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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1You Are A PirateLazy TownYarrr, we be plunderin' yer musikal en'rtainment!
2Down Among The Dead MenPirates Royale
3Donkey Ridin'Pirates RoyalYarr, pass the grog, Cap'n!
4Skullcrusher MountainJonathan CoultonMethinks Lealin be enjoyin' them ropes a bit much, Silent Pete
5Betty & MeJonathan Coulton
6Kenesaw Mountin LandisJonathan CoultonAvast, Capn', the prisoners be tryin' an erection-- ressurrection-- er.... mutiny!
7Star Wars MedleyMoosebutterJohn Williams be the mannnnnn!
8Luck O' The IrishMoosebutterSilent Pete caught 'erself a wee green man once. She ate 'im.
9I Wish I Was A LesbianAbsoluteDestinyMen be land-kissin' DONKEY RIDERS, the lot of'em!
10She Suffers From SuperlativesGeorge Hrab
11A Lot Of Running To DoChameleon Circuit
12In Which Draco and Harry Want To Make OutThe Whomping Willows
13Don't Touch Me (Gerudo Valley)Team TeamworkYarr, the technical difficulties be stowed away in the brig.
14Do You Wanna Date My AvatarThe GuildFelicia Day be a veritable siren. Silent Pete'd plunder her bootie, any day.
15HaloU Maryland GSOGSO can plunder my bootie any day.
16The Myserious Ticking NoiseNiel CicieregaYarr, Silent Pete be celebratin the Nekkid Time!
17Dr. Mario (With Lyrics)Brentalfloss
18Shatner of the MountFall on Your Sword
19#10 - TurtlesAuto-Tune the NewsSilent Pete knows a Captain, roped 'imself a pair o' sea turtles with the hair off 'is back.
20Bed IntruderAuto-Tune the NewsThose scurvy dogs be ravagin' every man aboard!
21Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?RockapellaCarmen Sandiego be every self-respecting pirate's dream lady.
22Mandelbrot SetJonathan Coulton
23Yeah Toast!Unknown ArtistYARRRRR TOAST!
24The Beer SongWeird Al Yankovic
25BEER!Psychostick...-hic- GROG. -hic-
26White and NerdyWeird Al Yankovic
27The Saga BeginsWeird Al Yankovic
28GoodbyeGeorge HrabFair winds be with ye, listeners.