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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1I'm On The Inside / Sewn Together -PINKY -7 Inch - Harriet Records
2Faced -PINEAPPLES -7 Inch - Last Trance Records
3How Do You Feel -KACTUS -7 Inch - Sonorama Records
4Barf On The Ghoul -THE REPERCUSSION UNIT -7 Inch - DME Records
5Hang Loose -MANDRILL -7 Inch - Polydor Records
6Passion Play -PAPAS FRITAS -7 Inch - Minty Fresh Records
7Why Don't We Do It In The Road? -VELVET MONKEYS -7 Inch - Sub Pop Records
8River -ONESPOT FRINGEHEAD -Split 7 Inch w/ Butch - Ambiguous City! Records
9Electric Kesey - THE OTHERS -7 Inch - Duchess Records
10Quand On A Que L'Amour -OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY -Split 7 Inch w/ Godzuki - Disques Twist Top Records
111066 -GOD AND TEXAS -Split 7 Inch w/ Pain Teens - Incendiary Music Records
12Earl Grey Tea / Many Suns -PEATMOS -7 Inch - Sonorama Records
13Punk The Pam -SPEAKER BITE ME -7 Inch - Flower Shop Recordings Records
14Role Of The Proletariat / Land Mind -SPANAKORZO -7 Inch - Wrenched Records
15The Monkey Song -NUMBER ONE CUP -7 Inch - Sweet Pea Records
16Ballad No. Nineteen -NOVA MOB -7 Inch - Tontine Records
17Silver Seas -NOVAK -7 Inch - Earworm Records
18The Clamp -NO MAN -7 Inch - SST Records
19Oils & Carbuncles -SMEGMA -7 Inch - T/K Records
20Fish Farmer -JIVE BIBLE -7 Inch - Kokopop Records
21Slipping Through Your Fingertips -THE SATURDAY PEOPLE -7 Inch - Slumberland Records
22You Don't Quite Get It Do You But You're Thinking Hard -POND -7 Inch - Sub Pop Records
23Radon -RADON -7 Inch - No Idea Records
24Wasted Summer / At The Fairgrounds At The Lodge -THE KITTY VERMONT -7 Inch - Motorcoat Records
25Rebel Without A Pause -THE EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE -The Whipped Cream Remixes 7 Inch - Eerie Materials Records
26Untitled Track (Side A) -WID34 -7 Inch - Label Unknown
27Gone Away -TREN BROTHERS -7 Inch - Secretly Canadian Records
28Version -KILLA FONZ -7 Inch - Black Liberty Records
29Sharkmeat -GIRLS AGAINST BOYS -7 Inch - Touch & Go Records
30Need Some -JERRY'S KIDS -7 Inch - Taang! Records
31Going To Pieces -MOUNT MCKINLEYS -7 Inch - Mummified Records
32Maggie -CHINA PIG -Split 7 Inch w/ Monsterland - M.U.D.D. Records
33Great Hall January 15 -FREAK BEANS -7 Inch - Vermin Scum Records
34I Hate That Trip -LA SECTA -Split 7 Inch w/ Los Potros - Munster Records
35Could Go On -LOTUS EATERS -7 Inch - Slow River Records
36I Don't Give A "Bleep"! -KINGS OF FEEDBACK -Split 7 Inch w/ Legendary Lunch - Immortal/Ratfish Records
37The Girl Who Knew Too Much -TAROT BOLERO -7 Inch - Ace Fu Records
38Peanut Butter Karma -MONSTERLAND -7 Inch - SpinART Records
39Woo-Haa / Meow -PANTHER -Broken Rock 'N' Roll Blaster 7 Inch EP - Twist Like This Records
40Fine Watch -THE PEE CHEES -The Cup Of Glory 7 Inch EP - Kill Rock Stars Records
41The Ghost -KEPONE -Split 7 Inch w/ Pegboy - Quarterstick Records
42Soda Pop -GRIFTERS -7 Inch - Shangri-La Records
43Blockhead -THE DAMBUILDERS -Split 7 Inch w/ San Francisco Seals - Radiopaque Records
44D For Die / Bye Bye -MUMMY THE PEEPSHOW -7 Inch - Detector Records
45Us Against The Media -STORE-BOUGHT SUPERHERO -7 Inch - Coup d'etat Records