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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Spaced / Ache #1 / Wake Up - Oliver Squash -Spaced Cassette
2Speedboat - Bevis Frond - The Leaving Of London CD
3Kill The Great Raven - Snakefinger -Seven Inch
4Best Friend -Eugene Chadbourne - Treason CD
5How High - Hand Over Head - Seven Inch
6Turn Up The Music - Chikmountain - Porn On The Cob Cd
7Zizzy Zoomers - Sesame Street - Letters and Numbers LP
8Space Ants - M.F.D. (Music For the Deaf) -Seven Inch called Chapter 3
9Kinship to Truckers - Ghostwriter - Darkest Hour CD
10With the Necessary Changes Haven Been Made - Zoogz Rift - Interim Resurgence LP
11Hobo - Bloodshot Bill - Seven Inch
12You Don't Know - Bunny Brains - Box The Bunny Box Set CD's
13Everything You Know Is Wrong (Excerpt) - Firesign Theater - Everything You Know Is Wrong LP
14Ballin' the Jack - Spike Jones - Spike Jones Collection MP3
15Seasick Cruise - Hasil Adkins - Seven Inch
16Pseudodoxia Epidemica or Vulgar Errors - Paul Kidney Pussy Experience - Slocombe's Pussy Vs. the Paul Kidney Experience CD
17At Ulurou (excerpt) - Undecisive God - The Shape Of Sound Vol. 2: Melbourne Australia
18Electric Woolly Mammoth / Abolero - Thug - Electric Woolly Mammoth LP
19Toil - Penguins - The Shape Of Sound Vol. 2: Melbourne Australia
20Spirits Flying - Throbbing Gristle - Mission Of Dead Souls - The Last Performance of TG LP
21Feast On White Flesh / Raphouse - New Carrollton - That Was Really Great Cassette
22Girl / Bloody Summer - Lipcream - Thrash Till Death Compilation LP
23Volcanoes - Wevie Stonder - Eat Your Own Ears LP
24Moon Over Kentucky - 9353 - Insult To Injury, Magically Delicious CD
25Spiddletop Knuck Knuck - Caroliner - Rainbow Wire thin Sheep Legs Baking Exhibit LP
26The Caissons Go Rolling Along - Bozo The Clown - Seven Inch
27Track 4QFTN - "Live" On the Irrelevant Show CD
28No Work - Debauched - Seven Inch
29Piano Music for Volcanic Eruption -Post Abortion Stress - Pure Energy Output Sessions CD
30Pet Pigeon Surprise - Don Limpio - Lo-Fi Congressional #7 Re:gression compilation CD
31The Strange Sounds Show - Norman Scott, Age 9 -Lo-Fi Congressional #7 Re:gression compilation CD
32Putrefied Puppet Master - Sudden Infant - Invocation Of The Aural Slave Gods CD
33Untitled - Human Head Transplant - Hic Et Ubique Uno Animo Cassette
34Someone's Gonna Die - Bleed - Hot Rod Racer Seven Inch
35Skin Drips - Scratch Acid - Berserker EP
36Garden Of Evening - Blue Sausage Infant - Supple Supple CD
37Optic Spider - Basha - Do Not Discriminate Against Sounds CD
38Necropolis - A Torture Mechanism - Self titled CD Recorded 7/05 - 3/06 Baltimore, CD
39./\\//\/\// - The Hat City Intuitive - {grey goose & a whole lotta hydro} CD
40Broken Windows - The Dancing Cigarettes - Red Snerts: The Sound Of Gulcher Compilation LP (1981)
41Ice Nine Hop - Live at the Bank, AkronTin Huey - Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes CD
42Silicone Tit - Pleasurhorse - You're Soaking In It...The Sounds And Smells Of Load Records CD
43Track 3 - Sarcastic Orgasm - White and Abusing The Privilege (Live No Rubber) CD