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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Rose's Party -HECTOR IN PARIS -7 Inch - Mom's Old-Fashioned Home-Style Records
2Exile Son / Churchgoers -HED -Zonk Screech Yowl Vavoom Crunch 7 Inch EP - Exploding Cow Records
3Rockfission -ICTUS -7 Inch - Airborn Records
4High Rollers -ICE T -7 Inch - Sire Records
5Maybe Tomorrow -THE IDLEWILES -V/A: I Bury Ringo 7 Inch EP - Splurt Records
6I Look -DER LOVE NUTS -V/A: I Bury Ringo 7 Inch EP - Splurt Records
7Love (The Bulldozer Song) -HALLELUJAH HATRACK -7 Inch - 'Roo Records
8The Grass Ain't Greener -PAUL HAMILTON -7 Inch - Belmont Records
9I Am The Walrus -HASH -7 Inch - Dogmeat Records
10Two-Headed Transplant -HAUNTED GARAGE 7 Inch - Sympathy For The Record Industry
11Ward 3 -THE HAVOC - 7 Inch - G.A.B.B. Records
12Underground -ROBERT HAYDEN -7 Inch - PDI Records
13Full Time Fool -MICK HARGRAVE & HIS LEGENDARY WILD ENSEMBLE -7 Inch - Headflies Records
14Lesbian Grudge Match -THE HERETICS -7 Inch - Get Hip Records
15Don Dinero -HUMBERTO HERRERA -7 Inch - Fontana Records
16Edict -HEGOAT -7 Inch - Allied Recordings Records
17Trigger Glo -HELIKOPTER -7 Inch - Label Unknown
18Quang -PERFECT HELLER -7 Inch - Corrugatedwhat Records
19Merry Christmas (Happy New Year) -PINK SAVADA -7 Inch - Mad Dog Productions
20Thirteen Months In Zion -LLOYD HEMMINGS -7 Inch - Prophet Records
21Wave That Flag -BRIAN HENNEMAN -7 Inch - Rockville Records
22Shame On You -JESSIE MAE HEMPHILL -7 Inch - High Water Recording Company
23Front Page News -LAURI W. HYYTI -7 Inch - Fraternity Records
24I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore -HYSTERIC NARCOTICS -7 Inch - Russ Scallion Records!
25Daddy Rolex -HIGH RISK GROUP -7 Inch - Harriet Records
26Taking In The Summer -THE HIGHER PRIMATES -7 Inch - Tekno Tunes
27Highway 61 Revised -HIGHWAYMEN -7 Inch - I Wanna Records
28Teaser -THE HIJACKERS -7 Inch - Propeller Music Records
29Don't Eat The Cow -GREEK LIFE AQUARIUM -7 Inch - Hi-Kool Records
30Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight -HINDU LOVE GODS -7 Inch - I.R.S. Records
31The Cease Is Increase -AMA-DOTS -7 Inch - Hunky Records
32Switchblade Knife -RICH HODGE -7 Inch - McCormick Records
33Redskin Rock 'N Roll -BILLY HANCOCK WITH THE TENNESSEE ROCKETS -7 Inch - Ripsaw Records
34I Live In The CIty -HUMANS -7 Inch - CIty Records
35Along The Road Of... -HOPALOGS WAKE -7 Inch - Yestermorrow Recordings
36The Sky Falls -HUMAN THERAPY -7 Inch - Dr. Dream Records
37Aliens -THE HALFBREEDS -7 Inch - Spuyten Duyvil Records
38Riding With My Father -HOLY COW -7 Inch - Head Chunk Records
39Sure Cure -HEAVY DUTY -7 Inch - Bandit Records
40Magazine Smile -THE HORNETS -7 Inch - Bogus Records
41You Gotta Friend -HOLLYROCK -7 Inch - Life & Death Records
42Local Hero / She Don't Even Live Here -JOHN GUERNSEY & THE LOCAL HEROES -7 Inch - Subconscious Records
43A Letter From Jeannie -JEANNIE HODGES -7 Inch - RCA Records
443 Mile Island -THE HOWARD COUNTY DUMP -7 Inch - Label Unknown
45Rock To The Beat -THE HUBCAPS -7 Inch - T.S.M.B. Records
46Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) -ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK -7 Inch - Parrot Records
47Mondo Man -RONI GRIFFITH -7 Inch - Vanguard Records
48I Laughed -THE HANK BAND -7 Inch - Public Records
49Bass Wank #01 (Fragment) -HATARI! -7 Inch - Envy Records
50Ferdi's Song -THE HARD ONS -White People Suck 7 Inch EP - Dump Records