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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Bonjour Chez Vous -UNIVERS ZERO -Live
2Morning Dew -TH3YN3V3ERSL33P -Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby
3UFO -FOOD -V/A: Cool Beans - A Texas Compilation
4Delta -BISCUIT -V/A: Cool Beans - A Texas Compilation
5Oblivious To A Loan Than Can Never Be Repaid -JULY 4th TOILET -V/A: Cool Beans - A Texas Compilation
6Mindfield / Wartime -WARTIME -Fast Food For Thought
7Rubbernecker / Body English -DANIELSON FAMILY -Tri-Danielson
8Chapter VIII -BLUT AUS NORD -Mort
9Alabama Women's Prison Blues / The Purse -MACK VICKERY -Live At The Alabama Women's Prison
10Scenic Railway -MICK HARVEY -Pink Elephants
11Bells Of Capistrano / Birds Inspire Epic Bards -FURSAXA -Alone In The Dark Wood
12Poppy Opera -FURSAXA -Lepidoptera
13Mighty Big Boots -GAMMA GOAT -Beard Of Sound, Beard Of Sand
14I'm A Real American -RODD KEITH -I Died Today
15Hero, Zero -ROYAL TRUX -Singles Live and Unreleased
16Heartbreak Wizard -LEAVING TRAINS -7 Inch
17Dead End / Born To Do Wrong -WOLF 359 -Anti-Guitar Music EP
18Havana Affair -WAILIN' ELROYS -Cheap Motel
19Rivulets -ALASTAIR GAILBRAITH -Mirrorwork
20Candy -LAUGHING HYENAS -Flexidisc
21Jessica =MERCURY DIME -V/AL Notes From The Net
22The Motorcade Sped On -STEINSKI -What Does It All Mean: 1983-2006 Retrospective
2317 Hours -M. GIRA & D. MATZ -What We Did
24The White Visitation -SIX FINGER SATELLITE -Law Of Ruins
25No Warning Lights -TONY LEVIN, DAVID TORN, ALAN WHITE -Levin Torn White
26Tripping -THE PRETTY THINGS -The Vintage Years
27Black Sabbath -DAYGLO ABORTIONS -Feed Us A Fetus
29Track 1 / Track 6 -SLOTH -Lack Of Sleep Vol 2: No Pun Intended
30Propaganda -TRANSPONDER SIGNAL -Transponder Signal
31Radar Love -TRIBE 8 -Roadkill Cafe
32Malediction -DIAMANDA GALAS -You Must Be Certain Of The Devil
33Toby The Neuter -FUCK EMOS -Lifestyles Of The Drugged and Homeless
34Moungod Tedeum -GHOST -Untitled
35Atomic Jesus -THE TREMORS -Invasion of the Saucermen
36Murder Capitol -THE TV WATCHERS -Carl In The Sky With Diamonds
37Vox Humana -DEERHUNTER -Weird Era
38Fighting Music / Fluids -NEANDERTHAL -7 Inch
39Infinite Regression -UNITED MUTATION -Gotterdamerung
41Rough -THE HATERS -7 Inch
42Excerpt -ZOVIET FRANCE -Live In My Living Room
43Three Fields -VOLGA -Concert
44Big Tea Party -MORE FIENDS -7 Inch
45Agitated -ELECTRIC EELS -660 Shazams
46Steakhat -THE RIBEYE BROTHERS -If I Had A Horse