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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1The Music Goes Around And Around - MARY LOU METZGER– YouTube
2Begone -THE BEVIS FROND -White Numbers 3X LP.
3Bad Lights -SEMISOLID - Semisolid CD
4Prole Art Threat -THE FALL -Palace Of Swords Reversed LP.
5Grave City -STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS -Some People Deserve To Suffer CD.
6Shut Your Mouth -MOTORHEAD - Hammered CD
7Euthanize -TIMMY SELLS HIS SOUL -Soundcloud
8Word Salad Bar -SMILING ALL THE TIME - Soundcloud
9Seniorita -WHISKEY DAREDEVILS -the Introducing The Whiskey Daredevils CD.
10Walking Wallet -EDO -Wrinkles CD
11Ahem Mayhem -GOBOBOG - Soundcloud
12Dread -PARTNER ARTIFACT -Soundcloud
13Meat Mickey Webb -WORNG -V/A: The Shape Of Sound Vol. 3 – Melbourne Australia.
14Pagan Street -WOLF 359 -Anti-Guitar Music E.P. – Iceage Productions.
15Untitled -PEON -V/A: New Weird Australia – Broadcast 3 CD.
16She -KIRIN J. CALLINAN – V/A: New Weird Australia – Broadcast 3 CD.
17Rojak Soul -PIMMON -V/A: New Weird Australia – Broadcast 3 CD.
18Abacus -WILD DOG CREEK -V/A: New Weird Australia – Fallopian Tunes, Gloss & More CD.
19Le Vieux Chien Marcel – KARTHALA 72 -Diable De Feu! CD
20Veselinovo Horo – REPTILE PALACE ORCHESTRA -Songs & Dances of Madisonia CD
21Casper The Friendly Ghost Theme Song ARTIST NOT IDENTIFIED -TV Themes From The 50's & 60's CD
22Bullets Have No Effect -PILESAR - Underscores CD
23It's Pure If It's In You - BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT -Radio Blackout Vol. 2 CD.
24Big Bad John -JIMMY DEAN -V/A: Goofy Gold LP. HRB Music Company (1978).
25The Trial of Brewster, The Rooster - JOE E. ROSS (OFFICER GUNTHER TOODY OF CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?) –Golden Records (1963).
26Addiction -BIOMASS -V/A: How To Stay Young & Healthy In A Modern World by Abgurd CD.
27Rhapsody From Hunger(y) –SPIKE JONES & HIS CITY SLICKERS -Spike Jones Anthology Musical Depreciation Revue CD
28Cool Thick Always -GUM YUMMY -Tahchizma: Unfinished Album #1 CD.
29Track 2 -SONIC SUICIDE SQUAD -The Devil Is Wise Because He Is Old CD.
30April In Radom -PIOTR ZABRODZKI/TATSUYA YOSHIDA – V/A: Exploratory Music From Poland Vol. 2 CD.
31Mamuth -FREEYO -V/A: Exploratory Music From Poland Vol. 2 CD.
321/3 x 724 - ENENO 724 – V/A: Exploratory Music From Poland Vol. 2 CD.
33Dethklok Death Theme – DETHKLOK -Deathalbum CD
34Duncan Hills Coffee -DETHKLOK -Deathalbum CD
35Cult Of The Initiated -PESSIMIST -Cult Of The Initiated CD
36Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Surf Here – THE BRIMSTONES -Live on WFMU CD
37Chocolate Jesus -TOM WAITS -Mule Variations CD
39Starfish (Excerpt) -JACK HERTZ - Radio Sampler 2013 CD