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08/28/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz08/28/11 16:00:22
08/28/11† You're a W‡z▲rd, Harry! †Alex Golden08/28/11 13:41:39
08/27/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson08/27/11 23:50:04
08/27/11Electric CandleDominick08/28/11 00:58:12
08/27/11The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer08/27/11 11:55:21
08/26/11Unscheduled ShowSean-Christopher Riley08/26/11 10:36:19
08/26/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin08/26/11 06:24:53
08/26/11Metalstep EarthdubJan Babiuch-Hall08/26/11 02:14:54
08/25/11Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Colby Smith08/25/11 19:53:59
08/25/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker08/25/11 11:55:57
08/24/11Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist08/24/11 21:48:08
08/24/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman08/24/11 20:02:12
08/24/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis08/24/11 18:58:58
08/23/11This, Which Makes Me SingLeila08/23/11 22:03:27
08/23/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake08/27/11 18:23:31
08/22/11Naansense RadioAparna Kothary08/22/11 21:57:25
08/21/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz08/21/11 15:56:38
08/21/11† You're a W‡z▲rd, Harry! †Alex Golden08/21/11 13:57:16
08/20/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson08/21/11 18:45:52
08/20/11Electric CandleDominick08/20/11 23:46:02
08/20/11The Irrelevant ShowGary Young08/20/11 14:43:34
08/20/11The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer08/20/11 11:55:42
08/19/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin08/19/11 05:58:56
08/18/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker08/18/11 11:55:34
08/17/11Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist08/17/11 21:49:48
08/17/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis08/17/11 18:56:21
08/16/11This, Which Makes Me SingLeila08/16/11 23:39:08
08/16/11The Jam Jam HourJamiel Callaway-Pinckney08/16/11 20:55:29
08/16/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake08/27/11 18:02:15
08/14/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz08/14/11 16:04:03
08/14/11† You're a W‡z▲rd, Harry! †Nate Deselms08/14/11 13:15:44
08/13/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson08/21/11 19:28:24
08/13/11Electric CandleDominick08/21/11 00:24:39
08/13/11The Irrelevant ShowDominick08/13/11 14:35:44
08/13/11The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer08/13/11 11:58:51
08/12/11Unscheduled ShowSean-Christopher Riley08/12/11 11:01:22
08/12/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin08/12/11 06:25:25
08/11/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker08/11/11 11:56:37
08/10/11Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist08/10/11 21:53:26
08/10/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Patrick Hayes08/10/11 19:58:41
08/10/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis08/10/11 18:54:48
08/09/11This, Which Makes Me SingLeila08/09/11 21:55:59
08/09/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeMiss DJ Gemz08/09/11 19:15:25
08/08/11Naansense RadioAparna Kothary08/08/11 22:00:12
08/08/11Michele Bachmann's Road Soda Happy Funtime Hour Adam Danoff08/08/11 19:51:34
08/07/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz08/07/11 15:58:02
08/07/11† You're a W‡z▲rd, Harry! †Nate Deselms08/07/11 13:52:19
08/06/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson08/06/11 23:53:11
08/06/11Electric CandleDominick08/16/11 11:42:00
08/06/11The Irrelevant ShowGary Young08/06/11 14:47:13
08/06/11The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer08/06/11 11:58:12
08/05/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin08/05/11 08:59:18
08/04/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker08/04/11 11:59:56
08/03/11Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist08/03/11 21:46:07
08/03/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Patrick Hayes08/03/11 19:55:43
08/03/11sofarockPatrick Hayes08/03/11 18:54:19
08/02/11This, Which Makes Me SingLeila08/02/11 21:52:20
08/02/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake08/27/11 17:44:16
07/31/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz07/31/11 15:55:42
07/30/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson07/30/11 22:18:53
07/30/11Electric CandleDominick07/30/11 18:06:10
07/30/11The Irrelevant ShowGary Young07/30/11 14:52:29
07/30/11The New Indie CanonLeila07/30/11 11:50:46
07/29/11Unscheduled ShowSean-Christopher Riley07/29/11 11:55:33
07/29/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin07/29/11 08:57:41
07/28/11Love Time Radio HourAdam Love07/28/11 13:48:21
07/27/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman07/27/11 19:51:29
07/26/11Entirely SmoothKyle Lucas07/26/11 23:45:34
07/26/11The Jam Jam HourJamiel Callaway-Pinckney07/26/11 20:56:24
07/26/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake08/27/11 17:22:39
07/25/11Michele Bachmann's Road Soda Happy Funtime Hour Adam Danoff07/25/11 19:56:47
07/24/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz07/24/11 15:54:21
07/24/11† You're a W‡z▲rd, Harry! †Alex Golden07/24/11 13:53:50
07/23/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson07/23/11 23:06:51
07/23/11Electric CandleDominick07/23/11 18:01:24
07/23/11The Irrelevant ShowGary Young07/23/11 14:55:51
07/21/11Let’s Go SwimmingBobby Renz07/21/11 22:18:00
07/21/11Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Mike Radack07/21/11 19:18:39
07/21/11Love Time Radio HourAdam Love07/21/11 13:49:20
07/21/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker07/21/11 11:51:57
07/20/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman07/20/11 19:39:17
07/20/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis07/20/11 18:42:49
07/20/11MINDGRINDERFred White07/20/11 15:57:18
07/20/11bro-fiazar07/28/11 16:45:57
07/19/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake07/19/11 18:59:27
07/18/11Naansense RadioAparna Kothary07/18/11 21:52:33
07/18/11Drinking AloneSean Ye07/18/11 17:41:06
07/17/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz07/17/11 16:00:27
07/17/11† You're a W‡z▲rd, Harry! †Alex Golden07/17/11 13:34:25
07/16/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson07/16/11 22:25:29
07/16/11Electric CandleDominick07/16/11 17:59:46
07/16/11The Irrelevant ShowGary Young07/16/11 14:53:24
07/15/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin07/15/11 05:08:17
07/14/11MeloDeath InfernoMario Pareja-Lecaros07/14/11 23:36:41
07/14/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker07/14/11 11:54:43
07/13/11Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist07/13/11 21:20:21
07/13/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman07/13/11 19:58:17
07/13/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis07/13/11 18:56:50
07/13/11MINDGRINDERFred White07/13/11 15:56:58
07/12/11Entirely SmoothKyle Lucas07/12/11 23:50:57
07/12/11The Jam Jam HourJamiel Callaway-Pinckney07/12/11 21:00:56
07/12/11Sounds of the Silk RoadMicah Goldblum07/13/11 21:30:16
07/12/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake08/26/11 21:12:04
07/11/11Naansense RadioAparna Kothary07/11/11 21:57:48
07/11/11Michele Bachmann's Road Soda Happy Funtime Hour Adam Danoff07/11/11 19:26:35
07/10/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeARKive07/10/11 14:40:03
07/10/11† You're a W‡z▲rd, Harry! †Alex Golden07/10/11 13:34:39
07/09/11Dave’s Record CollectionMaureen Sullivan07/09/11 21:46:15
07/09/11Electric CandleDominick07/09/11 19:24:55
07/09/11The Irrelevant ShowGary Young07/09/11 14:54:27
07/09/11The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer07/09/11 11:57:15
07/08/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin07/08/11 05:15:47
07/08/11Metalstep EarthdubJan Babiuch-Hall07/08/11 00:28:00
07/07/11MeloDeath InfernoMario Pareja-Lecaros07/07/11 22:04:11
07/07/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker07/07/11 11:54:06
07/06/11Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist07/06/11 21:51:16
07/06/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman07/06/11 23:52:41
07/06/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis07/06/11 18:49:56
07/06/11bro-fiazar07/06/11 11:54:25
07/05/11Entirely SmoothKyle Lucas07/05/11 23:53:02
07/05/11Sounds of the Silk RoadMicah Goldblum07/06/11 10:46:28
07/05/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeMiss DJ Gemz07/05/11 19:41:57
07/05/11La Hora SalseraFidel "DJ Salsero" González08/11/11 21:58:05
07/04/11Killer TofuArye Zucker07/05/11 01:52:33
07/03/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz07/03/11 16:07:09
07/03/11† You're a W‡z▲rd, Harry! †Alex Golden07/03/11 13:32:41
07/02/11Dave’s Record CollectionChris Sisson07/02/11 20:58:09
07/02/11Electric CandleDominick07/02/11 18:28:38
07/02/11The Irrelevant ShowGary Young07/02/11 14:55:43
07/02/11The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer07/02/11 11:54:21
07/01/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin07/01/11 08:53:59
06/30/11MeloDeath InfernoMario Pareja-Lecaros06/30/11 22:56:51
06/30/11Love Time Radio HourAdam Love07/01/11 11:58:32
06/30/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker06/30/11 11:57:11
06/29/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman06/29/11 20:00:35
06/29/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis07/13/11 18:38:26
06/28/11The Jam Jam HourJamiel Callaway-Pinckney06/28/11 21:01:02
06/28/11Sounds of the Silk RoadMicah Goldblum06/28/11 23:50:24
06/28/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake06/28/11 19:54:28
06/28/11La Hora SalseraFidel "DJ Salsero" González08/11/11 20:52:19
06/26/11T.A.S.K. Productions Presents…FlyBoyRadioDJ T.A.S.K.06/28/11 13:04:21
06/26/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz06/26/11 15:58:36
06/25/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson06/25/11 22:43:13
06/25/11Electric CandleDominick06/25/11 18:03:33
06/25/11The Irrelevant ShowGary Young06/25/11 15:07:19
06/24/11KPOP University (KPOPU)kpopu06/25/11 22:07:25
06/24/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin06/24/11 05:35:49
06/23/11Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Mike Radack06/23/11 19:51:31
06/23/11Love Time Radio HourAdam Love06/23/11 14:16:21
06/23/11Laurazaural FixationsAnkeet Presswala06/23/11 14:09:57
06/22/11Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist06/22/11 21:49:33
06/22/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman06/22/11 19:57:58
06/22/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis06/22/11 18:57:59
06/21/11The Jam Jam HourJamiel Callaway-Pinckney06/21/11 21:04:40
06/21/11Sounds of the Silk RoadMicah Goldblum06/23/11 14:41:35
06/21/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake06/21/11 19:44:46
06/21/11La Hora SalseraFidel "DJ Salsero" González06/24/11 19:13:43
06/20/11Killer TofuArye Zucker06/20/11 23:55:54
06/20/11Naansense RadioAparna Kothary06/20/11 21:54:19
06/19/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz06/19/11 16:04:33
06/18/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson06/19/11 00:10:45
06/18/11Electric CandleDominick06/18/11 18:00:23
06/17/11KPOP University (KPOPU)kpopu06/25/11 21:58:30
06/17/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin06/17/11 07:35:28
06/17/11Metalstep EarthdubJan Babiuch-Hall06/17/11 01:25:19
06/16/11MeloDeath InfernoMario Pareja-Lecaros06/16/11 23:58:55
06/16/11Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Mike Radack06/16/11 19:54:46
06/16/11Love Time Radio HourAdam Love06/16/11 13:29:52
06/16/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker06/16/11 11:57:58
06/15/11Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist06/15/11 21:55:07
06/15/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman06/15/11 19:58:46
06/15/11bro-fiazar06/15/11 23:27:31
06/14/11The Jam Jam HourJamiel Callaway-Pinckney06/14/11 21:01:36
06/14/11Sounds of the Silk RoadMicah Goldblum06/23/11 14:51:34
06/14/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake06/14/11 22:14:11
06/14/11La Hora SalseraFidel "DJ Salsero" González06/24/11 17:52:24
06/13/11Naansense RadioAparna Kothary06/13/11 21:56:28
06/13/11Michele Bachmann's Road Soda Happy Funtime Hour Adam Danoff06/13/11 19:57:21
06/13/11Drinking AloneSean Ye06/13/11 13:53:36
06/12/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz06/12/11 15:57:30
06/11/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson06/11/11 22:39:59
06/11/11Electric CandleDominick06/11/11 17:59:28
06/11/11The Irrelevant ShowGary Young06/11/11 14:56:16
06/11/11The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer06/11/11 11:57:12
06/10/11KPOP University (KPOPU)kpopu06/14/11 20:36:31
06/10/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin06/10/11 06:52:30
06/09/11MeloDeath InfernoMario Pareja-Lecaros06/10/11 00:00:21
06/09/11Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Mike Radack06/09/11 23:40:05
06/09/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker06/09/11 11:56:27
06/08/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman06/08/11 20:00:55
06/08/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis06/08/11 18:56:39
06/07/11Entirely SmoothKyle Lucas06/08/11 00:04:42
06/07/11The Jam Jam HourJamiel Callaway-Pinckney06/07/11 21:01:19
06/07/11Sounds of the Silk RoadMicah Goldblum06/23/11 15:22:15
06/07/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ Tony Drake06/08/11 20:29:25
06/07/11La Hora SalseraFidel "DJ Salsero" González06/24/11 18:25:08
06/06/11Killer TofuAri Wiener06/06/11 21:59:33
06/06/11Naansense RadioAparna Kothary06/06/11 21:56:15
06/06/11Drinking AloneSean Ye06/06/11 13:59:11
06/05/11Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz06/05/11 16:03:30
06/04/11Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson06/04/11 22:03:17
06/04/11Electric CandleDominick06/04/11 18:03:14
06/04/11The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer06/04/11 11:58:18
06/03/11Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin06/03/11 06:34:34
06/02/11MeloDeath InfernoMario Pareja-Lecaros06/02/11 23:51:01
06/02/11Let’s Go SwimmingBobby Renz06/02/11 21:58:18
06/02/11Unscheduled ShowAnkeet Presswala06/02/11 15:55:19
06/02/11Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker06/02/11 11:53:28
06/01/11Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist06/01/11 21:44:19
06/01/11Where Did My Dog And Baby Go?Sarah Katz-Hyman06/01/11 20:13:15
06/01/11sofarockJake DeVirgiliis06/08/11 18:17:25
06/01/11bro-fiazar06/08/11 11:56:54
05/31/11The Jam Jam HourJamiel Callaway-Pinckney06/07/11 15:44:54
05/31/11The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeMiss DJ Gemz05/31/11 19:17:49
05/31/11La Hora SalseraFidel "DJ Salsero" González06/23/11 18:21:40
05/30/11Killer TofuArye Zucker06/06/11 23:55:59