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09/03/06Ctrl Alt DelDaniel April08/27/06 15:56:55
08/29/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.08/29/06 23:52:29
08/29/06FAR 2 HAN 2 HANdleFarhan Syed08/29/06 15:46:08
08/29/06Mysterious Maux'sMaureen Sullivan08/29/06 10:37:37
08/29/06That Fresh Radio PieceJames Briscoe08/29/06 09:01:22
08/28/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie08/28/06 15:46:28
08/27/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell08/28/06 00:06:08
08/27/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt08/27/06 21:23:45
08/27/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson08/27/06 00:57:12
08/26/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect08/27/06 00:18:41
08/26/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson09/02/06 18:44:26
08/26/06Electric CandleDominick08/26/06 21:11:11
08/26/06Sunshine for your EARsJulia Novakowski08/26/06 14:34:27
08/26/06The Rap Video HoesSugar and Kneib08/26/06 10:00:52
08/25/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin08/26/06 00:02:52
08/25/06Hairy BuisnessDanielle Leikach08/25/06 18:06:38
08/25/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff08/25/06 15:49:51
08/25/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin08/25/06 10:01:02
08/24/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan08/24/06 22:17:46
08/24/06Fuck the New BinChristina Kim08/24/06 19:54:55
08/24/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht08/24/06 16:08:29
08/24/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker08/24/06 13:57:56
08/23/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue08/23/06 22:36:55
08/23/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins08/23/06 21:44:24
08/23/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers08/23/06 20:01:27
08/23/06Inching Towards Destruction LES08/23/06 01:28:37
08/22/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke08/22/06 17:58:29
08/22/06Mysterious Maux'sMaureen Sullivan08/22/06 10:58:46
08/22/06That Fresh Radio PieceJames Briscoe08/22/06 09:00:17
08/21/06Identity CrisisJason Heat08/21/06 19:36:28
08/21/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie08/21/06 16:57:54
08/21/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry08/21/06 14:00:56
08/20/06Third Rail RadioLilly B.08/20/06 21:06:32
08/20/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt08/20/06 17:56:48
08/20/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa08/20/06 15:50:23
08/20/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson08/20/06 01:07:06
08/19/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect08/20/06 00:03:48
08/19/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson08/20/06 00:42:30
08/19/06Electric CandleDominick08/19/06 20:50:59
08/19/06Sunshine for your EARsDave Sisson08/20/06 00:10:10
08/19/06The Rap Video HoesSugar and Kneib08/19/06 08:53:00
08/18/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin08/19/06 00:01:32
08/18/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff08/18/06 15:37:16
08/18/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin08/18/06 10:44:41
08/17/06Fuck the New BinChristina Kim08/17/06 20:05:06
08/17/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht08/20/06 14:02:05
08/17/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker08/17/06 13:56:41
08/16/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue08/17/06 00:11:59
08/16/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins08/16/06 21:56:36
08/16/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers08/16/06 19:58:33
08/16/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight EditionMandy Fraser08/16/06 12:50:08
08/16/06Inching Towards Destruction LES08/16/06 01:51:08
08/15/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke08/15/06 18:02:36
08/15/06FAR 2 HAN 2 HANdleFarhan Syed08/15/06 16:15:37
08/15/06Mysterious Maux'sMaureen Sullivan08/15/06 10:48:40
08/15/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez08/15/06 09:07:28
08/14/06MostlyMetalRyan Sherwin08/14/06 21:40:33
08/14/06Identity CrisisJason Heat08/14/06 19:33:52
08/14/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie08/14/06 17:14:04
08/13/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell08/14/06 00:05:33
08/13/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt08/13/06 17:56:08
08/13/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson08/13/06 01:23:32
08/12/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect08/12/06 23:58:58
08/12/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson08/12/06 20:57:47
08/11/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin08/12/06 00:02:07
08/11/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff08/11/06 15:50:53
08/11/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin08/11/06 10:45:44
08/10/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan08/11/06 00:00:50
08/10/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker08/10/06 14:00:11
08/09/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins08/09/06 21:52:27
08/09/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers08/09/06 19:56:22
08/09/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight EditionMandy Fraser08/20/06 14:04:18
08/09/06Inching Towards Destruction LES08/09/06 01:16:21
08/08/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.08/08/06 23:58:55
08/08/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMERFarhan Syed08/08/06 21:36:06
08/08/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke08/08/06 17:57:55
08/08/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez08/08/06 09:01:17
08/07/06MostlyMetalRyan Sherwin08/07/06 21:05:49
08/07/06Identity CrisisJason Heat08/07/06 20:10:12
08/07/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie08/07/06 16:58:48
08/07/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry08/07/06 13:58:55
08/06/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt08/06/06 17:36:45
08/06/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa08/06/06 15:55:29
08/06/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson08/06/06 00:35:02
08/05/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect08/06/06 21:05:03
08/05/06Electric CandlePhil Anderson08/05/06 17:59:12
08/05/06The Rap Video HoesSugar and Kneib08/05/06 08:34:06
08/04/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin08/05/06 00:01:56
08/04/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff08/04/06 15:18:23
08/03/06JAM DOT BIZ RADIOJoy Bethea08/03/06 20:56:49
08/03/06Fuck the New BinChristina Kim08/03/06 18:45:45
08/03/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker08/03/06 13:58:53
08/02/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue08/02/06 23:58:28
08/02/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Phil Anderson08/02/06 20:49:16
08/02/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers08/02/06 19:57:19
08/02/06Identity CrisisJason Heat08/02/06 17:50:31
08/02/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight EditionMandy Fraser08/02/06 13:49:21
08/02/06Inching Towards Destruction LES08/02/06 01:40:37
08/01/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.08/01/06 23:54:48
08/01/06The LONEstar StateJstone +Tayne= <308/01/06 19:05:20
08/01/06Mysterious Maux'sMaureen Sullivan08/01/06 10:08:40
07/31/06MostlyMetalRyan Sherwin07/31/06 22:28:49
07/31/06Identity CrisisJason Heat07/31/06 20:06:46
07/31/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie07/31/06 16:57:12
07/31/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry07/31/06 13:57:26
07/30/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell07/30/06 23:56:12
07/30/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt08/01/06 22:54:01
07/30/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson07/30/06 02:08:05
07/29/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect07/29/06 22:58:45
07/29/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson07/30/06 03:58:32
07/29/06Electric CandleDominick07/30/06 04:02:58
07/28/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin07/28/06 23:47:41
07/28/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff07/28/06 16:14:04
07/28/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin07/28/06 08:54:49
07/27/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan07/28/06 00:04:07
07/27/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE07/27/06 00:09:19
07/26/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue07/26/06 23:59:33
07/26/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Dj Eyecue07/26/06 22:04:31
07/26/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers07/26/06 19:57:32
07/26/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight EditionMandy Fraser07/26/06 13:49:40
07/26/06Wednesday Morning Wakeup with JeremyJeremy Spekman07/26/06 07:57:58
07/26/06Inching Towards Destruction LES07/26/06 01:57:35
07/25/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.07/26/06 00:00:34
07/25/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMERRicardo Pizarro07/25/06 21:55:47
07/25/06Mysterious Maux'sMaureen Sullivan07/25/06 10:55:49
07/25/06Unnamed Show 141DJ Boss Player07/25/06 00:37:20
07/24/06MostlyMetalRyan Sherwin07/24/06 23:47:43
07/24/06Identity CrisisJason Heat07/24/06 20:00:14
07/24/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie07/24/06 16:55:58
07/24/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry07/24/06 14:01:14
07/23/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell07/23/06 23:57:09
07/23/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt07/24/06 18:02:47
07/23/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson07/23/06 02:02:32
07/22/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect07/23/06 00:07:47
07/22/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson07/22/06 21:01:46
07/22/06Electric CandleDominick07/22/06 17:57:08
07/22/06The Rap Video HoesSugar and Kneib07/22/06 08:20:49
07/21/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin07/21/06 21:40:09
07/21/06Hairy BuisnessDanielle Leikach07/21/06 18:02:30
07/21/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff07/21/06 16:01:44
07/21/06I am the digital god and you are my analog slaves.Andrew Kwon07/16/06 18:33:28
07/21/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin07/21/06 10:27:58
07/20/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan07/21/06 00:00:44
07/20/06JAM DOT BIZ RADIOE Money07/20/06 22:06:03
07/20/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker07/20/06 13:55:42
07/20/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE07/20/06 00:02:24
07/19/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue07/19/06 23:56:45
07/19/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins07/19/06 21:29:40
07/19/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers07/19/06 20:01:42
07/19/06The Stop Payment On My Reality CheckPam Sterling07/19/06 11:57:08
07/19/06Wednesday Morning Wakeup with JeremyJeremy Spekman07/19/06 07:59:08
07/19/06Inching Towards Destruction LES07/19/06 01:38:06
07/18/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.07/18/06 23:57:44
07/18/06The LONEstar StateJstone +Tayne= <307/18/06 19:16:42
07/18/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke07/18/06 17:38:32
07/18/06FAR 2 HAN 2 HANdleFarhan Syed07/18/06 15:53:06
07/18/06That Fresh Radio PieceJames Briscoe07/18/06 09:03:23
07/17/06MostlyMetalRyan Sherwin07/17/06 22:25:06
07/17/06Identity CrisisJason Heat07/17/06 19:51:46
07/17/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry07/17/06 14:30:21
07/16/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell07/16/06 23:54:48
07/16/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt07/16/06 19:14:33
07/16/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson07/16/06 00:45:35
07/15/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect07/15/06 23:00:12
07/15/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson07/15/06 21:01:47
07/15/06Electric CandleDominick07/15/06 18:07:53
07/15/06Sunshine for your EARsAbe Cavin07/16/06 23:34:56
07/14/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin07/15/06 00:02:19
07/14/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin07/14/06 09:42:56
07/13/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht07/13/06 15:59:12
07/13/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker07/13/06 13:52:03
07/12/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue07/13/06 00:20:48
07/12/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins07/12/06 20:55:42
07/12/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers07/12/06 19:58:43
07/12/06Wednesday Morning Wakeup with JeremyJeremy Spekman07/12/06 08:03:15
07/12/06Inching Towards Destruction LES07/12/06 01:58:50
07/11/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.07/11/06 23:58:29
07/11/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMERRicardo Pizarro07/11/06 21:34:06
07/11/06The LONEstar StateJstone +Tayne= <307/11/06 18:15:00
07/11/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke07/11/06 17:53:43
07/11/06FAR 2 HAN 2 HANdleFarhan Syed07/11/06 15:57:07
07/11/06Mysterious Maux'sMaureen Sullivan07/25/06 11:02:10
07/11/06That Fresh Radio PieceJames Briscoe07/11/06 08:59:09
07/11/06Unnamed Show 141DJ Boss Player07/11/06 01:54:17
07/10/06MostlyMetalRyan Sherwin07/10/06 23:37:59
07/10/06Identity CrisisJason Heat07/10/06 18:46:48
07/10/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie07/10/06 16:15:36
07/10/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry07/10/06 14:04:11
07/09/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell07/09/06 20:57:46
07/09/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt07/09/06 18:49:55
07/09/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson07/09/06 02:01:45
07/08/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect07/09/06 00:10:55
07/08/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson07/08/06 21:05:20
07/08/06Electric CandleDominick07/08/06 18:59:09
07/08/06The Rap Video HoesSugar and Kneib07/08/06 08:33:50
07/07/06Hairy BuisnessRohan Mahadevan07/07/06 17:58:31
07/07/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff07/07/06 15:55:43
07/07/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin07/07/06 10:52:30
07/06/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan07/08/06 19:48:31
07/06/06JAM DOT BIZ RADIOE Money07/06/06 21:33:13
07/06/06Fuck the New BinChristina Kim07/06/06 20:01:57
07/06/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker07/06/06 13:46:13
07/06/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE07/06/06 00:20:31
07/05/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue07/05/06 23:59:10
07/05/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins07/05/06 21:35:43
07/05/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers07/05/06 19:56:48
07/05/06Identity CrisisJason Heat07/05/06 18:00:16
07/05/06Wednesday Morning Wakeup with JeremyJeremy Spekman07/05/06 07:59:36
07/04/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke07/04/06 18:01:32
07/04/06FAR 2 HAN 2 HANdleFarhan Syed07/04/06 16:02:19
07/04/06That Fresh Radio PieceJames Briscoe07/04/06 08:51:53
07/03/06MostlyMetalDave Sisson07/04/06 01:50:53
07/03/06Identity CrisisJason Heat07/03/06 22:01:22
07/03/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie07/03/06 16:51:20
07/03/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry07/03/06 13:43:34
07/02/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt07/02/06 17:54:07
07/02/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa07/02/06 15:56:09
07/01/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect07/01/06 22:54:04
07/01/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson07/01/06 21:38:06
07/01/06Electric CandleDominick07/01/06 21:00:01
07/01/06Sunshine for your EARsAbe Cavin07/01/06 15:02:47
06/30/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin06/30/06 23:59:27
06/30/06Hairy BuisnessDanielle Leikach06/30/06 18:06:54
06/30/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff06/30/06 15:59:50
06/30/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin06/30/06 07:51:05
06/29/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan06/30/06 00:05:05
06/29/06Fuck the New BinChristina Kim06/29/06 19:48:34
06/29/06Tin Pan AlleyArmida Lowe06/29/06 17:59:46
06/29/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht06/29/06 16:03:48
06/29/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Cooke06/29/06 13:57:13
06/28/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue06/28/06 23:56:18
06/28/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins06/28/06 21:47:54
06/28/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers06/28/06 19:58:28
06/28/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight EditionMandy Fraser06/23/06 00:36:05
06/28/06Wednesday Morning Wakeup with JeremyJeremy Spekman06/28/06 08:00:16
06/28/06Inching Towards Destruction LES06/28/06 01:38:06
06/27/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.06/27/06 23:54:25
06/27/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMERRicardo Pizarro06/27/06 21:59:07
06/27/06The LONEstar StateJstone +Tayne= <306/27/06 18:12:30
06/27/06The LONEstar StateJstone +Tayne= <306/27/06 19:37:02
06/27/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke06/27/06 17:40:50
06/27/06FAR 2 HAN 2 HANdleFarhan Syed06/27/06 15:43:33
06/27/06EquilibriumDian Squire06/27/06 13:57:00
06/27/06Mysterious Maux'sMaureen Sullivan06/27/06 10:28:12
06/27/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez06/27/06 09:04:50
06/26/06MostlyMetalRyan Sherwin06/26/06 19:51:33
06/26/06Identity CrisisJason Heat06/26/06 19:57:34
06/26/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie06/26/06 16:56:23
06/26/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry07/22/06 14:56:15
06/25/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell06/26/06 00:04:45
06/25/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt06/25/06 17:57:03
06/25/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa06/25/06 15:51:57
06/24/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect06/24/06 22:55:44
06/24/06Electric CandleDominick07/09/06 01:42:44
06/24/06Sunshine for your EARsAbe Cavin06/24/06 14:53:48
06/23/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin06/23/06 23:56:58
06/23/06Hairy BuisnessDanielle Leikach06/23/06 18:11:08
06/23/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff06/23/06 15:59:57
06/23/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin06/23/06 07:58:32
06/22/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan06/23/06 00:01:10
06/22/06JAM DOT BIZ RADIOE Money06/22/06 21:13:37
06/22/06Tin Pan AlleyArmida Lowe06/22/06 17:23:51
06/22/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht06/22/06 16:07:52
06/22/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker06/22/06 13:57:07
06/22/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE06/22/06 12:00:03
06/21/06The Apple Juice BreakDj Eyecue06/21/06 23:42:11
06/21/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins06/21/06 21:46:09
06/21/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers06/21/06 19:57:44
06/21/06Identity CrisisJason Heat06/21/06 17:59:04
06/21/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight EditionMandy Fraser06/30/06 08:01:21
06/21/06Something EclecticTristan06/24/06 13:44:27
06/21/06Wednesday Morning Wakeup with JeremyJeremy Spekman06/21/06 08:00:21
06/21/06Inching Towards Destruction LES06/21/06 01:50:19
06/20/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.06/20/06 23:59:25
06/20/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMERRicardo Pizarro06/20/06 22:02:29
06/20/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke06/20/06 18:04:37
06/20/06FAR 2 HAN 2 HANdleFarhan Syed06/20/06 15:44:23
06/20/06EquilibriumDian Squire06/20/06 13:58:00
06/20/06Mysterious Maux'sMaureen Sullivan06/20/06 10:48:43
06/20/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez06/20/06 09:01:53
06/19/06MostlyMetalRyan Sherwin06/19/06 23:43:55
06/19/06Identity CrisisJason Heat06/19/06 19:59:42
06/19/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie06/19/06 16:53:16
06/19/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry06/19/06 13:52:01
06/18/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell06/19/06 00:01:28
06/18/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt06/19/06 07:43:34
06/18/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa06/18/06 15:54:14
06/18/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson06/18/06 01:50:20
06/17/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect06/18/06 00:01:43
06/17/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson06/17/06 20:59:26
06/17/06Electric CandleDominick06/17/06 17:49:40
06/17/06Sunshine for your EARsJulia Novakowski06/17/06 15:12:15
06/16/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin06/16/06 23:58:50
06/16/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff06/16/06 16:01:42
06/16/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin06/16/06 08:06:23
06/15/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan06/16/06 10:57:43
06/15/06JAM DOT BIZ RADIOE Money06/15/06 22:17:47
06/15/06Tin Pan AlleyArmida Lowe06/15/06 18:16:26
06/15/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht06/15/06 15:54:35
06/15/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker06/15/06 14:03:10
06/15/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE06/15/06 02:01:18
06/14/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins06/14/06 23:52:25
06/14/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers06/14/06 19:58:12
06/14/06Identity CrisisJason Heat06/14/06 18:01:56
06/14/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight EditionMandy Fraser06/14/06 14:02:42
06/14/06The Stop Payment On My Reality CheckPam Sterling06/14/06 10:53:56
06/14/06Wednesday Morning Wakeup with JeremyJeremy Spekman06/14/06 08:01:40
06/14/06Inching Towards Destruction LES06/14/06 01:42:02
06/13/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.06/13/06 23:59:11
06/13/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMERRicardo Pizarro06/13/06 22:02:01
06/13/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke06/13/06 18:09:47
06/13/06FAR 2 HAN 2 HANdleFarhan Syed06/13/06 15:58:45
06/13/06EquilibriumDian Squire06/13/06 13:59:09
06/13/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez06/13/06 09:02:36
06/13/06MostlyMetalRyan Sherwin06/12/06 20:43:24
06/12/06Identity CrisisJason Heat06/12/06 20:02:27
06/12/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie06/12/06 16:57:05
06/12/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry06/05/06 14:00:49
06/11/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell06/12/06 00:02:03
06/11/06Third Rail RadioBridgett Bobowiec06/11/06 20:51:56
06/11/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Adam Levin06/11/06 17:51:20
06/11/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa06/11/06 16:16:56
06/11/06The International House of PancakesAndy Porter06/11/06 13:59:56
06/11/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson06/11/06 01:59:27
06/10/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect06/10/06 22:58:42
06/10/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson06/10/06 21:00:04
06/10/06Electric CandleDominick06/10/06 18:03:31
06/10/06Sunshine for your EARsJulia Novakowski06/10/06 14:31:08
06/09/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin06/09/06 23:51:53
06/09/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff06/09/06 15:25:14
06/09/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin06/09/06 08:20:17
06/08/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan06/09/06 00:02:17
06/08/06JAM DOT BIZ RADIOE Money06/08/06 21:59:14
06/08/06Fuck the New BinChristina Kim06/08/06 19:58:02
06/08/06Tin Pan AlleyArmida Lowe06/08/06 16:26:15
06/08/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht06/08/06 15:56:40
06/08/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker06/08/06 14:01:45
06/08/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE06/08/06 02:07:20
06/07/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins06/07/06 21:58:16
06/07/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers06/07/06 20:01:16
06/07/06Identity CrisisJason Heat06/07/06 18:04:18
06/07/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight EditionMandy Fraser06/07/06 12:25:01
06/07/06Something EclecticTristan06/24/06 13:56:16
06/07/06Wednesday Morning Wakeup with JeremyJeremy Spekman06/07/06 08:01:53
06/07/06Inching Towards Destruction LES06/07/06 02:01:57
06/06/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMERRicardo Pizarro06/06/06 22:14:08
06/06/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke06/06/06 16:16:05
06/06/06FAR 2 HAN 2 HANdleFarhan Syed06/06/06 15:54:09
06/06/06EquilibriumDian Squire06/06/06 13:58:08
06/06/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez06/06/06 09:04:16
06/05/06Identity CrisisJason Heat06/05/06 22:01:26
06/05/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie06/05/06 17:05:45
06/05/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry05/30/06 02:21:02
06/04/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell06/04/06 23:49:35
06/04/06Third Rail RadioBridgett Bobowiec06/04/06 21:10:02
06/04/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Adam Levin06/04/06 18:04:00
06/04/06The Underwater JamboxEmilia Costa06/04/06 16:11:05
06/04/06The International House of PancakesAndy Porter06/04/06 14:01:19
06/04/06Have It Your WayChris Sisson06/03/06 03:53:30
06/03/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect06/03/06 23:03:41
06/03/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson06/03/06 20:59:25
06/03/06Electric CandleDominick06/03/06 18:02:35
06/03/06Sunshine for your EARsJulia Novakowski06/03/06 15:01:30
06/02/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin06/02/06 23:50:16
06/02/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff06/02/06 15:59:35
06/02/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin06/02/06 08:12:30
06/01/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan06/02/06 00:01:50
06/01/06JAM DOT BIZ RADIOE Money06/01/06 21:56:45
06/01/06Fuck the New BinChristina Kim06/01/06 19:58:48
06/01/06Tin Pan AlleyArmida Lowe06/01/06 18:01:31
06/01/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht06/01/06 16:13:37
06/01/06Laurasaural FixationsLaura Schnitker06/01/06 13:59:16
06/01/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE06/01/06 01:58:43
05/31/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour Colm Atkins05/31/06 22:10:35
05/31/06Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers05/31/06 19:58:50
05/31/06Identity CrisisJason Heat05/31/06 18:02:32
05/31/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight EditionMandy Fraser06/02/06 16:09:48
05/31/06Wednesday Morning Wakeup with JeremyJeremy Spekman05/31/06 07:56:05
05/31/06Inching Towards Destruction LES05/31/06 01:57:56
05/30/06All's Well That Ends WellLilly B.05/30/06 23:59:03
05/30/06Was it good for you?Laura Cooke05/30/06 16:18:44
05/30/06That Fresh Radio PieceChristian Melendez05/30/06 08:06:34
05/30/06Owners Radio!Saam Bozorgmehr05/26/06 02:03:56
05/29/06Identity CrisisJason Heat05/29/06 19:59:27
05/29/06You think you're so scene, but you're not even in the scriptJackie05/29/06 16:52:37
05/29/06Less Talk, More ChalkChristopher Berry06/12/06 13:59:50
05/28/06LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal RadioScotty Maxwell05/28/06 23:50:10
05/28/06Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)Ja Levitt05/28/06 20:12:03
05/27/06Unnamed Show 118Sean the Suspect05/27/06 22:53:25
05/27/06Dave's Record CollectionDave Sisson05/27/06 21:05:29
05/27/06Electric CandleDominick05/27/06 18:03:40
05/27/06Sunshine for your EARsJulia Novakowski05/27/06 13:44:06
05/26/06Unnamed Show 114Patrick McLaughlin05/27/06 00:03:39
05/26/06Hairy BuisnessDanielle Leikach05/26/06 18:03:21
05/26/06The Audio Welfare AllianceAudiotroph & The Thing With The Stuff05/26/06 15:58:21
05/26/06Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin05/26/06 08:06:24
05/25/06Teen Age RiotBrad and Eitan05/25/06 23:58:44
05/25/06JAM DOT BIZ RADIOE Money05/25/06 21:58:07
05/25/06Fuck the New BinChristina Kim05/25/06 19:53:59
05/25/06Tin Pan AlleyArmida Lowe05/25/06 18:00:09
05/25/06The Wanton MachineEmily Brecht05/25/06 16:00:46
05/25/06Stands for DecibelsDECIBELLE05/25/06 01:57:27