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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Pinbell Cowball - JACK HERTZ - Eye Of God
2Requiem For A Paperweight - R. WEIS - Requiem For A Paperweight CD (1994)
3Dog Choir - R. WEIS - Dog Choir CD (2003)
4Supermorpher - R. WEIS - Mystery Of The Egg CD (1994)
5These Buttons Are Trash -R. WEIS - Excitable Audible CD (2011)
6Spinning Steel -R. WEIS - Excitable Audible CD (2011)
7Just Thinking -ECHOLALIA - Soundcloud
8Leaks Cracks and Rattles -ECHOLALIA -Soundcloud
9Live At The Warehouse Next Door - ECHOLALIA - Soundcloud
10Hatch Day -ECHOLALIA - Soundcloud
11Haunted -ECHOLALIA - Soundcloud
12Outside Context Problem - TAG CLOUD - Soundcloud
14God Made The Serpent -BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT -Soundcloud
15Justine In Wonderland -BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT -Soundcloud
16Lupercalia -BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT -Soundcloud
17What The Parrot Saw -BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT -Soundcloud
1814 -QFTN - Live On The Irrelevant Show CD
1915 -QFTN - Live On The Irrelevant Show CD
20Beverly Hills Safari -GET A TAN -Get A Tan Cassette
21New Smells -GET A TAN -Get A Tan Cassette
22Ironing For Work -GET A TAN -Get A Tan Cassette
23My Life Is Sad -GET A TAN -Get A Tan Cassette
24Mid-Atlantic Summer -GET A TAN -Get A Tan Cassette
25She Sees Only Flowers -BUCK GOOTER -Soundcloud
26Snakes Are Cool -BUCK GOOTER -Soundcloud
27Straight To Hell -BUCK GOOTER -Soundcloud
28Consider the Grackles -BUCK GOOTER - Soundcloud
292 - BASHA - Basha Teez CDR
30Four Feather Falls Theme Extended - Barry Gray Orchestra - YouTube
31400 Million Years Ago On Planet Earth -PILESAR - Ugly Children CD
32Star Squids Final Flight - PILESAR - Ugly Children CD
33Mid Brain Betrayal - PILESAR - Ugly Children CD
34Cyberchondria - PILESAR - Ugly Children CD