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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Musik Erklingt -HENZ WEHNER – YouTube
2Hard Meat At The Midnight Court -THE BEVIS FROND -Record Store Day 2012 7 Inch
3Big Clown -HELIOS CREED – Boxing The Clown LP
4Ashtray Man -BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT -Radio Blackout Vol. 2 CD
5Dog Park -THE MUFFINS -Loveletter #2 “The Ra Sessions” CD (with sun ra arkestra members)
6Captor Of Sin - SLAYER - Haunting The Chapel EP
7Emulsion -THE PAUL KIDNEY EXPERIENCE –Slocombe’s Pussy Vs. The Paul Kidney Experience CD
8Skeleton Dance -REPTILE PALACE ORCHESTRA – Songs and Dances of Madisonia CD
9For Crying Out Loud - SCRATCH ACID – Berserker EP
10Twisted Cable -BASHA -One More Cable CD
11Sound Gimme Bellyache ECHOLALIA -Atmospheric Apparitions CD
12Cough It Up -ECHOLALIA -Atmospheric Apparitions CD
13Kishindo Hekalu Wa Roho KARTHALA 72 - Diable Du Feu! CD
14Be A Man -HEROINE SHEIKS -Journey To The End Of The Knife CD
15Iron Fist -MOTORHEAD –No Remorse 2X LP
17Gilded Skies – Light -JACK HERTZ -Radio Sampler 2013 CD
18Plastic Foil Rubber -R. WEIS -Excitable Audible CD
19If There Were A Form Body -NINE STRINGS + PILESAR – Nine Strings + Pilesar CD
20Yellowbelly -COWS -Taint Pluribus Taint Unum LP
21Syzyfowa Cyfrowa Pszczola Na Wolnych Obrotach -DAWID, ARTUR & RYSZARD – Soundcloud
2217 Thru 20 -NEGATIVLAND – Negativland LP
23Where Will We Go -JANEL & ANTHONY – Where Is Home LP
24White Hot - BLACK FLAG - In My Head LP
25In Desire - ONEWAYNESS & DRachEmUsiK – The Sound Of Thunder CD
26Owl's Song -JUNGLE EMPEROR KIMBA – Kimba The White Lion DVD Box Set
27Sunday -SPIKE JONES & HIS CITY SLICKERS -Spike Jones Fanclub site
28All In A Summer Day & The Day It Rained Forever -MAP -Fever Dream 2X LP
29Swingin' Door -COWSLINGERS - Bullseye LP
30Track 9 - ASTMA - Dark CD
31Flogging A Dead Horse - MR. EPP & THE CALCULATIONS – Live In 1983 Video
32Artificial Rhonda - FRANK ZAPPA - Thing Fish 3X LP
33Instant Karma -SHOCKABILLY – Shockabilly Heaven LP
34She Was A Living Breathing Piece Of Dirt -SHOCKABILLY – Shockabilly Heaven LP
35Red Headed Stranger -SHOCKABILLY – Shockabilly Heaven LP
36Cry Baby Cry -THREE MINUTE TEASE – V/A: Fruits De Mer 7 Inch
37Sound For Leala (excerpt) BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT -Radio Blackout Vol. 2 CD