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Mandy Fraser

E-Mail: subtlemethod [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: subtlemethod
Favorite Books: Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Clitophon, The Mabinogion, Chaucer's Troilus and Cressida. Oh, and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
Favorite Bands: I am a rabid fan of Fine Young Cannibals, Taking Back Sunday, B-52s, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, OMC, Neve, Nine Days, Partners in Kryme and The Decemberists.
Favorite Quotes: The apparition of these faces in the crowd: Petals on a wet, black bough. Ezra Pound In a Station of the Metro
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Sleeping is the Only Love<3
Other Info:
So, you should listen to my show.

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/14/06Suburban Speed02/16/06 01:38:15
02/18/06The Gnarfest02/18/06 13:53:06
02/22/06JAM DOT BIZ radio02/22/06 23:58:08
02/24/06It's Lovely Angels!02/24/06 02:57:17
03/09/06Equilibrium03/09/06 07:51:55
03/16/06Equilibrium03/16/06 15:22:42
03/18/06The Gnarfest03/18/06 03:58:47
03/18/06Dave's Record Collection03/18/06 15:00:41
03/29/06THE WOAH SHOW03/29/06 07:35:00
04/01/06The ReCollection04/01/06 08:49:10
04/06/06Radio Show Ate My Morning04/06/06 09:53:24
04/08/06The Gnarfest04/08/06 03:54:00
04/15/06Guilty Pleasures04/15/06 04:41:16
04/22/06Guilty Pleasures04/22/06 06:03:39
04/29/06Guilty Pleasures04/29/06 05:58:03
05/06/06Guilty Pleasures05/08/06 01:09:50
05/12/06Innovation In Instrumentation05/12/06 16:00:21
05/31/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight Edition06/02/06 16:09:48
06/07/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight Edition06/07/06 12:25:01
06/14/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight Edition06/14/06 14:02:42
06/28/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight Edition06/23/06 00:36:05
06/21/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight Edition06/30/06 08:01:21
07/26/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight Edition07/26/06 13:49:40
08/02/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight Edition08/02/06 13:49:21
08/16/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight Edition08/16/06 12:50:08
08/09/06Guilty Pleasures: Afternoon Delight Edition08/20/06 14:04:18
09/07/06Oops! In the Morning09/07/06 09:50:56
09/21/06Oops! In the Morning09/21/06 09:51:41
10/05/06Oops! In the Morning10/06/06 14:03:14
10/12/06Oops! In the Morning10/19/06 08:23:42
10/19/06Oops! In the Morning10/19/06 09:55:24
10/26/06Oops! In the Morning10/26/06 09:51:05
11/02/06Oops! In the Morning11/07/06 23:29:56
11/09/06Oops! In the Morning11/15/06 22:50:34
11/30/06Oops! In the Morning12/05/06 03:20:20
12/17/06Unscheduled Show12/17/06 14:36:23
12/14/06Oops! In the Morning12/17/06 14:45:03
01/24/07Oops! In The Morning01/28/07 20:41:11
02/07/07Oops! In The Morning02/11/07 19:12:31
02/14/07Oops! In The Morning02/14/07 10:04:00
02/25/07Houses in Motion02/25/07 11:56:23
03/07/07Oops! In The Morning03/13/07 02:56:02
03/14/07Oops! In The Morning03/14/07 10:41:11
02/28/07Oops! In The Morning03/14/07 10:41:31
03/28/07Oops! In The Morning03/31/07 16:34:28
03/30/07B&B: Get Up Get Down03/31/07 16:48:20
04/04/07Oops! In The Morning04/09/07 15:39:05
04/11/07Oops! In The Morning04/16/07 22:49:30
04/18/07Oops! In The Morning04/25/07 10:02:32
04/25/07Oops! In The Morning04/25/07 10:02:03
05/02/07Oops! In The Morning05/16/07 23:52:52
05/17/07Muggles at Noon05/17/07 13:25:03
09/02/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!09/03/07 19:50:53
09/16/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!09/16/07 09:24:04
09/23/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!09/23/07 12:03:10
09/30/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!09/30/07 11:54:36
09/09/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!10/21/07 09:45:43
10/21/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!10/21/07 12:04:27
10/07/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!11/11/07 11:00:06
10/28/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!11/11/07 11:00:17
11/04/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!11/11/07 11:00:28
11/11/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!11/11/07 11:20:21
11/25/07Hobo's Lullaby11/25/07 13:49:31
12/09/07Skip Church, Make Glorious Sounds!12/09/07 11:41:34
12/26/07u can has musics?12/26/07 15:46:13
01/02/08u can has musics?01/09/08 14:51:12
01/09/08u can has musics?01/09/08 15:10:06
01/16/08u can has musics?01/23/08 14:21:54
01/23/08u can has musics?01/23/08 14:29:41
01/12/08Dr. UBADJ or BFF Radio Hour01/23/08 14:30:54
02/02/08u can has musics?02/02/08 15:16:17
02/16/08u can has musics?02/16/08 15:14:14
02/23/08u can has musics?02/26/08 12:06:55
03/22/08u can has musics?03/28/08 19:51:38
03/08/08u can has musics?03/08/08 13:48:38
03/29/08u can has musics?04/07/08 00:02:58
04/05/08u can has musics?04/07/08 00:21:07