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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1The Music Goes Around and Around - BILLY COTTON & HIS BAND - YouTube
2Window Eye -THE BEVIS FROND -Inner Marshland LP
3Pig Sweat - PUSSY GALORE - Live: In The Red CD
4False Face -BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT -A Cooling-Board Bacchanal CD
5Frosted Supermoon -GUM YUMMY - Tahchizma: Unfinished Album #1
6In The Pool -JACK HERTZ -Radio Sampler 2013 (from Release Me)
7Automat -PILESAR -Stereo Outs CD
8Gearbox -PILESAR -Stereo Outs CD
9The Black Fours Theme Song -ARTIST UNKNOWN - Kimba The White Lion DVD Box Set
10In Charity -ONEWAYNESS / dRachEmUsiK -The Sound Of Thunder CD
11Negatron -VOIVOD - Negatron CD
12Kishindo Hekalu Wa Roho -KARTHALA 72 -Diable Du Deu! CD
13Lenajgiwittuju - LeeDVD - V/A: Exploratory Music From Poland Vol. 2 CD
14All Plans Evaporate, Upon Contact With The Enemy -THE WINSTON PSMITH PROJECT -10 Aphorisms CD
15Violence Is The Last Refuge Of The Incompetent -THE WINSTON PSMITH PROJECT -10 Aphorisms CD
16Rat Salad - BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid CD
17Black Tongued Truths - THE SEVENTH GATE - V/A: Music For Treacherous Times CD
18Roof With A Hole - MEAT PUPPETS - Too High To Die CD
19Romance Of Falling - GIANT SAND - Ramp CD
20His Maintenance -ARAB ON RADAR - Rough Day At The Orifice CD
21By The Beautiful Sea -SPIKE JONES & HIS CITY SLICKERS - Spike Jones Anthology: Musical Depreciation Review CD
22Let Me Out -HEROINE SHEIKS - Journey To The End Of The Knife CD
23Kick It To Sleep -GOD BULLIES -Seven Inch
24Slaughter Of Dreams -MAYHEM - Chimera LP
25Abandon All Hope -BRIMSTONES - Unreleased
26Slaughter On 10th Street -J. SURAK -Torn CD
27The Seventeenth Lesson -J. SURAK -Torn CD
28Reverse Amnesia, Cow - DOUG SEIDEL & TODD TUTTLE - Check The Map CD
29Little Rascals Theme Song -LEEROY SHIELD & HIS ORCHESTRA - TV Themes CD
30Identity In Variation - DANIEL BARBIERO & CHRIS VIDELL -Aberraton In Pitched Systems CD
31Solarized -BASHA -Files Of Noise/Sense CD
32Charge Conjugation Symmetry #1 Moog -DON CAMPAU -Moldable Head CD
33A Shadow In Reverse -NINE STRINGS TRIO -The Sounding Table CD
34Couldn't Get Ahead -THE FALL - 458489 A Sides CD
35Doing The Obvious -THE COWS -Sexy Pee Story CD
36Her Name Is - EUGENE CHADBOURNE - Country Protest 2000 CD
37I Am -EMPEROR - Thorns Vs. Emperor LP
38Deep Space Divers -THE BEVIS FROND -Acid Jam 2 CD