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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Sora no KakeruAyako Ikeda Ending theme song for Dennou Coil
2Suteki da neRitsuki NakanoFinal Fantasy X Song
3Valley of the MistYuki KajiruaFrom .Hack//Sign
4Every HeartBoAFourth ending theme song for InuYasha
5D City RockDebra ZeerFrom Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
6White DestinyIshida YokoOpening theme song for Pretear
7IfFrench KissOpening theme song for Kyou Koi wa Hajimemasu
8RoseAnna TsuchiyaOpening theme song for Nana
9My Pace DaiouManzoSecond opening theme song for Genshiken
10Tonight, Tonight, TonightBeat CrusadersFourth opening theme song for Bleach
11DogfightMoveOpening song for Initial D 4th Stage
12Daybreaks BellL'Arc~En~CielFrom Mobile Suit Gundam 00
13I'm HereHiroko TaguchiEnding song for Ef- A Tale of Memories