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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1The Music Goes 'Round And 'Round -ORCHESTRA DA BALLO KURT ENGLE – YouTube
2Jesus Christ Inca -RUSTED SHUT -Rehab CD
3Really Scary -PAUL KIDNEY EXPERIENCE -Psychedelic Apocalypse CD
4Justify -GRAVEL SAMWIDGE -Gasgirls Funeral CD
5Tell Mum -GRAVEL SAMWIDGE -Gasgirls Funeral CD
6Beast -GOBOBOG -Soundcloud
7Carnecero -ASESINO -Corridors de Muerte CD
8Myrtle Beach -GET A TAN -Bandcamp
9I'm A Man -JOE ANYBODY -Joe Anybody Bandcamp Page
10Sleep The Storm -CHESTER HAWKINS & PAS -V/A: Alrealon Musique - Frequencies Of Existence - 5 Years of Alrealon Musique CD
11Socrates Speaks -PAS -/A: PAS And Alrealon Musiquie Present: Experi-MENTAL Compilation 2 - for the Experi-MENTAL Festival
12Crow Nonsense -INAPPROPRIATE KING LIVE -Soundcloud
13The Rooney Man -WEVIE STONDER -Kenyan Harry CD EP
14Incantation 1 -MURISCIA -Soundcloud
15Miss Me -BUNNY BRAINS -Box The Bunny 4CD 1DVD Box Set
16That's What I Like About The South -PHIL HARRIS - That's What I Like About The South LP
17Preacher's Daughter -GHOSTWRITER - Road Angels & Torrential Rain CD
18Psycho -BIG BOYS -The Skinny Elvis CD
19Ape Call -NERVOUS NORVUS -Stone Age Woo
20I'm Doing It Wrong -TIMMY SELLS HIS SOUL -Soundcloud
21Heart Heart Heart -SMILING ALL THE TIME -Soundcloud
22If At First You Don't Secede -ANONYMEYE -Soundclound
23Black Hole - THE BUNYIP MOON -World CD
24In Front Of A Glowing Box - OuttakePILESAR -Underscores CD
25Slobberpuss -SUGAR FLOP -Sugar Flop Bandcamp Page
26Burn -BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA --Blastasfuk Productions
27Chloe -SPIKE JONES & HIS CITY SLICKERS -The Spike Jones Anthology - Musical Depreciation Revue CD
28Zoom0014 -ANDROID NECTARINE -Soundcloud
29Questionable Solids -J. SURAK -Soundcloud
30AMC Hornet -WHISKEY DAREDEVILS -The Essential Whiskey Daredevils CD
31Out Of Nowhere -THE THREE SUNS -Swingin' On A Star LP
32New Wings -THE WINSTON PSMITH PROJECT -V/A: Album In A Day Vol. 8 CD (BFW Recordings)
33Sky Hunter -JACK HERTZ -V/A: Album In A Day Vol. 8 CD (BFW Recordings)
34Black Water (Exundation Mix) -BROWNING MUMMERY - Soundcloud
35Destruction Adajio -MORTALIZED -Blastasfuk Productions
36Collaborative Improvisation -NIKO NIKO VS. TO GO RO NO MI KO -Soundcloud
37Barker Of The Dupes -SKELETON KEY -Obtanium C
38Ich Will (Cover) -CHILDREN MEDIEVAL BAND - YouTube
39Swing Low Sweet Chariot -DIAMANDA GALAS - You Must Be Certain Of The Devil CD