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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Gatlin Gun Blues -GAS MONEY -7 Inch - The Spare Parts Record Company Records
2The Test of Love and Sex -FUN WITH ANIMALS -7 Inch - A&M Records
3Look My Way -FLYING COLOR -7 Inch - Cryptovision Records
4Free -FORD -7 Inch - Black Jack Records
5Bomb Khadaffi Now -FORGOTTEN REBELS -7 Inch - Restless Records
6Hire High School Girls -GROCERIES -7 Inch - Self Pressing
7Big Meth -FORK -7 Inch - Medical Records
8Subway Devils -ZANONI -7 Inch - Zanon Records
9The Funktionary -FREEDOM -7 Inch - Malaco Records
10United -THE FLOWER TAMERS -7 Inch - Dahlia International Records
11Makin' Love On The Radio -BLANE GAUSS -7 Inch - Saturn Records
12Good Clean Fun -FALSE PROPHETS -7 Inch - Worn Out Brothers Records
13(The Ballad Of) James Watt -THE GOOD GUYS -7 Inch - Atypical Records
14Jailbait -GOVERNMENT CHEESE -7 Inch - Moral Chain Of Custody Records
15King Kong Blues -AURELIA -7 Inch - Will Gill, Jr. Amusement Company Records
16Birdbrain -ALLEN GINSBERG WITH THE GLUONS -7 Inch - Alekos Records
17Gospel Zone / Homework -GIRL TROUBLE -7 Inch - Wig Out! Records
18Yanks -THE GIST -7 Inch - Rough Trade Records
19Larval Contortionist -GENERAL -7 Inch - Workers' Paradise Records
20Interview Pt. 2 / 96 Tears -GARLAND JEFFREYS -7 Inch - Epic Records
21Can You Believe This -GANGWAY -7 Inch - Irmgardz Records
22Gopher Size Buzz -GIANT METAL INSECTS -7 Inch - Turn Of The Century Records
23Disillusion / Where Did This Week Go? -GET SMART -7 Inch - Syntax Music Records
24T.H.C. -GERMAN SHEPHERDS -7 Inch - Self Pressing
25Living In Tandem / You Talk -GROUND ZERO -7 Inch - Bung Records & Tapes
26Smile At Things (That You Don't Understand) -GROUP THINK -7 Inch - Sufficient Wisconsin Records
27Mr. Muggs -CARBUNCLE -Split 7 Inch w/Grouser - Porcelain Productions Records
28Exercise -GREAT PLAINS -7 Inch - Homestead Records
29Worlds Turn (Revolution) -GREENHOUSE -7 Inch - Firebomb Radio One Records
30Ghetto -GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION -7 Inch - Warner Bros. Records
31She Turns Her Eyes Away / I Only Did It To Make You Mad -GRAPHIC SHADOWS -7 Inch - Explicit Records
32Do De Squat -THE GREAT GAYLORD WITH THE A-BONES -7 Inch - Norton Records
33She -GOD'S ACRE -7 Inch - Amoeba Records
34Shack -GOLDEN -7 Inch - ProTeen Records
35Crazy Cuts -GRANDMIXER D.ST -7 Inch - Island Records
36Voodoo Priest -GOREHOUNDS -7 Inch - Alien Cactus Records
37Creepy Porno Guy -THE GOBLINS -7 Inch - It Won't Go Flat Records
38Homemade Lady -GODDO -7 Inch - El Mocambo Records
39You Sleep With Thieves -GONE DADDY FINCH -7 Inch - Off White Records
40I.D. (Like A Version) -GOLDEN PALOMINOS -7 Inch - Celluloid Records
41TV -THE FLYING LIZARDS -7 Inch - Virgin Records
42Paranoia Drugstore Blues -FLYIN' MICE -7 Inch - Dr. Lime Records
43The Old Man Down The Road -JOHN FOGERTY -7 Inch - Warner Bros. Records
44Juiced Up -THE FRIGGS -7 Inch - Feralette Records
45A Million Light Beers Ago -DAVID FRIZZELL -7 Inch - Viva Records
46Somethin' For Nothin' -GAS MONEY -7 Inch - The Spare Parts Record Company Records
47Surfin' On Heroin -FORGOTTEN REBELS -7 Inch - Restless Records
48Dear Friend -FLYING COLOR -7 Inch - Cryptovision Records