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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1violenceblank stare
2the fixcaustic christ
3shit for brainscitizens patrol
4few and far betweencount me out
5set your own pacecryptic slaughter
6telapath boyzeke
7stabbed in the backyouth of today
8my love, my fearwheelbite
10gave up on paradiseweaving the deathbag
11same storywasted time
12sleeping dogsvitamin x
13come cleanunder pressure
14running in placeturning point
15frat boystear it up
16the cycletarpit
17the prisonersuicidal tendencies
18slow downspazm 151
19going nowherespazm 151
21lost in spaceSOA
22draw blankSOA
23look backside by side
24introsick fix
25junkie feversick fix
26give me adviceSOB
27fat womenSOB
28bottom line: Fuck youRuiner
29kiss of deathripcord
30acid bathrepulsion
31my life my problemsregulations
32winter in minneapolisthe real enemy
33get fucked upanton rough
34czarlypost regiment
35plastic bombpoison idea
36asesinopeligro social
37life as oneantidote
38civilization comes, civilization goesassuck
40digamendment 18
41quick fixblack ss
42halfmastborn against
43weight of the worldcigar
44the prisonerDOA
45gone too longDRI
46fastcore on the beachfuck on the beach
47jazz makes me sickthe fuses
48arrestedgovernment warning
50pass the fucking popcornhummingbird of death
51fed upjudge
52in my wayjudge
53bloody belgiumthe kids
54tour til deathlife sentence