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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Jump Into The Fire -LITHIUM X-MAS -V/A: Love & Napalm Vol. 1 7 Inch EP - Trance Syndicate Records
2Grumbler -ED HALL -V/A: Love & Napalm Vol. 1 7 Inch EP - Trance Syndicate Records
3Never Get Older -LES THUGS -7 Inch - Closer Records
4Snakes / Smoked -VERTIGO -7 Inch - Amphetamine Reptile Records
5Back To School Again -THE FOUR TOPS -7 Inch - RSO Records
6Love Seat Sofa Charade / Repressant -WINTERBRIEF -7 Inch - Intellectos Records
7Show It Off -MR. VEGAS -7 Inch - VIP Records
8Nevada -TELEGRAPH MELTS -V/A: In A Sharp Malaised Key 7 Inch EP - Nightshade Records
9S.O.S. -LOWER REED BREAD GANNG -V/A: In A Sharp Malaised Key 7 Inch EP - Nightshade Records
10Sunshine -HOLY ROLLERS -V/A: Vehicle 7 Inch EP - Shute Records
11Seven Days -CORM -V/A: Vehicle 7 Inch EP - Shute Records
12I Like Your Style -TEL AVIV -Cigarette 45 7 Inch EP - Teen Beat Records
13The Touch -THE TENTACLES -7 Inch - K Records
14MCR -SWEETBELLY FREAK DOWN -7 Inch - Jade Tree Records
15Soul And Fire / Reject -SEBADOAH -7 Inch - Sub Pop Records
16Cross Your Mind / Cry For A Shadow -SHAPIROS -Gone By Fall 7 Inch EP - Popfactory Records
17Fly Away -SOLARIUM -7 Inch - Drive In Records
18Freerider Pants -THE HONG KONG -7 Inch - Turducken Recordings Records
19Zero Sum -SOLAR COASTER -7 Inch - Turnbuckle Records
20See My Way -SIBLING RIVALRY -In A Family Way 7 Inch EP - Alternative Tentacles Records
21Peon -SNATCH THE PEBBLE -7 Inch - Esync Ocular Interchange Records
22At The Prom -THE FLAMINGOS -7 Inch - End Records
23Jungle Boogie -BEENIE MAN -7 Inch - VIP Records
24Trauma -SPLINTERED 12 -7 Inch - Shiny Shoes Records
25No Room 9, Kentucky -SHUDDER TO THINK -7 Inch - Dischord Records
26All Women Are Bitches -FIFTH COLUMN -7 Inch - K Records
27Exploded View -ALL NATURAL LEMON & LIME FLAVORS -7 Inch - Hidden Agenda Records
28Plus de Vaches (Qui Rit Mix by Master Cylinder) -STAR GHOST DOG -7 Inch - Scientific Records
29Substance -PURPLE IVY SHADOWS -7 Inch - Zero Hour Records
30Anonymous Cave -HONOR ROLE -7 Inch - Eskimo Records
31You Be Illin' -RUN -D.M.C. -7 Inch - Profile Records
32Maybe If I... -VICTIMS FAMILY -7 Inch - Alternative Tentacles Records
33Judge Me / Buried Alive / Our War -THE SCARRED -Split 7 Inch w/The Underground Conspiracy - Scum Records
34No Political Only Beer / Street Cleaner / Can't Stop Beach Punx -THE CABBAGE HEADS -7 Inch EP - Faded Novelty Records
35Basketball -KURTIS BLOW -7 Inch - Polydor Records
36Wheels -FRICTION -V/A: Emergency Broadcast Systems Vol. Two 7 Inch EP - Allied Recordings Records
37Love Like A Rock (In A Stormy Sea) -RORY MCLEOD -7 Inch - Sol Records
38Spy Hunter -KILL SADIE -7 Inch - One Percent Records
39Shade -YOUTH HOSTEL -V/A: Nothing Cool About Us 7 Inch EP - Thought Balloon Records
40A Song From Under The Floorboards -STRANGE BOUTIQUE -7 Inch - Y&T Records
41Lean Skinned Mammal -PEACEBOMB -Split 7 Inch w/Go Van Go - Continuum Records
42The Peak -ALEC EMPIRE -7 Inch - Grand Royal Records
43With Pen In Hand -THE HESITATIONS -7 Inch - Kapp Records
44You Are Not For Me / Bad -THE HANSON BROTHERS -7 Inch - Alternative Tentacles Records
45Twelve Gauge -GREEN MAGNET SCHOOL -7 Inch - Sub Pop Records