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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Sun Drawing -MOVIETONE -7 Inch - Domino Records
2Electronimo -POEM ROCKET -7 Inch - Magic Eye Singles Records
3Makin' It (With Other Species) -LUNACHICKS -7 Inch - Blast First Records
4Quit Your Belly Achin' Baby -THE SWINGIN' NECKBREAKERS -7 Inch - Telstar Records
5Dragon Attack -POOPSHOVEL -7 Inch - Community 3 Records
6Our Caballero -DON CABALLERO -7 Inch - Touch And Go Records
7Asking For It -SEAGULL SCREAMING KISS HER KISS HER -7 Inch - Detector Records
8Purgatory -HONOR ROLL -7 Inch - Eskimo/No Core Records
9Home Is A Rope -STEEL POLE BATH TUB -Tragedy Ecstasy Doom And So On 2X 7 Inch EP - Genius Records
10Pray -LOUDSPEAKER -7 Inch - Sympathy For The Record Industry Records
11Dahlia / Machine -HOLY ROLLERS -Origami Sessions 7 Inch EP - Dischord Records
12Encrusted -THE GRIFTERS -The Kingdom Of Jones 7 Inch EP - dOINK rECORDS
13Hot Child In The City / Shape -STRAWBERRY PRESENTS ... -7 Inch - Turducken Recordings Records
14Sparkmarker -SPARKMARKER -7 Inch - Sub Pop Records
15Angeltalk -POPSMEAR -7 Inch - Harriet Records
16Broken Man / Morality Cops / Collapse -FAILURE FACE -7 Inch - Burrito Records
17Henry Is Calling / This Easy -HULABOY -7 Inch - Harriet Records
18Honey Loving Honey -SWEET JESUS -7 Inch - Rough Trade Records
19Park The Car By The Side Of The Road -SWIRLIES -7 Inch - Pop Narcotic Records
20Ghost Station -THE MOON SEVEN TIMES -7 Inch - Parasol Records
21Bear Up Bison -SHONEN KNIFE -7 Inch - Sub Pop Records
22Backlash -SARGE -Split 7 Inch w/ Supporting Actress - Grand Theft Autumn Records
23Milk For The Mechanics -RED RED MEAT -Split 7 Inch w/ Number One Cup - Perishable Records
24Rocket Pussy -PEST 5000 -7 Inch - No Life Records
25Part Of Me / Caught Up -PLEXI -7 Inch - Sub Pop Records
26867-5309 (Jenny) -DOC HOPPER -V/A: Constant Change Records Sampler - Constant Change Records
27Realms -LANYARD -7 Inch - One Percent Records
28Texas / Fun-Ola -JUNIOR VARSITY -7 Inch - Remedial Records
29Girl Song / Clear -PUMPERNICKEL -Split 7 Inch w/ Junebug - TVEC Records
30City Kids -THE STUMP WIZARDS -7 Inch - Get Hip Records
31Break Your Fuckin' Head -THE PRIMA DONNAS -7 Inch - Peek-A-Boo Records
32Brooks -SHINER -7 Inch - DeSoto Records
33Autobiography (Demo) -SLOAN -7 Inch - The Enclave Records
34Smidgin -STAR HUSTLER -7 Inch - Dirt Records
35Consule -LOST IN TRANSLATION -Consume 2X 7 Inch EP - Burnt Hair Records
36Unsung -HELMET -7 Inch - Amphetamine Reptile Records
37Basement Noise Is Flexible -FLOWCHART -V/A: The Pleasure Fair 7 Inch EP - Motorway Records
38Sex Offender -THE MR. T EXPERIENCE -7 Inch - Vital Music Records
39Why U Just Sittin' There -MOTHER'S DAY -2X 7 Inch EP - Project A-Bomb Records
40California Dreamin' -JOSE FELICIANO -7 Inch - RCA Victor Records
41Adolescent Wet Dream -MELVINS -7 Inch - Amphetamine Reptile Records
42Relaxation -LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY - 7 Inch - Norton Records
43Untitled (This Song Is Identical Forward Or Backward) -∞ -7 Inch - Label Unknown
44In My Mind -WILL OLDHAM -7 Inch - Drag City Records
45Pinata -THE SKUNKS -7 Inch - P.U. Records