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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Redneck Protest -THE SMOOTHIES -7 Inch - Southern Records
2Take Off Your Bandages -ROBYN HITCHCOCK -7 Inch - Tiny Ghost Records
3Si Las Vacas Volaran -LOS SUPER LAMAS -7 Inch - Fontana Records
4Sea Of Tranquility -TOMORROWLAND -7 Inch - Burnt Hair Records
5Hindude -HALOGEN -Split 7 Inch w/Treiops Treyfid - Kilogram Denial Records
6The Force -QUIXOTE -7 Inch - Makoto Recordings Records
7Homage To Lou Harrison -ARTLESS TIME -7 Inch - Random Access Music Records
8Friday Afternoon Pep Rally / One 2 One -JUNIOR VARSITY -Pep Rally Rock! 7 Inch EP - Twist Like This Records
9Earle Hotel / Goddess Of Nirvana -SCALEY ANDREW -7 Inch - Teen Beat Records
10Simple Simon -REGATTA 69 -7 Inch -A.P.B. Records
11Nicky Hoeky -MADDER ROSE -7 Inch - Seed Records
12Excerpt From A Space Age Freak Out Part Three - Kill Straker -GLIDE -7 Inch - Ochre Records
13Words -THE MEICES -7 Inch - Word Of Mouth Records
14Network / Patriot -PLUNGER -7 Inch - Exhalation Records
15Short Changed / Sex / Spiteful Punk Rock Song #2 / Sunshine & Violence -BOYRACER -Aul 36X 7 Inch EP - Slumberland Records
16Sweet Teeth -DICKLESS -V/A: Teriyaki Asthma Volume Three 7 Inch EP - C/Z Records
17Queen To Queens Level Three -SURGERY -7 Inch - Amphetamine Reptile Records
18Iceberg -PORCH -7 Inch - Alternative Tentacles Records
19Intangible -NICK RUDD -7 Inch - Parasol Records
20My Kind Of Girl (My Girl) -MANDRILL -7 Inch - Arista Records
21Shoot Your Way To Freedom -NOVA MOB - 7 Inch - Tontine Records
22Gimme Nyquil All Night Long -EC8OR -7 Inch - DHR Records
23Bought & Sold / Scathed / Here Today -VIOLENT APATHY -7 Inch - Gravelvoice Records
24Listen To The Wind -CHUCK MANGIONE -7 Inch - A&M Records
25Spinning -SHINER -Split 7 Inch w/The Farewell Bend - DeSoto Records
26Goosebumps -JERRY LEE LEWIS -7 Inch - Sire Records
27Amb. 2 (Teenage Nites) -PULSARS -Teenage Nites 7 Inch EP - Sweet Pea Records
28Deserter -SPLASHDOWN -7 Inch - CVB Records
29Left-Handed Smokin' Cigarette Man -THE CHARMING BEGGERS -V/A: Squish 7 Inch EP - Happy Tails Records
30You Smell -I.U.D. -V/A: Squish 7 Inch EP - Happy Tails Records
31Mr. Teacher Dad -STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT -7 Inch - World Domination Records
32Just Like Kate / She's Going Home -THE REEKY SHANKS -The Layman's Guide To The Armageddon 7 Inch EP - 42 Records
33Thank You -PEACEFUL MEADOWS -Rumble In The Vinyl 7 Inch EP Split w/Stink - Allied Recordings Records
34Window -SNATCH THE PEBBLE -7 Inch - Esync Ocular Interchange Records
35Maybes / Stand By Me -PENNYWISE -7 Inch - Theologian Records
36Theme From The Thief Who Came To Dinner -HENRY MANCINI & HIS ORCHESTRA & CHORUS -7 Inch - RCA Records
37Sleeping Bag -PAW -7 Inch - Nasty Pope Records
38Punishment -RADIO BLUE -Sonic 2X 7 Inch EP - Mercybeat Records
39Thru' Your Heart -THE PASTELS -7 Inch - Paperhouse Records
40Dying Of Thirst -SCROG -7 Inch - Allied Recordings Records
41New Control / Expedition: Dirty -THE STALAG 17 -One Forty Four 7 Inch EP - Red Jagwire Records
42The Threat / Sexism Impressed -SPITBOY -7 Inch - Lookout! Records
43Just Plain Bad -SCRAWL -7 Inch - Singles Only Record Label
44Bulldagger Swagger -PHRANC -7 Inch - Kill Rock Stars Records
45Disgust / Stand -THE UNSEEN Raise Your Finger Raise Your Fist 7 Inch EP - V.M.L. Records
46Mandroid -PRETTY PONY -V/A: Kick The Can 7 Inch EP - LiLieL Copgn Trust Records
47A Bishop -SWAY KISS -V/A: Kick The Can 7 Inch EP - LiLieL Copgn Trust Records
48The Long & Tall Of Short-Stalk -STRESS MAGNETS -Split 7 Inch w/Rum & Honey - Kwality Records
49Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life) -FOUR TOPS -7 Inch - Motown Records
50Sunday Never Comes -ROBYN HITCHCOCK -7 Inch - Tiny Ghost Records