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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Let's Start A War -FEAR -The Record LP
2America -MOTORHEAD -Iron Fist
3America The Beautiful -D.O.A. -V/A: International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation 2X LP
4The Farmer & The Republican Party -WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT -Great Speeches Of The 20th Century
5The Great Wall -DEAD KENNEDYS -Bedtime For Democracy LP
6On Politicians -GEORGE CARLIN -Live
7On Donald Trump -CHEECH & CHONG -YouTube
8Yankee Doodle Go Home -STAN FREBERG -Presents The United States Of America LP
9I'm So Bored With The USA -THE CLASH -45 RPM
10The Star Spangled Banner -DICK BYRON, BERT PARKS, THE SANDPIPER CHORUS & THE NAVAL CADET CHOIR -God Bless America - A Child's Introduction To Patriotism LP
11Address To The American Indians -PRES. WOODROW WILSON -Great Speeches Of The 20th Century
12I'm Leaving America -PHIL HENDRIE (MARGARET GRAY) -The Phil Hendrie Show
13Fortunate Son -CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL -Chroncicle: The 20 Greatest Hits LP
14This Land Is Your Land -WOODY GUTHRIE -78 RPM
15Gary Johnson In 2 Minutes -GARY JOHNSON (LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT)Gary Johnson Official Website
16Election Day -LIFE SENTENCE -Life Sentence LP
17We Don't Need Freedom -SACCHARINE TRUST -PagonIcons
18Apolitical Blues -LITTLE FEAT -Live: Waiting For Columbus LP
19Bury The Hatchet -COUNT ROCKIN' SIDNEY -45 RPM
20Political Nightmare -THE MINUTEMEN -3 Way Tie (For Last) LP
21Best Moments From Presidential Debates -COMPILATION -
22Send The Marines -TOM LEHRER -That Was The Year That Was LP
23Kill The King -RAINBOW -Kill The King
24Abort The System -E.A.T.E.R. -V/A: Empty Skulls - The Wound Deepens LP
25Jill Stein In 2 Minutes -JILL STEIN (GREEN PARTY CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT) -Jill Stein Official Website
26Beat My Head Against The Wall -BLACK FLAG -My War LP
27Fight The Power -THE ISLEY BROTHERS -The Heat Is On LP
28God Bless America -CONNIE FRANCIS -45 RPM
29The Donald Movie Trailer Parody -MOVIE TRAILER PARODY -
30America And What It Means To Me -GLENN W. TURNER -45 RPM
31The Impeachment Story 1974 -STEEL, JAKE & JEFF -45 RPM
32Americans -BYRON MAC GREGOR -45 RPM
33Straight Outta Options -JOSH NIEHAUS -YouTube
34Banana Split Republic -FALSE PROPHETS -V/A: International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation 2X LP
35Living In The U.S.A. -D.I. -Horse Bites Dog Cries LP
36Pride In America / Ronald Reagan On LSD -RICHARD & MARY WITH RONALD REAGAN ON LSD -45 RPM
37American Kids -PHIL HENDRIE (RAJ FAHNEEN) -Phil Hendrie Show
38World Shut Your Mouth -JULIAN COPE -`Saint Julian LP
39Great Speeches Of The 20th CenturyGreat Speeches Of The 20th CenturyGreat Speeches Of The 20th Century
40War Pigs -BLACK SABBATH -We Sold Our Soul For Rock & Roll 2X LP
41All American Boy -BILL PARSONS -45 RPM
42Born In America -RIOT -Born In America LP
43Laugh To Keep From Crying -NAT TURNER REBELLION -45 RPM
44America -ARTIST NOT IDENTIFIED -Marching Along Together LP
45The Nudes -CONGRESS OF WONDERS -Revolting
46The Greatest Issue In America Today -SPIRO T. AGNEW -Speaks Out On: LP
47Does This System Work? -DISCHARGE -45 RPM
48Walls / They Start The War -IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER -He Who Laughs Last Laughs Alone LP
49Politicians In My Eyes -DEATH -For The Whole World To See
50Don't Build The Bomb / Mutual Annihilation Society / The Great Defender -THE CAPITOL STEPS -Live! At The Shoreham LP
51Great Speeches Of The 20th Century -Great Speeches Of The 20th Century -
52The Revolution Will Not Be Televised -GILL SCOTT HERON -45 RPM
54Stars & Stripes Of Corruption -DEAD KENNEDYS -Frankenchrist LP