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Jane Lyons

E-Mail: janeplyons [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Fahrenheit 451, Going Bovine, On the Road
Favorite Bands: Simon & Garfunkel, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Mountain Goats, Microphones, The Front Bottoms, the soundtrack from the PBS hit-series Arthur, Neutral Milk Hotel, Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Dungeon Kids, the background music in Blues Clues, The Decemberists, Wavves
Favorite Quotes: anything from Dead Poets Society
Favorite Other WMUC Show: ...and how does that make you feel?
Other Info:
Chris DeFrancisci is the greatest. Kanye sucks. End of story.

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/10/14Manure Hour10/10/14 13:18:49
10/31/14Manure Hour10/31/14 10:49:53
11/07/14Manure Hour11/07/14 10:15:02
11/21/14Manure Hour11/21/14 10:18:56
12/05/14Manure Hour12/05/14 10:06:03
12/12/14Manure Hour12/12/14 10:25:41
03/05/15Manure Hour03/05/15 15:34:17
04/16/15Manure Hour04/16/15 15:12:55
04/28/15Eat Your Art Out04/28/15 22:06:06
04/29/15Lets Drink Some Chai04/29/15 15:55:19
08/31/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons08/31/15 01:03:46
08/31/15Manure Hour08/31/15 14:17:11
10/26/15Manure Hour10/26/15 14:14:22
10/26/15Unscheduled Show10/26/15 14:12:15
09/07/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons09/07/15 00:36:20
09/07/15Manure Hour09/07/15 14:37:21
09/14/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons09/14/15 00:33:00
09/21/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons09/21/15 00:57:35
09/21/15Manure Hour09/21/15 14:56:56
09/28/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons09/28/15 00:57:29
10/05/15Manure Hour10/05/15 14:17:25
10/12/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons10/12/15 00:24:23
10/19/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons10/19/15 00:26:28
11/09/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons11/09/15 00:06:02
11/09/15Manure Hour11/09/15 14:05:54
11/02/15Manure Hour11/09/15 14:06:29
11/16/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons11/16/15 00:56:44
11/16/15Manure Hour11/16/15 14:51:16
11/23/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons11/22/15 19:24:02
11/23/15Chill or Be Chilled11/23/15 15:08:51
12/07/15Never Sleep With Waking Lyons12/07/15 00:21:55
01/31/16Never Sleep With Waking Lyons01/31/16 21:37:20
02/03/16Manure Hour02/03/16 18:41:15
02/07/16Never Sleep With Waking Lyons02/07/16 21:38:22
02/10/16Manure Hour02/10/16 18:51:15
02/21/16Never Sleep With Waking Lyons02/21/16 21:33:49
02/24/16Manure Hour02/24/16 18:46:32
02/28/16Never Sleep With Waking Lyons02/28/16 21:17:37
03/06/16Never Sleep With Waking Lyons03/06/16 21:29:07
03/09/16Manure Hour03/09/16 18:26:55
04/03/16Never Sleep With Waking Lyons04/03/16 21:28:00
04/10/16Never Sleep With Waking Lyons04/10/16 21:34:35
04/24/16Never Sleep With Waking Lyons04/24/16 21:55:05
05/08/16Never Sleep With Waking Lyons05/08/16 21:51:32
10/17/16Manure Hour10/17/16 20:14:41
10/10/16Manure Hour10/17/16 20:33:51
10/03/16Manure Hour10/17/16 20:37:18
09/26/16Manure Hour10/17/16 20:40:29
09/19/16Manure Hour10/17/16 20:49:41
09/12/16Manure Hour10/17/16 20:56:49
08/29/16Manure Hour10/17/16 20:59:14
02/12/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons02/13/17 00:25:28
02/05/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons02/13/17 00:28:12
01/29/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons02/13/17 00:31:32
02/26/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons02/26/17 23:22:19
04/16/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons04/16/17 23:15:26
04/30/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons04/30/17 23:28:23
04/23/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons04/30/17 23:33:04
04/02/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons04/30/17 23:35:52
05/07/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons05/07/17 23:14:05
02/19/17Never Sleep With Waking Lyons05/07/17 23:20:45