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Andrew Raimondi

E-Mail: andr13 [at] verizon [dot] net
Favorite Bands: Kanye West, LCD Soundsystem, Titus Andronicus, Vampire Weekend, The Promise Ring
Favorite Other WMUC Show: The New Indie Canon
Other Info:
Indie music for people who hate indie music. Indie rock, pop, hip hop, punk, electronic. Emo. Drake would probably listen.

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/20/14Gold Soundz10/20/14 01:06:38
10/27/14Gold Soundz10/27/14 01:01:37
11/17/14Gold Soundz11/17/14 01:04:16
11/03/14Gold Soundz11/03/14 00:58:57
11/05/14Shut Up And Play the Hits11/05/14 19:30:08
11/10/14Gold Soundz11/16/14 15:49:32
11/20/14Tuning Outside the Border (#thristradio)11/20/14 21:57:23
11/24/14Gold Soundz11/24/14 01:01:52
12/08/14Gold Soundz12/08/14 01:10:15
12/15/14Gold Soundz12/15/14 01:14:08
01/25/15Gold Soundz01/26/15 00:10:36
02/01/15Gold Soundz02/02/15 00:30:00
02/08/15Gold Soundz02/15/15 14:54:38
02/22/15Gold Soundz02/22/15 23:59:30
03/01/15Gold Soundz03/01/15 23:57:24
03/08/15Gold Soundz03/08/15 23:59:46
03/29/15Gold Soundz03/29/15 23:48:53
04/05/15Gold Soundz04/05/15 23:55:49
04/12/15Gold Soundz04/12/15 23:56:34
04/19/15Gold Soundz04/20/15 00:03:36
04/26/15Gold Soundz04/27/15 01:21:10
05/03/15Gold Soundz05/04/15 00:34:46
05/10/15Gold Soundz05/11/15 00:05:16
05/17/15Gold Soundz05/17/15 22:56:11
09/06/15Is this thing on?09/06/15 23:41:22
09/13/15Is this thing on?09/13/15 23:18:32
09/20/15Is this thing on?09/20/15 23:56:48
09/27/15Is this thing on?09/27/15 23:58:00
10/04/15Is this thing on?10/05/15 00:00:37
10/11/15Is this thing on?10/12/15 00:16:36
10/25/15Is this thing on?10/25/15 23:58:04
11/01/15Is this thing on?11/01/15 23:58:42
11/08/15Is this thing on?11/08/15 23:56:56
11/15/15Is this thing on?11/16/15 00:05:52
11/22/15Is this thing on?11/23/15 00:05:18
12/13/15Is this thing on?12/14/15 00:06:38
01/29/17Adrenaline Nightshift01/29/17 22:56:56
02/19/17Adrenaline Nightshift02/19/17 22:33:53
02/26/17Adrenaline Nightshift02/26/17 22:57:49
03/12/17Adrenaline Nightshift03/12/17 22:58:05
04/02/17Adrenaline Nightshift04/02/17 23:13:13
04/09/17Adrenaline Nightshift04/09/17 22:56:59
04/23/17Adrenaline Nightshift04/23/17 22:57:07
04/30/17Adrenaline Nightshift04/30/17 23:28:54
05/07/17Adrenaline Nightshift05/07/17 23:21:46
05/14/17Adrenaline Nightshift05/15/17 01:54:19