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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Do The Pig -RODD KEITH -I Died Today
2Hail Satan / Vietnambla -FUCK EMOS -Lifestyles of the Drugged and Homeless
3Around The World -ATILLIO MINEO -Man In Space With Sounds
4The World Is Going To End / This Is Not A Test -SLANT 6 & THE JUMPSTARTS -The World Is Going To End 2012
5Build Your Own House -SPOOK ENGINE -Sounds Of An Approaching Era
6Split-Brain Patient -SHIRLEY TEMPLE OF DOOM -Incrediheadultraspread
7L.S.D. -THE PRETTY THINGS -Vintage Years
8Cicada Song -STREAM FEAT. G. FOX -Stream Featuring G. Fox
9Piss Miss -60-40 -Psychoria
10Sensual Pleasure -MINK LUNGS -I'll Take It
11New Number Order -SHELLAC -1000 Hurts
12Law Of Ruins -SIX FINGER SATELLITE -Law Of Ruins
13Love Live -BONGWATER -V/A: Rutles Highway Revisited
14Cicadas -DEERHUNTER -Weird Era
15Last Chord / Bad Breakfast -LOVELY MIDGET -10 Inch
16Comic Strip -MICK HARVEY -Pink Elephants
17No Man's Land -TROPICANA FISHTANK -V/A: Beyond The Wildwood - A Tribute to Syd Barrett
18It's Up To You (Television Mix) -STEINSKI -What Does It All Mean: 1983-2006 Retrospective
19Goose Step -SHONEN KNIFE -V/A: Rutles Highway Revisited
20Doubleback Alley -KING MISSLE -V/A: Rutles Highway Revisited
21Another Day -DOGBOWL -V/A: Rutles Highway Revisited
22Let's Be Natural -WHEN PEOPLE WERE SHORTER AND LIVED BY THE WATER -V/A: Rutles Highway Revisited
23Nevertheless -JOEY ARIAS -V/A: Rutles Highway Revisited
24Good Times Roll -LINDA HUSIK -V/A: Rutles Highway Revisited
25Black Sabbath Medley Reversible -RUINS -Tzomburgha
26Moungod Rediant Youth -GHOST -Untitled
27Handlebars -DESPERATE BICYCLES -Anthology
28Yum-Yab -JARBOE -Swans Related Projects
29My Best Friend's Girl / Old Man Bar -STEEL POLE BATH TUB -Unlistenable
30Pave The Earth / Sexual Retard -SOCKEYE -Retards Hiss Past My Window
31At The Laundromat (You Can Have Fun) -SLOTH -A Whole Other World Of Fun
32Read A Book / Chameleon / Collect Records -SHIT FRIED WALNUTS -But Why Do I Have To?
33Hidden Track / No Guts -THEY NEVER SLEEP -Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby
34The No-Goodnick's Song -ROCKY & BULLWINKLE CAST -Rocky & His Friends Original Soundtrack
35Scavenger Of Death -STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS -Some People Deserve To Suffer
36Orang Outang -SERGE GAINSBOURG & JANE BIRKIN -Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus
37I Can't Feel My Head -ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT -Live From Camp X-Ray
38Gadget Arms -THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES -Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home
39Crunch Time -TONY LEVIN, DAVID TORN, ALAN WHITE -Levin Torn White
40If I Had A Horse -THE RIBEYE BROTHERS -If I Had A Horse
41New Bones -ROYAL TRUX -Accelerator
42Soaring Science -ATILLIO MINEO -Man In Space With Sounds
43White Guilt -JOHN WILKES BOOZE -5 Pillars Of Soul
44Superman -JUCIFER -Calling All Cars To The Vegas Strip
45Mecho Madness -THE HOMOSEXUALS -The Homosexuals CD
46Stainless Steel Providers -REVOLTING COCKS -Steers, Queers and Beers
47Herion -SLEEP CHAMBER -Symphony Sexualis
48Man In The Grey Paneled Station Wagon (Live) -TESTICULAR MOMENTUM -Morphine Machine Cassette