/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill05/11/06 23:51:51
05/11/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers05/11/06 17:58:16
05/11/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht05/11/06 16:06:22
05/11/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker05/11/06 13:55:03
05/11/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna05/11/06 11:40:47
05/11/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan05/11/06 10:03:48
05/11/06EquilibriumDian Squire05/11/06 08:00:45
05/11/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell05/11/06 04:08:49
05/10/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy05/10/06 23:46:04
05/10/06Identity CrisisJason Heat05/10/06 17:57:01
05/10/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim05/10/06 15:54:54
05/10/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik05/10/06 13:58:10
05/10/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche05/10/06 11:29:27
05/10/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L05/10/06 01:47:23
05/09/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew05/09/06 21:43:15
05/09/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman05/09/06 20:07:10
05/09/06Mr. PopularLES05/09/06 17:54:05
05/09/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin05/09/06 14:28:51
05/09/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak05/09/06 12:20:44
05/09/06Too Hard for TearsAndrew Graber05/09/06 08:15:05
05/09/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens05/09/06 00:42:17
05/08/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue05/09/06 00:10:36
05/08/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMEChristian Melendez05/08/06 21:18:28
05/08/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova05/08/06 19:53:10
05/08/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins05/08/06 18:00:07
05/08/06Hardly Art, Hardly StarvingJackie05/08/06 15:54:32
05/08/06TOO HAN TO HANDLEFarhan Syed05/08/06 14:55:28
05/08/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman05/08/06 10:38:44
05/08/06Something EclecticTristan05/08/06 07:43:02
05/08/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin05/08/06 02:42:18
05/08/06Late-Nite Lava!Matt Stern05/08/06 01:56:16
05/07/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Adam Levin05/07/06 23:52:18
05/07/06The Sound of Young America!Doug Ticker05/07/06 18:08:13
05/07/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem04/30/06 12:01:54
05/06/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora05/06/06 23:46:34
05/06/06Electric CandleDominick05/06/06 19:59:37
05/06/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson05/06/06 12:34:25
05/06/06Guilty PleasuresMandy Fraser05/08/06 01:09:50
05/06/06The GnarfestBen Meyerson05/06/06 03:55:22
05/06/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan05/06/06 02:00:49
05/05/06Pizza Party!Ian Fishman05/05/06 20:49:50
05/05/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan05/05/06 14:00:46
05/05/06The Two-Headed MonsterAdam Z Winer05/05/06 12:03:22
05/05/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin05/05/06 09:58:14
05/05/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine05/05/06 03:53:55
05/04/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al05/04/06 22:09:54
05/04/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers05/04/06 17:58:48
05/04/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht05/04/06 16:00:28
05/04/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker05/04/06 13:49:16
05/04/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna05/04/06 11:46:28
05/04/06EquilibriumDian Squire04/27/06 22:07:18
05/04/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell05/04/06 04:00:58
05/03/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy05/03/06 22:25:49
05/03/06Identity CrisisJason Heat05/03/06 17:59:58
05/03/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim05/03/06 15:52:40
05/03/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik05/03/06 13:56:11
05/03/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche05/03/06 11:58:17
05/03/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips05/03/06 09:54:57
05/03/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L04/26/06 01:55:03
05/02/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis05/02/06 23:09:01
05/02/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew05/02/06 21:41:19
05/02/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman05/02/06 20:01:18
05/02/06Mr. PopularLES05/02/06 17:56:36
05/02/06TransiencePhil Anderson05/02/06 15:36:02
05/02/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin05/02/06 13:58:41
05/02/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak05/02/06 11:57:02
05/02/06Too Hard for TearsAndy Bowen05/02/06 07:58:54
05/02/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens05/02/06 06:30:03
05/01/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue05/02/06 00:10:10
05/01/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro05/01/06 21:55:26
05/01/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova05/01/06 19:51:59
05/01/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins05/01/06 17:57:37
05/01/06Hardly Art, Hardly StarvingJackie05/01/06 15:57:20
05/01/06TOO HAN TO HANDLEFarhan Syed05/01/06 14:57:18
05/01/06The League: Radio EditAlex Csicsek05/01/06 12:54:37
05/01/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman05/01/06 10:00:54
05/01/06Something EclecticTristan05/01/06 07:16:20
05/01/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin05/01/06 03:56:01
04/30/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt04/30/06 23:50:24
04/30/06Third Rail RadioChristina Kim04/30/06 20:36:24
04/30/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry04/30/06 17:59:00
04/30/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa04/30/06 16:00:28
04/30/06Memory MachineDan Doggett04/30/06 13:59:42
04/30/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem04/23/06 12:11:49
04/29/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora04/29/06 23:57:46
04/29/06A Delightful Evening with Noreen and ArshanNoreen and Arshan04/29/06 20:04:51
04/29/06Electric CandleDominick04/29/06 18:00:05
04/29/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank04/29/06 10:00:11
04/29/06Guilty PleasuresMandy Fraser04/29/06 05:58:03
04/29/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan04/29/06 02:04:47
04/28/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine04/28/06 04:00:37
04/27/06We Eat CarsJeremy Spekman04/27/06 22:01:14
04/27/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker05/18/06 13:57:43
04/27/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna04/20/06 11:47:59
04/27/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan04/27/06 10:06:55
04/27/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell04/27/06 02:30:04
04/26/06JAM DOT BIZ radioE Money04/27/06 00:02:14
04/26/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy04/27/06 00:03:23
04/26/06Identity CrisisJason Heat04/26/06 16:46:43
04/26/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim04/26/06 15:45:22
04/26/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik04/26/06 13:54:38
04/25/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis04/25/06 23:51:04
04/25/06Thug Motivation 101maya livio04/25/06 22:07:34
04/25/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman04/25/06 20:05:24
04/25/06Mr. PopularLES04/25/06 17:55:29
04/25/06TransiencePhil Anderson04/25/06 15:49:44
04/25/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin04/25/06 13:58:59
04/25/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak04/25/06 23:45:07
04/25/06Too Hard for TearsAndy Bowen04/25/06 07:52:52
04/25/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens04/25/06 01:59:37
04/24/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue04/24/06 23:59:01
04/24/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro04/24/06 22:00:26
04/24/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova04/24/06 20:00:37
04/24/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins04/24/06 17:56:57
04/24/06Hardly Art, Hardly StarvingJackie04/24/06 15:52:38
04/24/06TOO HAN TO HANDLEFarhan Syed04/24/06 14:55:23
04/24/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder04/24/06 11:34:27
04/24/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman04/24/06 09:58:58
04/24/06Something EclecticTristan04/24/06 07:54:22
04/24/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin04/24/06 04:00:03
04/23/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt04/24/06 10:47:49
04/23/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry04/23/06 17:56:40
04/23/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa04/23/06 16:00:50
04/23/06Memory MachineDan Doggett04/23/06 13:35:55
04/23/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez04/23/06 07:59:27
04/23/06Beef Jerky, Polar Bears, and Warlocks with Charles Bronson Andy Porter04/23/06 04:00:20
04/22/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora04/22/06 23:52:45
04/22/06Royal JellyKiri Lee04/22/06 21:39:07
04/22/06A Delightful Evening with Noreen and ArshanNoreen and Arshan04/22/06 20:05:39
04/22/06Electric CandleDominick04/22/06 18:08:44
04/22/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson04/22/06 15:22:16
04/22/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank04/22/06 10:03:17
04/22/06Guilty PleasuresMandy Fraser04/22/06 06:03:39
04/22/06The GnarfestBen Meyerson04/22/06 03:58:16
04/22/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan04/22/06 13:46:42
04/21/06TRS RadioTRS Radio Crew04/21/06 21:40:05
04/21/06Pizza Party!Ian Fishman04/21/06 20:56:32
04/21/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan04/21/06 13:57:41
04/21/06The Two-Headed MonsterAdam Z Winer04/21/06 12:01:27
04/21/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin04/21/06 09:59:13
04/21/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine04/21/06 03:57:40
04/20/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill04/20/06 23:42:54
04/20/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al04/20/06 21:56:15
04/20/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski04/20/06 19:51:06
04/20/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers04/20/06 18:03:42
04/20/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht04/20/06 15:57:30
04/20/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker04/20/06 13:55:28
04/20/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna04/20/06 10:24:10
04/20/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan04/20/06 17:44:24
04/20/06EquilibriumDian Squire04/20/06 08:03:33
04/20/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell04/20/06 04:06:41
04/20/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE04/20/06 01:57:10
04/19/06JAM DOT BIZ radioMegan Lahman04/20/06 00:36:44
04/19/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy04/19/06 22:01:25
04/19/06Identity CrisisJason Heat04/19/06 18:03:12
04/19/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim04/19/06 15:47:00
04/19/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik04/19/06 13:57:13
04/19/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche04/19/06 11:48:49
04/19/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips04/19/06 09:55:42
04/18/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis04/18/06 23:38:03
04/18/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew04/18/06 21:43:41
04/18/06Mr. PopularLES04/18/06 18:06:45
04/18/06TransiencePhil Anderson04/18/06 15:52:59
04/18/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin04/18/06 15:01:07
04/18/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak04/18/06 12:04:36
04/18/06Too Hard for TearsAndy Bowen04/18/06 08:07:45
04/18/06The KickBryan Massoff04/18/06 03:56:51
04/18/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens04/18/06 01:53:56
04/17/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue04/18/06 00:01:24
04/17/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro04/17/06 21:58:01
04/17/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova04/17/06 19:55:35
04/17/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins04/17/06 17:49:59
04/17/06Hardly Art, Hardly StarvingJackie04/17/06 16:05:15
04/17/06TOO HAN TO HANDLEFarhan Syed04/17/06 15:07:07
04/17/06The League: Radio EditAlex Csicsek04/17/06 12:51:28
04/17/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman04/17/06 10:19:45
04/17/06Something EclecticTristan04/17/06 07:47:39
04/17/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin04/17/06 04:11:35
04/16/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Adam Levin04/16/06 23:55:11
04/16/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry04/16/06 18:04:29
04/16/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa04/16/06 16:21:02
04/16/06Memory MachineDan Doggett04/16/06 13:56:01
04/15/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora04/15/06 23:46:25
04/15/06Electric CandleDominick04/15/06 18:06:05
04/15/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson04/15/06 15:10:09
04/15/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank04/15/06 10:01:07
04/15/06Guilty PleasuresMandy Fraser04/15/06 04:41:16
04/15/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan04/15/06 02:10:14
04/14/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan04/14/06 14:15:45
04/14/06The Two-Headed MonsterDanielle Leikach04/14/06 12:01:48
04/14/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin04/14/06 08:39:18
04/13/06The Adding MachinePete Smith04/13/06 23:54:47
04/13/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al04/13/06 21:55:12
04/13/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski04/13/06 19:56:35
04/13/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers04/13/06 16:11:03
04/13/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers04/13/06 17:56:37
04/13/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht04/13/06 16:00:01
04/13/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker04/13/06 13:59:25
04/13/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna04/13/06 11:48:32
04/13/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan04/14/06 23:02:24
04/13/06EquilibriumDian Squire04/13/06 07:57:04
04/13/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell04/13/06 04:00:49
04/13/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE04/13/06 01:58:21
04/12/06IndiescribableChristian Melendez04/12/06 21:55:53
04/12/06The Lonestar StateJstone +Tayne= <304/12/06 22:37:29
04/12/06Identity CrisisJason Heat04/12/06 18:01:08
04/12/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim04/12/06 15:50:22
04/12/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik04/12/06 13:53:55
04/12/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips04/12/06 10:02:49
04/12/06The Mojo dojoJosh Lustig04/12/06 03:53:34
04/12/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L04/12/06 01:58:55
04/11/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis04/11/06 23:48:02
04/11/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew04/11/06 20:47:47
04/11/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman04/11/06 20:00:44
04/11/06Mr. PopularLES04/11/06 17:55:16
04/11/06TransiencePhil Anderson04/11/06 15:59:02
04/11/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin04/11/06 14:02:57
04/11/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak04/11/06 11:58:07
04/11/06Too Hard for TearsAndrew Graber04/11/06 08:00:01
04/11/06The KickBryan Massoff04/11/06 03:56:45
04/10/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue04/17/06 21:16:42
04/10/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMEChristina Kim04/10/06 21:54:26
04/10/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova04/10/06 20:08:22
04/10/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins04/10/06 17:55:39
04/10/06Hardly Art, Hardly StarvingJackie04/10/06 15:56:35
04/10/06TOO HAN TO HANDLEFarhan Syed04/10/06 14:58:27
04/10/06The League: Radio EditAlex Csicsek04/10/06 12:30:37
04/10/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder04/10/06 10:24:28
04/10/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman04/10/06 09:56:38
04/10/06Something EclecticTristan04/17/06 07:49:18
04/10/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin04/10/06 03:58:16
04/10/06Late-Nite Lava!Patrick McLaughlin04/10/06 02:07:35
04/09/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt04/09/06 23:57:52
04/09/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry04/09/06 18:09:06
04/09/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa04/09/06 15:56:52
04/09/06Memory MachineDan Doggett04/09/06 12:37:45
04/09/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem04/09/06 11:43:58
04/09/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez04/09/06 08:00:18
04/09/06Beef Jerky, Polar Bears, and Warlocks with Charles Bronson Andy Porter04/09/06 15:44:16
04/08/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora04/08/06 23:53:58
04/08/06Royal JellyKiri Lee04/08/06 21:54:34
04/08/06A Delightful Evening with Noreen and ArshanNoreen and Arshan04/08/06 19:59:53
04/08/06Electric CandleDominick04/08/06 17:43:50
04/08/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson04/08/06 15:16:31
04/08/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank04/08/06 09:59:57
04/08/06The GnarfestMandy Fraser04/08/06 03:54:00
04/08/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan04/08/06 02:07:17
04/07/06TRS RadioTRS Radio Crew04/07/06 22:07:40
04/07/06Innovation In InstrumentationC. Eric Devin04/07/06 15:52:37
04/07/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan04/07/06 13:52:21
04/07/06The Two-Headed MonsterDanielle Leikach04/07/06 12:06:30
04/07/06Roots & WingsNick Burka04/07/06 09:57:58
04/07/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine04/07/06 03:52:22
04/07/06It's Lovely Angels!Ayumi04/07/06 01:55:49
04/06/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill04/07/06 00:02:51
04/06/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski04/06/06 20:14:31
04/06/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers04/06/06 18:08:18
04/06/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht04/06/06 16:02:05
04/06/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker04/06/06 14:02:51
04/06/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna04/06/06 11:43:02
04/06/06Radio Show Ate My MorningMandy Fraser04/06/06 09:53:24
04/06/06EquilibriumDian Squire04/06/06 08:00:03
04/06/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell04/06/06 03:52:11
04/06/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE04/06/06 01:57:27
04/05/06JAM DOT BIZ radioE Money04/05/06 22:57:15
04/05/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy04/05/06 22:03:16
04/05/06Identity CrisisJason Heat04/05/06 18:23:28
04/05/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim04/25/06 11:57:53
04/05/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik04/05/06 13:56:22
04/05/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche04/05/06 11:53:24
04/05/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips04/05/06 09:54:40
04/05/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L04/05/06 01:50:13
04/04/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis04/04/06 23:33:01
04/04/06Thug Motivation 101Jeremy Spekman04/04/06 22:00:31
04/04/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman04/04/06 19:59:22
04/04/06Mr. PopularLES04/04/06 17:54:04
04/04/06TransiencePhil Anderson04/04/06 15:52:32
04/04/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin04/04/06 14:04:01
04/04/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak04/04/06 11:57:58
04/04/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens04/04/06 01:54:50
04/03/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue04/03/06 22:23:58
04/03/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova04/03/06 19:59:37
04/03/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins04/03/06 17:54:35
04/03/06Hardly Art, Hardly StarvingJackie04/03/06 15:51:20
04/03/06TOO HAN TO HANDLEFarhan Syed04/03/06 16:12:59
04/03/06The League: Radio EditAlex Csicsek04/03/06 12:15:46
04/03/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder04/03/06 11:41:08
04/03/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman04/03/06 09:58:08
04/03/06Something EclecticTristan04/03/06 07:51:12
04/03/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin04/03/06 04:03:18
04/02/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt04/03/06 01:08:04
04/02/06Third Rail RadioLilly B.04/02/06 20:50:54
04/02/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry04/02/06 18:03:19
04/02/06Memory MachineDan Doggett04/02/06 14:12:41
04/02/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem04/02/06 11:57:36
04/02/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez04/02/06 10:04:10
04/02/06Beef Jerky, Polar Bears, and Warlocks with Charles Bronson Andy Porter04/02/06 04:38:51
04/01/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora04/01/06 23:59:34
04/01/06Royal JellyKiri Lee04/01/06 22:00:09
04/01/06A Delightful Evening with Noreen and ArshanNoreen and Arshan04/01/06 20:01:26
04/01/06Electric CandleDominick04/01/06 18:01:40
04/01/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson04/01/06 15:10:13
04/01/06The ReCollectionMandy Fraser04/01/06 08:49:10
04/01/06The GnarfestBen Meyerson04/01/06 03:56:42
04/01/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan04/01/06 02:03:29
03/31/06TRS RadioTRS Radio Crew03/31/06 21:40:59
03/31/06Pizza Party!Ian Fishman03/31/06 21:08:24
03/31/06Innovation In InstrumentationC. Eric Devin03/31/06 15:56:16
03/31/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan03/31/06 13:58:56
03/31/06The Two-Headed MonsterAdam Z Winer03/31/06 12:04:00
03/31/06Roots & WingsAdam Z Winer03/31/06 10:19:49
03/31/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine03/31/06 03:56:03
03/31/06It's Lovely Angels!Ayumi03/31/06 01:57:49
03/30/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill03/30/06 23:53:25
03/30/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al03/30/06 22:27:06
03/30/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski03/30/06 19:45:34
03/30/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers03/30/06 18:04:38
03/30/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht03/30/06 15:59:34
03/30/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna03/30/06 11:29:49
03/30/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan04/04/06 11:43:26
03/30/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell03/30/06 03:58:41
03/30/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE03/30/06 01:56:04
03/29/06JAM DOT BIZ radioE Money03/30/06 00:39:25
03/29/06IndiescribablePatchen Mortimer03/29/06 21:57:43
03/29/06Identity CrisisJason Heat03/29/06 18:12:45
03/29/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim03/30/06 00:05:21
03/29/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik03/29/06 13:54:27
03/29/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips03/29/06 09:57:25
03/29/06THE WOAH SHOWMandy Fraser03/29/06 07:35:00
03/29/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L03/29/06 02:00:39
03/28/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis03/29/06 00:01:35
03/28/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew03/28/06 20:03:15
03/28/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman03/28/06 19:58:19
03/28/06Mr. PopularColm Atkins03/28/06 16:15:57
03/28/06TransiencePhil Anderson03/28/06 15:44:49
03/28/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin03/28/06 12:47:49
03/28/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak03/28/06 13:36:02
03/28/06Too Hard for TearsAndy Bowen03/28/06 08:04:46
03/28/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens03/28/06 01:50:14
03/27/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue03/28/06 00:03:33
03/27/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro03/27/06 21:58:44
03/27/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova03/27/06 19:55:48
03/27/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins03/27/06 17:50:39
03/27/06TOO HAN TO HANDLEJackie03/27/06 15:35:25
03/27/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder03/27/06 11:44:21
03/27/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman03/27/06 10:02:24
03/27/06Something EclecticTristan03/27/06 07:48:21
03/26/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt03/27/06 00:03:31
03/26/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry03/26/06 19:01:42
03/26/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa03/26/06 15:55:58
03/26/06Memory MachineDan Doggett03/26/06 13:55:00
03/26/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem03/26/06 12:00:48
03/25/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora03/25/06 23:56:23
03/25/06Electric CandleDominick03/25/06 20:39:51
03/25/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson03/25/06 15:14:53
03/25/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan03/25/06 02:05:18
03/24/06Something ElseColm Atkins04/03/06 08:22:38
03/24/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin03/24/06 09:52:49
03/24/06It's Lovely Angels!Ayumi03/24/06 02:01:26
03/23/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill03/23/06 22:23:14
03/23/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al03/23/06 21:57:14
03/23/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski03/23/06 18:54:07
03/23/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers03/23/06 17:58:23
03/23/06PhD ProcrastinationNick Burka03/23/06 14:56:20
03/23/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE03/23/06 02:40:46
03/22/06JAM DOT BIZ radioE Money03/22/06 23:41:22
03/22/06The Lonestar StateJstone +Tayne= <303/22/06 18:30:31
03/22/06Identity CrisisJason Heat03/22/06 17:57:52
03/22/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche03/22/06 11:01:26
03/22/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L03/15/06 00:04:52
03/21/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman03/21/06 19:57:47
03/21/06Mr. PopularLES03/21/06 17:54:20
03/21/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin03/21/06 13:58:50
03/21/06Too Hard for TearsAndy Bowen03/21/06 08:03:22
03/20/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro03/20/06 22:10:30
03/20/06Flex Yr HeadColm Atkins03/23/06 20:53:04
03/20/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins03/20/06 20:02:48
03/20/06TOO HAN TO HANDLEJackie03/13/06 15:57:35
03/20/06The League: Radio EditAlex Csicsek03/20/06 12:54:06
03/20/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder03/20/06 10:45:53
03/20/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman03/20/06 09:59:19
03/20/06Something EclecticTristan03/20/06 07:56:21
03/19/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Adam Levin03/19/06 23:27:09
03/19/06Third Rail RadioChristina Kim03/19/06 20:13:14
03/19/06The Sound of Young America!Doug Ticker03/19/06 18:05:10
03/19/06Memory MachineDan Doggett03/19/06 13:58:20
03/19/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem03/12/06 11:59:00
03/18/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora03/19/06 00:10:12
03/18/06Electric CandleDominick03/18/06 21:30:44
03/18/06Dave's Record CollectionMandy Fraser03/18/06 15:00:41
03/18/06The GetupNoel Isama03/11/06 06:53:32
03/18/06The GnarfestMandy Fraser03/18/06 03:58:47
03/18/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan03/18/06 02:00:54
03/17/06Pizza Party!Ian Fishman03/17/06 21:01:36
03/17/06Innovation In InstrumentationC. Eric Devin03/17/06 15:53:10
03/17/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan03/17/06 13:59:05
03/17/06The Two-Headed MonsterNick Burka03/17/06 11:58:14
03/17/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin03/17/06 09:52:16
03/17/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine03/17/06 04:00:51
03/17/06It's Lovely Angels!Ayumi03/17/06 01:57:58
03/16/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill03/16/06 23:58:46
03/16/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al03/16/06 22:16:04
03/16/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers03/16/06 18:02:35
03/16/06PhD ProcrastinationNick Burka03/16/06 14:09:01
03/16/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna03/16/06 12:00:27
03/16/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan03/16/06 11:00:36
03/16/06EquilibriumMandy Fraser03/16/06 15:22:42
03/16/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell03/16/06 04:00:09
03/16/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE03/16/06 01:58:10
03/15/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy03/15/06 21:57:23
03/15/06The Lonestar StateJeremy Spekman03/15/06 19:57:27
03/15/06Identity CrisisJason Heat03/15/06 17:57:17
03/15/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim03/15/06 15:51:24
03/15/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik03/15/06 13:56:18
03/15/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche03/15/06 11:57:51
03/15/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips03/15/06 09:59:11
03/15/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L03/08/06 09:59:08
03/14/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis03/14/06 23:58:03
03/14/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew03/14/06 22:03:10
03/14/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman03/14/06 20:03:34
03/14/06Mr. PopularLES03/14/06 17:54:59
03/14/06TransiencePhil Anderson03/14/06 15:47:42
03/14/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin03/14/06 13:50:53
03/14/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak04/18/06 00:47:41
03/14/06Too Hard for TearsAndrew Graber03/14/06 09:43:26
03/14/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens03/14/06 01:55:14
03/13/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue03/13/06 23:59:34
03/13/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro03/13/06 22:01:58
03/13/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova03/13/06 19:57:42
03/13/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins03/13/06 18:00:06
03/13/06TOO HAN TO HANDLERohan Mahadevan03/13/06 13:09:22
03/13/06The League: Radio EditAlex Csicsek03/13/06 12:05:09
03/13/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder03/06/06 11:41:06
03/13/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman03/13/06 10:35:20
03/13/06Something EclecticTristan03/13/06 07:18:56
03/13/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin03/13/06 03:58:42
03/13/06Late-Nite Lava!Nick Burka03/13/06 01:55:55
03/12/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt03/13/06 16:34:07
03/12/06Third Rail RadioChristina Kim03/12/06 20:54:25
03/12/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry03/12/06 18:01:46
03/12/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa03/12/06 15:55:02
03/12/06Memory MachineDan Doggett03/12/06 14:02:07
03/12/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem03/05/06 14:04:23
03/12/06That Fresh Radio PieceJames Briscoe03/12/06 07:24:38
03/12/06Beef Jerky, Polar Bears, and Warlocks with Charles Bronson Andy Porter03/12/06 03:57:42
03/11/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora03/11/06 23:58:05
03/11/06Royal JellyKiri Lee03/11/06 21:59:20
03/11/06A Delightful Evening with Noreen and ArshanNoreen and Arshan03/11/06 20:05:55
03/11/06Electric CandleDominick03/11/06 18:00:00
03/11/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson03/11/06 15:12:13
03/11/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank03/11/06 10:02:05
03/11/06The GetupNoel Isama03/04/06 07:26:30
03/11/06The GnarfestBen Meyerson03/11/06 04:03:59
03/11/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan03/11/06 01:48:13
03/10/06TRS RadioTRS Radio Crew03/17/06 21:56:45
03/10/06TRS RadioTRS Radio Crew03/17/06 23:59:24
03/10/06Pizza Party!Ian Fishman03/10/06 20:57:22
03/10/06Innovation In InstrumentationC. Eric Devin03/10/06 14:46:55
03/10/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan03/10/06 13:55:23
03/10/06The Two-Headed MonsterAdam Z Winer03/03/06 12:04:09
03/10/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin03/10/06 09:51:47
03/10/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine03/10/06 04:01:16
03/10/06It's Lovely Angels!Ayumi03/10/06 01:56:27
03/09/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill03/09/06 23:50:50
03/09/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al03/09/06 21:55:26
03/09/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski03/09/06 20:02:03
03/09/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers03/09/06 17:53:00
03/09/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht03/09/06 16:13:41
03/09/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker03/09/06 13:55:53
03/09/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna03/09/06 11:26:10
03/09/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan03/09/06 12:09:20
03/09/06EquilibriumMandy Fraser03/09/06 07:51:55
03/09/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell03/09/06 04:09:32
03/09/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE03/09/06 01:57:40
03/08/06JAM DOT BIZ radioE Money03/09/06 00:11:09
03/08/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy03/08/06 21:53:32
03/08/06The Lonestar StateJstone +Tayne= <303/08/06 19:46:44
03/08/06Identity CrisisJason Heat03/01/06 20:07:06
03/08/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim03/08/06 15:55:19
03/08/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik03/08/06 13:57:09
03/08/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche03/08/06 11:58:16
03/08/06THE WOAH SHOWEvan Waugh03/07/06 15:56:21
03/08/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L03/08/06 01:56:10
03/07/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis03/08/06 00:00:36
03/07/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew03/07/06 21:51:47
03/07/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman03/07/06 20:01:34
03/07/06Mr. PopularLES03/07/06 17:56:24
03/07/06TransiencePhil Anderson03/07/06 15:55:02
03/07/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin03/07/06 14:10:13
03/07/06Too Hard for TearsAndy Bowen03/07/06 08:00:22
03/07/06The KickBryan Massoff03/07/06 05:07:05
03/07/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens03/07/06 02:07:44
03/06/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue03/07/06 00:07:42
03/06/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro03/06/06 22:02:40
03/06/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins03/06/06 17:45:32
03/06/06TOO HAN TO HANDLERohan Mahadevan03/06/06 15:55:32
03/06/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder02/27/06 11:14:07
03/06/06Late-Nite Lava!Matt Stern03/06/06 01:01:21
03/05/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Adam Levin03/06/06 00:00:58
03/05/06Third Rail RadioChristina Kim03/05/06 21:05:15
03/05/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry03/01/06 23:58:43
03/05/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa03/05/06 15:57:26
03/05/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem03/05/06 12:02:20
03/05/06That Fresh Radio PieceJames Briscoe03/05/06 09:15:39
03/05/06Beef Jerky, Polar Bears, and Warlocks with Charles Bronson Andy Porter03/05/06 05:56:03
03/04/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora03/05/06 00:08:40
03/04/06Royal JellyKiri Lee02/25/06 21:29:04
03/04/06A Delightful Evening with Noreen and ArshanNoreen and Arshan03/04/06 20:01:55
03/04/06Electric CandleDominick03/05/06 13:34:56
03/04/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson03/04/06 16:04:24
03/04/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank03/04/06 10:03:39
03/04/06The GnarfestBen Meyerson03/04/06 03:56:53
03/04/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan03/04/06 01:56:55
03/03/06TRS RadioTRS Radio Crew03/03/06 22:21:01
03/03/06Innovation In InstrumentationC. Eric Devin03/03/06 15:54:09
03/03/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan03/03/06 13:57:00
03/03/06The Two-Headed MonsterDanielle Leikach02/24/06 12:09:08
03/03/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin03/03/06 09:41:23
03/03/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine03/03/06 03:55:04
03/03/06It's Lovely Angels!Ayumi03/03/06 02:12:34
03/02/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill03/02/06 23:59:34
03/02/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al03/02/06 21:56:34
03/02/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski03/02/06 21:12:34
03/02/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers03/02/06 17:59:10
03/02/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht03/02/06 15:56:24
03/02/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker03/02/06 13:57:33
03/02/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna03/02/06 12:03:41
03/02/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan03/02/06 15:42:01
03/02/06EquilibriumDian Squire03/02/06 07:53:29
03/02/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell03/02/06 04:09:28
03/02/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE03/02/06 01:57:53
03/01/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy03/01/06 22:29:20
03/01/06The Lonestar StateBrad and Eitan03/03/06 00:37:51
03/01/06Identity CrisisJason Heat03/01/06 17:58:16
03/01/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim03/01/06 15:54:23
03/01/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik03/01/06 13:56:25
03/01/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche03/01/06 12:00:42
03/01/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips03/01/06 09:59:15
03/01/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L04/19/06 01:35:03
02/28/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis02/28/06 23:57:12
02/28/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew02/28/06 21:42:46
02/28/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman02/28/06 19:59:57
02/28/06Mr. PopularLES02/28/06 17:59:38
02/28/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin02/28/06 14:36:45
02/28/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak04/18/06 00:47:16
02/28/06Too Hard for TearsAndy Bowen03/07/06 06:21:09
02/28/06The KickBryan Massoff02/28/06 06:00:03
02/27/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue02/28/06 00:25:16
02/27/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro02/27/06 21:59:46
02/27/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova02/27/06 19:59:31
02/27/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins02/27/06 18:00:54
02/27/06TOO HAN TO HANDLERohan Mahadevan02/20/06 15:54:21
02/27/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder02/20/06 12:51:29
02/27/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman02/27/06 09:59:09
02/27/06Something EclecticTristan02/27/06 07:59:01
02/27/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin02/27/06 04:04:05
02/26/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Adam Levin02/26/06 23:58:19
02/26/06Third Rail RadioChristina Kim02/26/06 21:04:18
02/26/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry02/26/06 17:53:57
02/26/06Memory MachineDan Doggett02/26/06 12:21:39
02/26/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem02/19/06 10:25:19
02/26/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez03/01/06 01:08:31
02/26/06Beef Jerky, Polar Bears, and Warlocks with Charles Bronson Andy Porter02/26/06 06:37:14
02/25/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora02/25/06 23:57:02
02/25/06Royal JellyKiri Lee02/18/06 23:08:26
02/25/06Electric CandleDominick02/25/06 21:09:43
02/25/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson02/25/06 14:47:11
02/25/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank02/25/06 10:36:01
02/25/06The GnarfestBen Meyerson02/25/06 03:42:22
02/25/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan02/25/06 02:16:51
02/24/06Pizza Party!Ian Fishman02/24/06 20:53:21
02/24/06Innovation In InstrumentationC. Eric Devin02/24/06 15:46:24
02/24/06The Two-Headed MonsterAdam Z Winer02/17/06 12:01:12
02/24/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin02/24/06 08:15:07
02/24/06It's Lovely Angels!Mandy Fraser02/24/06 02:57:17
02/23/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill02/23/06 23:52:02
02/23/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al02/23/06 21:50:55
02/23/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski02/23/06 19:04:18
02/23/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers02/23/06 17:58:08
02/23/06The Wanton MachineNick Burka02/23/06 15:57:12
02/23/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker02/23/06 13:55:27
02/23/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna03/02/06 11:25:10
02/23/06EquilibriumDian Squire02/25/06 10:09:51
02/23/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell02/23/06 04:19:49
02/23/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE02/23/06 01:57:44
02/22/06JAM DOT BIZ radioMandy Fraser02/22/06 23:58:08
02/22/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy02/22/06 21:55:56
02/22/06The Lonestar StateJstone +Tayne= <302/22/06 18:10:09
02/22/06Identity CrisisJason Heat02/22/06 17:56:53
02/22/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim02/23/06 17:42:58
02/22/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik02/22/06 13:56:55
02/22/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche02/22/06 11:58:40
02/22/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips02/22/06 09:57:00
02/22/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L02/22/06 01:54:42
02/21/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis02/21/06 23:57:15
02/21/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew02/21/06 22:03:28
02/21/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman02/21/06 19:58:40
02/21/06Mr. PopularLES02/21/06 17:56:21
02/21/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin02/21/06 15:14:24
02/21/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak04/18/06 00:47:00
02/21/06Too Hard for TearsAndy Bowen02/21/06 08:17:01
02/21/06The KickBryan Massoff02/21/06 05:55:05
02/21/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens02/21/06 01:58:57
02/20/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue02/21/06 00:02:26
02/20/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro02/20/06 22:01:26
02/20/06Flex Yr HeadMax Nova02/20/06 19:54:50
02/20/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins02/20/06 17:57:15
02/20/06TOO HAN TO HANDLERohan Mahadevan02/13/06 15:58:28
02/20/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder02/20/06 10:42:51
02/20/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman02/20/06 10:07:51
02/20/06Something EclecticTristan02/20/06 07:19:51
02/19/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt02/19/06 23:55:47
02/19/06Third Rail RadioChristina Kim02/19/06 22:08:44
02/19/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry02/19/06 18:05:54
02/19/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa02/19/06 16:02:10
02/19/06Memory MachineDan Doggett02/12/06 13:58:16
02/19/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem02/12/06 11:58:59
02/19/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez02/20/06 04:01:38
02/19/06Beef Jerky, Polar Bears, and Warlocks with Charles Bronson Andy Porter02/19/06 06:04:36
02/18/06Hold your SoundRudy Zamora02/18/06 23:53:15
02/18/06Royal JellyKiri Lee03/04/06 21:56:18
02/18/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al07/07/06 19:13:44
02/18/06Electric CandleDominick02/19/06 04:09:31
02/18/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson02/18/06 15:27:00
02/18/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank02/18/06 13:20:52
02/18/06The GnarfestMandy Fraser02/18/06 13:53:06
02/18/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan02/18/06 01:49:42
02/17/06TRS RadioTRS Radio Crew02/17/06 21:58:36
02/17/06Innovation In InstrumentationC. Eric Devin02/17/06 15:46:26
02/17/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan02/17/06 14:01:01
02/17/06The Two-Headed MonsterAdam Z Winer02/10/06 10:45:59
02/17/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin02/17/06 09:55:18
02/17/06The Russell Wood's Buddha Riding a Toad Variety HourEvan Reinhard02/17/06 06:10:48
02/17/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine02/17/06 04:05:17
02/17/06It's Lovely Angels!Ayumi02/17/06 01:57:33
02/16/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill02/17/06 00:02:52
02/16/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski02/16/06 20:01:54
02/16/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers02/16/06 17:57:23
02/16/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht02/16/06 15:57:49
02/16/06PhD ProcrastinationLaura Schnitker02/16/06 14:02:16
02/16/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna02/16/06 11:53:43
02/16/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan02/16/06 10:02:03
02/16/06EquilibriumDian Squire02/16/06 08:20:51
02/16/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell02/16/06 04:31:13
02/16/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE02/16/06 02:00:34
02/15/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy02/15/06 22:01:04
02/15/06The Lonestar StateJstone +Tayne= <302/15/06 18:17:04
02/15/06Identity CrisisJason Heat02/15/06 17:59:44
02/15/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim02/23/06 17:44:09
02/15/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik02/15/06 13:57:23
02/15/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche02/15/06 12:01:00
02/15/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips02/15/06 09:59:20
02/15/06THE WOAH SHOWEvan Waugh02/12/06 19:30:23
02/15/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L02/15/06 02:11:48
02/14/06Suburban SpeedMandy Fraser02/16/06 01:38:15
02/14/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman02/14/06 20:18:58
02/14/06TransiencePhil Anderson02/14/06 15:57:07
02/14/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin02/14/06 23:32:58
02/14/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak02/14/06 13:03:39
02/14/06Too Hard for TearsAndy Bowen02/14/06 07:53:15
02/14/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens02/14/06 02:06:48
02/13/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue02/14/06 00:11:02
02/13/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro02/13/06 22:00:14
02/13/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins02/13/06 19:52:52
02/13/06TOO HAN TO HANDLEJackie02/12/06 17:22:26
02/13/06The League: Radio EditAlex Csicsek02/13/06 12:12:32
02/13/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder02/13/06 10:36:05
02/13/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman02/13/06 10:02:54
02/13/06Something EclecticTristan04/17/06 07:55:09
02/13/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin02/13/06 02:34:22
02/13/06Late-Nite Lava!Matt Stern02/13/06 00:25:45
02/12/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt02/12/06 23:58:10
02/12/06Third Rail RadioBridgett Bobowiec02/12/06 20:49:44
02/12/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry02/12/06 17:59:46
02/12/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa02/12/06 15:59:16
02/12/06Memory MachineDan Doggett02/07/06 13:19:17
02/12/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem02/05/06 14:17:25
02/11/06Royal JellyKiri Lee02/11/06 21:42:56
02/11/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al07/07/06 19:13:11
02/11/06Electric CandleDominick02/11/06 17:57:50
02/11/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson02/11/06 12:10:53
02/11/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank02/18/06 13:35:19
02/11/06The GnarfestBen Meyerson02/11/06 03:00:39
02/11/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan02/11/06 00:32:11
02/10/06Pizza Party!Ian Fishman02/10/06 19:04:21
02/10/06Pizza Party!Ian Fishman02/10/06 19:21:08
02/10/06Pizza Party!Ian Fishman02/10/06 19:24:58
02/10/06Innovation In InstrumentationC. Eric Devin02/10/06 15:46:26
02/10/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan02/10/06 13:56:22
02/10/06The Two-Headed MonsterAdam Z Winer02/10/06 10:21:31
02/10/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin02/10/06 09:12:56
02/10/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine02/10/06 03:57:14
02/10/06It's Lovely Angels!Ayumi02/10/06 01:57:28
02/09/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill02/09/06 23:56:52
02/09/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski02/09/06 19:58:54
02/09/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers02/09/06 16:41:03
02/09/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers02/09/06 18:01:00
02/09/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht02/09/06 16:01:49
02/09/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna02/09/06 12:01:08
02/09/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan02/09/06 10:01:05
02/09/06LEAVE THE HALL!Scotty Maxwell02/14/06 17:51:54
02/09/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE02/09/06 03:31:05
02/08/06JAM DOT BIZ radioE Money02/09/06 00:24:40
02/08/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy02/08/06 22:00:02
02/08/06The Lonestar StateJstone +Tayne= <302/08/06 18:12:36
02/08/06Identity CrisisJason Heat02/08/06 17:58:20
02/08/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim02/08/06 15:54:50
02/08/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik02/08/06 12:10:18
02/08/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche02/08/06 12:01:10
02/08/06The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.Matt Phillips02/08/06 09:59:05
02/08/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L02/08/06 02:00:30
02/07/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis02/07/06 22:47:09
02/07/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew02/07/06 21:59:06
02/07/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman02/07/06 20:01:33
02/07/06Mr. PopularColm Atkins02/11/06 15:43:57
02/07/06TransiencePhil Anderson02/07/06 16:01:41
02/07/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin02/07/06 14:03:27
02/07/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak04/18/06 00:46:19
02/07/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens02/07/06 02:04:43
02/06/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue02/07/06 00:00:11
02/06/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro02/06/06 22:01:12
02/06/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins02/06/06 17:58:15
02/06/06TOO HAN TO HANDLERohan Mahadevan02/06/06 15:59:17
02/06/06The League: Radio EditAlex Csicsek02/06/06 12:07:56
02/06/06valiant goals etc.Anna Schoenfelder02/06/06 11:07:38
02/06/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman02/06/06 10:00:52
02/06/06Something EclecticTristan02/06/06 07:47:59
02/06/06Sleeping is the Only Love <3Patrick McLaughlin02/06/06 02:38:25
02/06/06Late-Nite Lava!Matt Stern02/06/06 00:25:09
02/05/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Adam Levin02/06/06 00:05:29
02/05/06The Sound of Young America!Christopher Berry02/05/06 17:58:56
02/05/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa02/05/06 16:01:39
02/05/06Hang the DJVicky and Taneem02/05/06 10:29:50
02/05/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez04/16/06 08:00:59
02/04/06Royal JellyKiri Lee02/04/06 21:51:44
02/04/06We Eat CarsAnton and Al07/07/06 19:14:26
02/04/06Electric CandleDominick02/04/06 18:05:15
02/04/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson02/04/06 15:03:20
02/04/06The ReCollectionAllie Frank02/04/06 10:07:39
02/04/06The GnarfestBen Meyerson02/04/06 03:59:37
02/04/06Teen Age Riot!Brad and Eitan02/04/06 01:57:38
02/03/06TRS RadioTRS Radio Crew02/03/06 21:03:53
02/03/06Innovation In InstrumentationC. Eric Devin02/03/06 15:46:51
02/03/06Something ElseJessie and Meghan02/03/06 13:53:09
02/03/06The Two-Headed MonsterAdam Z Winer02/03/06 12:02:32
02/03/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin02/03/06 09:53:08
02/03/06If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!Michael Levine02/03/06 03:47:17
02/03/06It's Lovely Angels!Ayumi02/03/06 01:56:16
02/02/06The Adding MachineRyan Fisher and Dave Gill02/02/06 23:56:16
02/02/06We Eat Carsmaya livio02/02/06 22:01:01
02/02/06Sunshine for your earsJulia Novakowski02/02/06 20:15:43
02/02/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers02/02/06 18:16:28
02/02/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht02/02/06 15:57:41
02/02/06Green Eggs and HamErin and Johnna02/02/06 12:00:02
02/02/06Radio Show Ate My MorningRayhan Hasan02/02/06 10:12:00
02/01/06JAM DOT BIZ radioE Money02/01/06 22:33:58
02/01/06IndiescribableSami and Kristy02/01/06 21:54:13
02/01/06The Lonestar StateJstone +Tayne= <302/01/06 18:17:43
02/01/06Identity CrisisJason Heat02/01/06 16:07:58
02/01/06Fuck The New BinChristina Kim02/01/06 15:40:56
02/01/06The Wake-Up Bomb!Joe Straaik02/01/06 13:20:39
02/01/06Black CoffeeEllen Roche02/01/06 11:59:14
02/01/06Too Hott to HandleMatt L02/01/06 00:15:46
01/31/06Suburban SpeedMat Lewis01/31/06 23:57:24
01/31/06Thug Motivation 101Andrew01/31/06 21:58:13
01/31/06The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio ProgramThe Harvman02/02/06 20:38:49
01/31/06Mr. PopularAdam Z Winer01/31/06 17:51:42
01/31/06Fuck The New BinChristopher Berry02/02/06 20:29:37
01/31/06Secondhand CoolnessKevin Chin01/31/06 13:58:57
01/31/06Camel ToadsMonika Tomczak01/31/06 12:21:47
01/31/06Back to the BasicsAndrew Stevens01/31/06 01:37:08
01/30/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue02/02/06 20:37:31
01/30/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIMERicardo Pizarro02/02/06 20:34:19
01/30/06Super Ninja Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight HourColm Atkins02/01/06 10:13:45
01/30/06TOO HAN TO HANDLERohan Mahadevan02/27/06 15:57:46
01/30/06The Alternative Breakfast Party from HellMegan Lahman05/15/06 10:40:25