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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Sky Pup -MELVINS -7 Inch Picture Disc - Rise Records
2Search -THUD -Inevitable Double 7 Inch EP - Fifth Colvmn Records
3Story Of Life -FRUITCAKE -7 Inch - Skin Graft Records
4Candy -LAUGHING HYENAS -7 Inch - Touch & Go Records
5Helter Skelter -THE UBANGIS -Lovesick 7 Inch EP - Deceased Records
6MME Commander -DYMAXION -7 Inch - Room Tone Records
7Steel Belted Penis -FAUCET -7 Inch - Southern Records
8Hand Full Of Babylon -TREIOPS TREYFID -Split 7 Inch w/ Halogen - Kilogram Denial Records
9Nate -THINGS THAT FALL DOWN - Hey Joe 7 Inch - Sonic Records
10Hot Box! -5IVE STYLE -7 Inch - Sub Pop Records
11Wrists & Ankles / On The In -HONCHO OVERLORD -7 Inch - Mud Records
12Happy Vertical People Mover -GOGH VAN GOGH -Louder 7 Inch EP - Slushy Records
13Jump Into The River / Smoke Rings -ROY LONEY & THE A-BONES -Boy Meets Bones 7 Inch EP - Norton Records
14El Bruto / Jaffna -SWOB -Neutrinos 7 Inch EP - A-Bomb Records
15Return To The Journey -LUTEFISK -7 Inch - Bong Load Records
16Bad Bad Poisonous Alien Love -HELLO I'M A TRUCK -7 Inch - Snack Sac Records
17Pack Rat -THE WYNONA RIDERS -Some Enchanted Evening 7 Inch EP - Lookout Records
18I'm Invisible -THE TERRIFYING EXPERIENCE -7 Inch - AAJ Records
19Armageddon -HARRY BASS -7 Inch - Rainbow Records
20Pum Pum Fat (Radio Edit) -SPRAGGA BENZ -7 Inch - VIP Records
21Revolution Tune -MI6 -7 Inch - Vandal Children Records
22I'm On Fire -STRING BUILDER -7 Inch - Handsome Records
23Cling To None -THE RED CHANNELS -7 Inch - Trick Records
24Courtney Love -TOOTHPASTE 2000 -7 Inch - Parasol Records
25Stoned -TUMBLEWEED -7 Inch - Seed Records
26Groovey Boy Supreme -LACK-A-DAISY -V/A: It Must Be Something In The Water 7 Inch EP - Brick Row Records
27Smarter Than You -YENT'L -V/A: It Must Be Something In The Water 7 Inch EP - Brick Row Records
28Kit's Choice -TREN BROTHERS -7 Inch - Secretly Canadian Records
29It Wasn't Me -LOUDSPEAKER -7 Inch - Sympathy For The Record Industry Records
30Ikat Me -BUSYTOBY -V/A: The Sidewalk Chalk Adventure 7 Inch EP - Kittridge Records
32Who Say Dat -KILLA FONZ -7 Inch - Black Liberty Records
33Edie Is A Sweet Candy -THE'S -7 Inch - Rockville Records
34Film Music.2 -THE GODRAYS -7 Inch - Yard Records
35Pinion -ASHA VIDA -Split 7 Inch w/ Godzuki - Binausic Records
36Fuzzy -GRANT LEE BUFFALO -7 Inch - Single Only Label Records
37Divine / She Blows Blasts Of Static -GRIFTERS -7 Inch - Shangri-la Records
38Gather Your Kind / Crux -IOTAS - 7 Inch - Crispis Discus & Tapes Records
39Total Access / Sugar -INCH -7 Inch - Trademark Records
40We Crossed The Atlantic -HYDROPLANE -7 Inch - Wurlitzer Jukebox Records
41Pulsed -HIGH RISK GROUP -7 Inch - Harriet Records
42Dirty Robots -GAPERS DELAY -7 Inch - Proshop Records
43Sycamore Tree -GEEZER LAKE -7 Inch - Squealer Records
44Things / Factory -GERRYMANDER BOB -Ooph! 7 Inch EP - Well Primed Records
45Old Time Religion -GIRL TROUBLE -7 Inch - K Records
46Spirita -IRON WORKS -The Prizer 7 Inch EP - American Frequency Records
47Tickled Pink -TUSCADERO -Split 7 Inch w/ Jetlag - Duchess Records
48(I'm On A) Drunk -URGE OVERKILL -7 Inch - Touch & Go Records